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Title: Salutatorian
Publisher: Joan Marie Verba
Date(s): 1996-2001
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Language: English
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Salutatorian is a gen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine anthology with three issues. The subtitle is "The fanzine of The Doctor's Exchange, the Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig fan club", and the zine focuses on the character of Julian Bashir.

Issue 1

Salutatorian 1 was published in 1996 and contains 31 pages.. The cover artist is Stephani D. Etmanski, reprinted from Multi-Species Medicine #28. Other art by Janet D'Airo.

back cover of issue #1, Janet D'Airo
front cover of issue #1, Stephani D. Etmanski
  • Time and Tide by Jill Dahlinghaus (a "Julian Bashir, Secret Agent Story") (3)
  • Loved to Death by Carol Reeg (Bashir faces a hearing for generic engineering) (12)
  • Hippocratic Aftermath by Sandra Necchi (a story following Hippocratic Oath) (17)
  • Ghosts from the Past by Megan L. More (focuses on Bashir's sister, Megan) (22)
  • Medical Diplomacy by Joan Marie Verba (Bashir practices his multi-species medicine.) (25)

Issue 2

Salutatorian 2 was published in 1998 and contains 35 pages. The cover is by Janet D'Airo.

back cover of issue #2, Janet D'Airo
front cover of issue #2, Janet D'Airo
  • Unfair Advantage by Carol Reeg (how a crewmember on DS9 reacts to the news of Bashir's genetic enhancements) (3)
  • Jules, a Prologue by T.S. Fenn (about the end of the relationship between Palis and Julian) (6)
  • Ghost Ship (Bashir takes over a starship from an ancient civilization) (13)
  • Frame Up by Terri Holzbach (about Bashir being framed for murder) (18)
  • Parasites, Paralysis, and Paranoia (Bashir investigates a quarantine) (22)
  • Spider's Web by Valerie Herd (a woman investigates Bashir and finds out things she didn't expect) (28)
  • Evil Twin by Joan Marie Verba (about Kukalaka's evil twin]... Cthulhu.) (32)

Issue 3

Salutatorian 3 was published in 2001 and contains 24 pages. The cover and art is by Janet D'Airo.

cover of issue #3, Janet D'Airo