I Am Stretched on Your Grave

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Title: I Am Stretched on Your Grave
Author(s): SidheMail
Date(s): February 3 - February 22, 2013
Length: 39,262 words (17 chapters)
Genre: Mature
Hurt/Comfort, Attempted Rape, Alternate Universe Soul Bond
Fandom: Thor Movieverse
External Links: I Am Stretched on Your Grave (AO3)

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I Am Stretched on Your Grave is a Loki/Sif fic by SidheMail.


I am stretched on your grave, and will lie there forever/If your hands were in mine, I'd be sure we'd not sever/My apple tree, my brightness, it's time we were together/For I smell of the earth, and am slain by the weather.

Author's Notes

Hello! This is my first time posting ever, and I am terrified. Please note that my knowledge of the comics, Norse mythology, and of anything else useful, is severely limited. And none of this would ever have happened had it not been for Into The Dark by Murdur. I fear that where Murdur is a hawk upon the wing, I am a penguin waddling across a shag carpet, but what can ya do?
I hope you enjoy!

Comments & Reactions

As of January 29, 2016, the fic had 176 Comments, 193 Kudos and 65 Bookmarks on AO3.

"This one is pretty much the definitive fic for the Rat Queens. We all love Loki, and the Loki/Sif (Sifki) ship sails with a strong wind at our backs. This is a brutal, gorgeous story about Sif, Loki, and very, very horrible things. When this fic first posted a few years ago, a chapter left off at a critical scene, I didn’t know when she was going to post a resolution, and Nancy Joyce had to stay up all night with me, consoling me via text. Sifki fans, if you haven’t read this one, just pause here, click on the link, and come back. We’ll wait."[1]


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