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Name: Emily's Cowboy Bebop Page!
Owner/Maintainer: Emi
Dates: 1999-present
Type: Fansite
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
URL: http://www.niko-niko.net/bebop/
Screenshot of the main page as of December 2023
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Emily's Cowboy Bebop Page! is a long-running Cowboy Bebop fansite created and maintained by Emi. It was first created in 1998[1] or 1999[2] and still receives updates, although they sometimes come in intervals of several years.[3] It was one of the first English-language Cowboy Bebop fansites on the web.[1]

Emi's note from March 1999, which is still preserved on the News & Updates page in 2023,[3] reads:

Hihi, Emi here! I hope you are enjoying my little Cowboy Bebop Page! I admit that ever since I saw my first episode of this, I was hooked, and I just had to make this page :) As you may have noticed, it is not quite complete yet, as Cowboy Bebop news and info can be somewhat hard to find, but I am doing my best! :)

Things I hope to add to this site in the future: an Image Gallery, Music samples, and Episode Summaries. Wow, that is quite a bit:) Wish me luck, ok?

If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line, a link to my email address is on the main page.but please read the FAQ before mailing me. Thanks :)

Below I will list any new additions or updates to this page as I do them, so keep an eye on this section!

Thanks again for visiting my page!

-Emi 3/5/1999

Website Contents

The site contains canon references, including guides to the story, the characters, and the music featured on the show. The "Goods" page includes links to places to buy Cowboy Bebop merchandise, as well as a page with seven downloadable Cowboy Bebop Winamp skins created by Emi.[4] There is also a guestbook that was still receiving regular notes from visitors as of late 2023.[5]

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