E.K. Weaver

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Name: E.K. Weaver
Alias(es): bigbigtruck, EK
Type: Fan Artist, Illustrator
Fandoms: Cowboy Bebop, Persona, Yuri on Ice, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
URL: Official Site


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E.K. Weaver is a fan artist and illustrator based in Austin, TX [1]. She has been active in the anime fandom for at least 20 years, having produced promotional illustrations for several conventions in the early 2000s. Her most well-known work is the original m/m webcomic The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal, but she has also drawn fan comics for many other fandoms.

While once very active on Tumblr, Weaver reduced her participation on the platform following the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge. Currently, most of her art is posted on Twitter. She also runs Somewhere Down The Crazy River, a Cowboy Bebop fansite where she hosts her Cowboy Bebop art, among other things.

An early FAQ page describes the origin of the handle:

Where does the name "Big Big Truck" come from, anyway?

"Big Big Truck" was a long-running joke among some regulars on an Evangelion message board. It refers to Dr. Akagi's truck, which makes only one appearance, in episode 2. (I'm a huge Evangelion fan.) [2]


Her work appears in or is a large portion of the following zines:

Yuri on Ice

Other Fandoms