Somewhere Down The Crazy River

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Name: Somewhere Down The Crazy River
Owner/Maintainer: E.K. Weaver
Dates: December 2000 - Present
Type: Personal Site
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
URL: Somewhere Down The Crazy River
Screenshot as of June 29, 2020
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Somewhere Down The Crazy River is a Cowboy Bebop fansite run by E.K. Weaver. It features primarily fanart by the website creator, but also has a section focusing on music, including a fanmix for the series and links and recs to other songs and artists producing music similar to that found in the show.

It was likely created in late 2000 and was last updated in 2021.[1]

Current Contents

  • The Agent Orange Collection - fanfiction by the writer Agent Orange.
  • Art Gallery
    • my art
    • gift & guest art
    • sketches
    • wallpaper
    • parodies
  • Recommended Listening
  • Large BBS
  • Links
  • About Me

Past Contents

Several other sections of the site are visible on WayBack Machine, but are not currently accessible through other means. These include an oekaki BBS, as well as a CafePress store selling t-shirts designed by E.K. Weaver.

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