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Title: X-APA
Publisher: Steve Addlesee
Type: APA
Date(s): 1978 - 1999 (?)
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Medium: Print
Fandom: X-Men
Language: English
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Cover of issue #97, artist Steve Addlesee

X-APA was a bi-monthly APA zine in the X-Men fandom.

Things that may be found in a typical 'zine:
  • reviews of the x-comics
  • convention reports
  • comments/essays about various characters
  • artwork (usually X-related) or photos
  • fan-fiction
  • an update on how the contributor's life is going
  • mailing comments: responses to/ remarks about the 'zines in the last issue of X-APA[1]

Contributors in 1999:

We're a small group right now, but an enthusiastic one:
  • Ed draws comic strips showing the lighter side of the X-Men, along with lots of other beautiful color art
  • Steve provides the APA with a lot of nice art (he's a professional comics inker). He's also writing "X-Treme Protocol", a seriously dark 'n gritty fanfic saga.
  • Chris D. reviews current comics and is contributing a lot of fanfic. His newest saga pits the original five X-Men against a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that makes Stan Lee's version look like a bunch of real wimps!
  • Greg is also an artist and publishes all kinds of things.
  • Chris C. is hard at work on his novel, "Dogs of War", dealing with the first overt contact between humans and aliens, set in an alternate Marvel Universe.
  • Rebecca writes "The Avalon Project", starring Magneto and all the nutty people who have come to live on Avalon with him.[1]