Next Level

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Title: Next Level
Editor(s): Auri and Clara
Type: Art collection
Date(s): 2017
Medium: Print, digital
Size: 17cm x 24cm
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Language: English
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Next Level.png
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Next Level is a sexually explicit Yuri!!! on Ice art collection. It is a multiship zine, though the vast majority of content is Yuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov.

Reactions & Reviews

I got my zine and it's so beautiful!! The sticker sheet is my fav part, tbh, bc of all the little dicks. I had it sent to my mom's house bc I knew she wouldn't open it and I live at an apartment complex so I didn't want it stolen. She teased me and asked "is this a porno mag?" and I was like "MOM... kind of" and we had a laugh.[1]

Got mine yesterday! When my husband asked what sort of pornography I ordered (because, to him, anything I order is pornography even when it isn't because he thinks it's funny to say) I told him it was, in fact, pornography. I got embarrassed. He got embarrassed. Fun times. But it's a beautiful zine and I'm so glad to have it. Everyone worked so hard and it shows. It's amazing[2]

I have successfully evaded my family who ended up picking up my package from the mailbox, with a 'Oh I got an artbook... As a gift for a friend!' so they wouldn't ask me to show them Flawless victory (even though I'm a filthy liar) Just holding on to it for a friend, yep yep (the friend is me! I am my own friend!) It's gorgeous, I happened to open it on a cuddly saramilla piece and I'm in love! Also that note on the first page about consent is a really nice touch, thank you![3]

Just got the zine today! But i'm torn between happines and anger, as my postman decided to fold and force the package into my mailbox, so the cover and several of the first pages are damaged with a "nice" white stripe (the paper is broken in the coloured pages) So i feel like ripping their heads for destroying such a wonderful zine!! I can see the effor it took you and the love in it. Also enjoying a lot the beautiful content even with the damage y_y Thank you so much! <3<3<3[4]


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