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Name/s: Julie Bozza, Stew, Julien, Harlequin, Slashweaver, Mrs Leary, John Anonymous Actually
Fandom/s: Buckaroo Banzai, The Professionals, Due South, BBC Merlin, Merlin RPF, age of sail, westerns, Jane Austen, John Keats, fandom meta
You can find me at: AO3, Live Journal, Merlin Locations, Rupert Young, Keats Locations
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Me (the short version): I'm an Aussie-Anglo hybrid empowered by writing, fuelled by espresso, calmed by knitting, overexcited by photography, and madly in love with Amy Adams and John Keats.

Me (the longer, fannish version)

I think I've always been a fan in various ways, including engaging passionately with various media. This included writing stories in my early to mid teens, such as a Fix-it piece for a novel that ended tragically. Also, my friend and I wrote romances for each other in which the friend won the heart of Tommy Shaw (Styx). In my late teens, I responded to a Star Trek: TOS episode by scrawling an epic soap opera in my journal of Kirk struggling with his love for Spock when they are stranded on a planet, apparently forever. (I wasn't a huge ST fan at the time, though it was part of the zeitgeist, so I felt this development was very ironic when I later discovered that Kirk/Spock (TOS) was the foundation of modern media fandom!)

It took me a while to find Fandom itself - my first fic published in print zines was in 1985 in response to Blake's 7, and my first in-person encounter with fandom was at Eccentricon in July 1987 in Richmond NSW (Australia), when I was 24. There I bought the multimedia slash zine Magnetism, which delightfully broadened my foundations and introduced me to Bodie/Doyle. I tend towards slash, but am happy to follow the Muse if she leads me elsewhere.

My first big fannish love was the film Buckaroo Banzai, which led to me publishing a fanzine called Samurai Errant. Then it was The Professionals, with much of my fic being kindly accepted by other zine editors. My next grand passion was Due South, which resulted in my zines titled Pure Maple Syrup.

I was always a fannish butterfly, so there's been lots of other loves and handfuls of other fic. Hence I published a multi-media slash zine called Homosapien - and then a multi-media multi-relationship zine, Espresso.

After a period of hibernation, I briefly flirted with Die Hard 4 before being utterly consumed by BBC Merlin... These were my first online fandoms. My love of Merlin spilled over into RPF - not the first time I'd written about 'real people', but the first time I'd ever shared it.

This has all resulted in a number of pseuds, though the first fic I submitted for publication (Blake's 7) was under my real name. I've otherwise been known as Stew, Julien, Harlequin, Slashweaver, Mrs Leary, and (on occasion) John Anonymous Actually. I mostly use my real name in fannish contexts these days, and the pseuds were mostly about fun and/or discretion rather than strict privacy.

I tend to fall hard for actors (of all genders). In the early days of the internet, I created a fannish website for David Marciano (Ray Vecchio in Due South), and I currently maintain a site dedicated to Rupert Young (Sir Leon in Merlin).

I am also passionate about locations, and maintain a site dedicated to the beautiful filming locations used in Merlin. I also have a website focusing on locations associated with the poet John Keats.

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OTW timeline

  • March 2010: created an AO3 account
  • February 2020: created a Fanlore account
  • May 2020: joined OTW as an Administrative Volunteer on the Open Doors committee
  • July 2020: promoted to Fanlore Advanced Editor!
  • January 2022: became a Chair Assistant on the Open Doors committee

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