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Gift Exchange
Name: Black Is Beautiful
Abbreviation: blackisbeautifulex
Date(s): Jan - March 2021
Runs: February
Moderator(s): moddington
Founder: moddington
Type: "OR" matching; fanfiction; fanvids; fanart; or podfic
Scope: Black characters
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: blackisbeautifulex on dreamwidth
Black Is Beautiful collection on Archive of Our Own
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The Black Is Beautiful Exchange is a multifandom, multi-medium exchange focused around Black characters. It ran in February of 2021, to coincide with Black History Month as celebrated in Canada and the U.S.A. The exchange also allowed participants to request/create original works.[1] Black Is Beautiful was primarily promoted on Dreamwidth and fanworks were hosted on an AO3 collection.

Schedule & Rules

The minimum length for fic is 1000 words. Other mediums followed a comparable requirement, with 60 seconds min for vids, podfic must be 10 mins minimum, and art must be at least one completed line art on an unlined background.The exchange required recipients to opt-in to any depictions of slavery, hate crimes, and/or racekink.[1]

The Schedule (2021)

Nominations: January 8 to January 19

Sign-up Opens: January 21

Sign-up Closes: January 29

Assignments Out: January 31 or earlier

Assignments Due: February 21

Works Revealed: February 28

Creators Revealed: March 7[2]

Works Created

Out of publicly viewable works on AO3, the Black Is Beautiful exchange produced 61 fanworks for 52 fandoms.[3] Some creators chose to only reveal their works to registered AO3 users.

