Tales From the Promenade

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Title: Tales From the Promenade
Publisher: Ruff & Ready Press
Editor(s): Michael Ruff
Date(s): 1994
Medium: fanzine
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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front cover, Michael Ruff

Tales From the Promenade is a gen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fanzine. It is 100 pages long. The art is by Michael Ruff (cover), Beverly Chick, Mel Vavaroutsos, David Lawrence, Madalena Mumford, Jamaica Fischer.

Tales From the Promenade... and Beyond is a sister zine.

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  • A New Assignment by Heidi J. Bloebaum (2)
  • Code of The West by Joan Marie Verba (5)
  • Three Outcasts by Jeanne Elizabeth McGrew (22)
  • Sweet Dreams, Brother by Dawn Schlosser (25)
  • The Story by Michael Ruff (38)
  • Eyes of Truth by Tracy Dowen (40)
  • Bashir’s Defence by Heidi J. Bloebaum (58)
  • Unification of The Relics by Michael Ruff (61)
  • A Matter of Time by Kevin Clark (78)

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