Captain America Big Bang

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Name: Captain America Big Bang
Date(s): 2018-2019
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Captain America
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The Captain America Big Bang is a Big Bang that ran in the MCU fandom for the Captain America franchise in 2018.


What pairings and characters are eligible for this Bang?

The Captain America Big Bang (CapBB) is open for all canon characters in the Captain America MCU and Captain America Comics. This means gen, slash, het, and poly works are allowed, in all ratings.

This Bang is inclusive of all characters and ships within the Captain America ‘verse. As such, kinkshaming and shipshaming will not be tolerated. It is important for participants to respect each other during the duration of the event, please.

  • Fics must be a minimum of 15,000 words. There is no maximum word count.
  • An author is only allowed to submit one (1) fic. You may sign up as part of an author team and co-author a fic, but that fills your slot for the challenge. You may not submit a second fic or sign up as a co-author for a second story.
  • All fics must be beta-read before posting.
  • Your fic must be new and specifically posted for this Bang.
  • Fics that are part of a series or existing universe are permitted, although we ask that you write something that can stand on its own. And no cliffhanger endings, please.
  • If the artist who claims your fic has to drop out, the mods will send out a pinch hit request to ensure that your fic is accompanied by artwork


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