Index of Works

Title Fandom Medium By Character By Ship By Gender Category Creator Link
The Noon Train to Glass City The Old Guard Fanfiction Nile Freeman Nile/Booker Het Griselda_Gimpel AO3
smoother than a storm The Old Guard Fanfiction Nile Freeman Andy/Nile Freeman Femslash Highsmith AO3
The Cretan Prisoner Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction Paninya Paninya/Winry Rockbell Femslash Griselda_Gimpel AO3
A Post Post-Apocalyptic Romance Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Fanfiction Benson Benson/Troy Slash Redrikki AO3
Come To SFIT [art] Big Hero 6, MCU Fanart Wasabi-No Ginger Wasabi-No Ginger & Peter Parker Gen plastics AO3
Love Endures All Things Historical RPF Fanfiction Harriet Tubman Gen, Het lirin AO3
Off the Clock DC Comics Fanfiction Tam Fox N/A Gen GothamGumshoe (CypressSunn) AO3
In the Southern Hall Display the Kente Cloth Piranesi Fanfiction Piranesi Piranesi/Sarah Raphael | 16/James Ritter Poly, Het, Slash Griselda_Gimpel AO3
A Sea of Foliage Girds our Garden Round Unfit to Print Fanfiction Gil Lawless Gil Lawless/Vikram Pandey Slash Chestnut_filly AO3
Balancing the Drift Pacific Rim Fanfiction Jake Pentecost Nate Lambert/Jake Pentecost/Jules Reyes Poly, Het, Slash Griselda_Gimpel AO3
Blue-Blooded Bestie Detroit: Become Human Fanfiction Chris Miller Chris Miller & Damian Miller Gen Lunarium AO3
Our Misfit Ways The Old Guard Fanfiction Nile Freeman Andy/Nile Freeman Femslash wonderluck AO3
No Les Das La Espalda Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Fanart, Fancomic Miles Morales Aaron Davis & Miles Morales Gen MoonGoddex AO3
Save the Cat-tain! Voltron: Legendary Defender Fanfiction Ryan Kinkade James Griffin/Ryan Kinkade/Ina Leifsdottir/Nadia Rizavi Poly Lunarium AO3
Warmth His Dark Materials Fanfiction Pantalaimon Lyra Belacqua/Will Parry Het textbookchoices AO3
Salaam or Something Like It MCU Fanfiction Sam Wilson Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson Slash seinmit AO3
Chrysalis MCU, Captain Marvel (film) Fanfiction Maria Rambeau Carol Danvers/Maria Rambeau Femslash AO3
Bedtime Voltron: Legendary Defender Fanfiction Alfor Alfor & Allura & Allura's Mother (Voltron) Gen Pegasus143 AO3
Family The Walking Dead Fanfiction Michonne Rick Grimes/Michonne Het CorinaLannister AO3
Wayne's Visit Hockey RPF Fanfiction Zayde Wisdom Wayne Simmonds & Zayde Wisdom Gen eafay70 AO3
The Secrets of the Nine Worlds MCU, Thor Movieverse Fanfiction Heimdall Heimdall & Loki & Thor (Marvel) Gen roguefaerie AO3
[ART] Red Line MCU, Black Panther (2018) Fanart Erik Killmonger N/A Gen AO3
[Podfic] A Third of What He Was Missing When Washington Was In Vogue Podfic Davy Carr, Caroline Rhodes Davy Carr/Tommie Dawson/Bob Fletcher/Caroline Rhodes Poly, Multi seinmit AO3
[art] days we shall not soon forget Bridgerton Fanart Simon Basset Simon Basset/Anthony Bridgerton Slash lostphysics (afterism) AO3
Take Heart Arkham Horror Fanfiction Calvin Wright, Stella Clark Calvin Wright/João, Calvin Wright & Stella Clark Gen, Slash Delphi AO3
Vacation Planning Discworld, The Magicians Fanfiction (with a graphic) Persephone (The Magicians) N/A Gen mific AO3
Plausible Deniability Bridgerton Fanart Simon Basset Simon Basset/Anthony Bridgerton Slash mific AO3
I can't let you, I can't let you go gen:LOCK Fanart Julian Chase Julian Chase/Miguel "Migas" Garza Slash Koraki AO3
[fanvid] king of wakanda MCU, Black Panther (2018) Fanvid T'Challa, Erik Killmonger N/A Gen seinmit AO3
Le Joli Petit Café de Sucre (Fanart) The Queen's Gambit Fanart Jolene Beth Harmon/Jolene Femslash kowaiyoukai AO3
On Your Knees MCU, Captain America Movieverse Fanart Sam Wilson Sam/Bucky Slash mific AO3
Let the Numbness Fade Away The Queen's Gambit Fanfiction Jolene Jolene & Beth Harmon Gen Curtashiism AO3
Falling Free, Landing Hard Top Gun Fanfiction Marcus "Sundown" Williams Marcus "Sundown" Williams/Pete "Maverick" Mitchell Slash boasamishipper AO3
[podfic] You Can't Judge A Book Hogan's Heroes Podfic James Kinchloe N/A Gen flowersforgraves AO3
open your heart knowing Star Trek: The Next Generation Fanfiction Geordi La Forge Data/Geordi Slash Beatrice_Otter AO3
Hold Me As I Land Dragon Age Fanfiction Isabella, Female Hawke Female Hawke/Isabela Femslash butterpanic AO3
Explorer Star Trek: Discovery Fanart Joann Owosekun N/A Gen RainbowLily AO3
To Honor and Serve Star Trek: Discovery Fanfiction Joann Owosekun Mirror Philippa Georgiou/Mirror Joann Owosekun Femslash hannelore AO3
Strongest Weakness She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Fanfiction Netossa, Spinnerella Netossa/Spinnerella Femslash punch_kicker15 AO3
Share Star Trek: Discovery Fanfiction Cleveland "Book" Booker, Michael Burnham Cleveland "Book" Booker/Michael Burnham/Mirror Philippa Georgiou Poly, Femslash, Het pauraque AO3
You see, in our century, we've learned not to fear words. All Rise, Star Trek Fanfiction Lola Carmichael, Nyota Uhura Lola Carmichael & Nyota Uhura Gen Pixie (magnetgirl) AO3
There's still a song inside the halls in the dark Pacific Rim Fanfiction Jake Pentecost Nate Lambert/Jake Pentecost Gen or Pre-Slash smaragdbird AO3
If You Were Home IT Fanfiction Bill Denbrough, Mike Hanlon Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon Slash Val_Creative AO3
Work Do Doctor Who Fanfiction Martha Jones, Bill Potts Martha Jones/Bill PottsNavigation and Actions Femslash TheseusInTheMaze AO3
Oh no, you caught me ;) Dragon Age Fanart Isabela Fenris/Isabela Het sqbr AO3
[Art] A Raised Eyebrow Elementary Fanart Marcus Bell N/A Gen angelandfaith (nowrunalong) AO3
The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen Original Work Art, Fanart Original Non-Binary Characters Astronomer/Alien Other sqbr AO3
Devil's Face Nova Twins (Band) Fanart Amy Love, Georgia South Amy Love & Georgia South Gen facethestrange AO3
Holding Pattern Top Gun Fanfiction Marcus "Sundown" Williams Pete "Maverick" Mitchell & Marcus "Sundown" Williams Gen simplecoffee AO3
all the good we did not do Dark Matter Fanfiction Griffin Jones Griffin Jones/Marcus Boone Slash Damkianna AO3
Future Knowledge And All That Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Lower Decks Fanfiction Beckett Mariner, Michael Burnham Michael Burnham/Beckett Mariner Femslash kira_katrine AO3
Love Blossoms Here Riverdale Fanfiction Toni Topaz Cheryl Blossom/Toni Topaz Femslash webofdreams89 AO3
Shared Histories Star Trek: Alternate Original Series, Star Trek: Discovery Fanfiction Michael Burnham, Nyota Uhura Spock/Uhura Gen, Het Miri Cleo (miri_cleo) AO3
Waiting Stargate Atlantis Fanart Aiden Ford, Ronon Dex Aiden Ford & Ronon Dex Gen mific AO3
the rashomon redux job Leverage Fanart Alec Hardison N/A Gen ideare AO3
Teal'c's Big Skiing Adventure Stargate SG-1 Fanart Teal'c N/A Gen mific AO3
A Wing and a Prayer Doctor Who Fanfiction Bill Potts, Martha Jones Bill Potts/Martha Jones Femslash SegaBarrett AO3
Fading Colors Voltron: Legendary Defender Fanfiction Allura Allura & Allura's Mother, Alfor & Allura Gen HandmaidenOfHorror AO3
Finding What Was Lost Star Wars Fanfiction Lando Calrissian Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker Slash Cat2000 AO3
Fighting for Onderon Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fanart Steela Gerrera N/A Gen whalebone AO3
[ART] Partners POKEMON Detective Pikachu Fanart Tim Goodman Tim Goodman & Pikachu Gen seinmit AO3

Fan Comments

"I've been through the art (and was jazzed to see so much of it!) and now have a few stories that look RTMI open for reading tonight. It was a nice turnout, and I hope it runs again next year."[4]

"The 2020 Black Is Beautiful Exchange collection opened a couple of days ago, and while I'm still working my way through the incredible variety of works (fic! art! vids! podfic!), I really need to draw special attention to the gift I received: I can't let you, I can't let you go by an as-yet-undisclosed artist (gen:LOCK, Julian Chase/Miguel "Migas" Garza, digital art, rated G)"[5]


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