Deep Space Zine

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Title: Deep Space Zine
Publisher: Self-published
Editor(s): Alison Wilgus
Type: Comics, fan art
Date(s): March 11, 2020
Medium: Digital
Size: 64 pages
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Language: English
External Links: link to purchase
Front cover by Caelin Cacciatore
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Deep Space Zine is an art anthology zine focusing on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The title is a pun on the name of the fandom.

The editor, Alison Wilgus, described the zine as "50+ pages of DS9 comics and illustrations by a top tier pack of nerds". [1]

The cover image was drawn by Caelin Cacciatore

It was originally meant to premiere at Emerald City Comic Con, where physical copies would be available for sale. However when the event was cancelled due to concerns with COVID-19, it was released digitally as a PDF on instead.

Table of Contents

  • "A Question from Weyoun" by Hannah Krieger
  • "Faces" by SJ Miller
  • "Melt" by Caelin Cacciatore
  • "Time is the enemy" by Maria Photinakis
  • "Hell of a tailor" by Hannah Krieger
  • "Enjoyable company?" by Allie Kleber
  • "Gentleman Spies" by Caelin Cacciatore
  • "The Interview" by R. Martinez
  • "Odo on the case" by Caelin Cacciatore
  • "Kabedon!!!" by Hannah Krieger
  • "Jegh'a" by Jadzia Axelrod
  • "An Intervention" by Wem Forster
  • "Tryst (with tribbles)" by Allie Kleber
  • "Joined" by Blue Delliquanti
  • "Ballgame buds" by Wem Forster
  • "Correspondence part 1" by Jamie Kaye
  • "Correspondence part 2" by E.K. Weaver
  • "A night out" by Caelin Cacciatore
  • "Seen, not heard" by Kane Lynch
  • "Dorks" by MK Reed
  • "Family" by Jessi Jordan
  • "Ben and Kasidy" by Blue Delliquanti
  • "Mirror" by Caelin Cacciatore
  • "Liaison" by Alison Wilgus
  • "The Little Changeling" by Les Poissons
  • "Constable" by Caelin Cacciatore
  • "Goo" by Matt Lubchansky
  • "The End" by Wem Forster
  • "Zine Scheme" by Wem Forster