Hydra Trash Book

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Title: Hydra Trash Book
Date(s): 2015, 2017
Series?: yes
Medium: print & PDF
Genre: Darkfic
Fandom: Marvel
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr, Download link for Vol 1
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The Hydra Trash Book is a Hydra Trash Party anthology that predominantly focuses on Bucky Barnes and members of Hydra.

Volume 1

Volume 1

Volume 1 was published in 2015. It is 238 pages long and contains both fanart and fanfiction.


Secton 1: Asset

  • Aversion by sallysparrow017 (fanart)
  • The Spaces In-Between by Lauralot (fanfic)
  • Refrigerator Art by StarsGarters (fanart)
  • A Win-Win Situation by iainkillsrobots (fanfic)
  • untitled 1 by KevlarUnitard (fanart)
  • Do Unto Others by lucymonster (fanfic)
  • Memory by Slouph (fancomic)

Section 2: Rumlow

  • Prima Nocta by eatingcroutons (fanfic)
  • The Price You Pay the Piper by Andartha (fanfic)
  • untitled 2 by KevlarUnitard (fanart)
  • Only Through Pain by Ylixia (fanfic)
  • Regular Maintenance by silicadaisy (fanart)
  • Golden Boy by linguamortua (fanfic)
  • Interrogation by trillgutterbug (fanfic)
  • Social Media by the-flying-fuck (fancomic)
  • He Remembered You by jaspersfic (fanfic)

Section 3: Pierce

  • Countdown by coffeestainanalyst (fanfic)
  • Disassociate by superhumandisasters (fanart)
  • Allodiastes hydrorum by justanotherstonyfan (fanfic)
  • Cocktails at 8 by silicadaisy (fanart)
  • An Unsteady Equilibrium by taydev (fanfic)
  • Собака by abbeyjewel (fanfic)

Section 4: Bucky

  • I, the Hand Grenade by Atticeyes (fanfic)
  • Protocol (To Be Revised as Required) by brighteyedjill (fanfic)
  • Lie Back by Shannon (fanfic)
  • The Secretary’s Labors by thefilthiestpiglet (fancomic)
  • A Small World After All by babydraco (fanfic)

Volume 2

Volume 2
Volume 2 was published in 2017.


  • 148 pages, with ~100 pages of art and ~50 pages of fic (basically, the fics are truncated, with links to the AO3)
  • Print cost: $13
  • Shipping cost: $4 US, $13 International
  • Pros: svelte, gets down to business (less words to flip through, easier to hold one-handed)


  • 205 pages, with ~100 pages of art and ~100 pages of fic (basically, the fics are printed in full.)
  • Print cost: $17
  • Shipping cost: $6 US, $16 International
  • Pros: beefy, thorough (won’t have to go elsewhere for fic)


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