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Name: BBC's Inspector Lynley
Date(s): March 19, 2004 to 2019
Archivist: Joyce
Founder: Joyce
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
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BBC's Inspector Lynley was a gen archive and discussion list for The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, focusing on the BBC TV series but also including the novels by Elizabeth George. The group had 417 members, but now it is inactive.

Group description:

This group is about the BBC-TV version of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries but welcomes Elizabeth George readers.

I set it up because the BBC Drama Board forbade email addresses or links in posts and was open only in daylight on one side of the Atlantic. We exchange ideas, information, comments and chit-chat round the clock and use a tracker on my PC for TV and radio unavailable elsewhere. We discuss any episode that's been on anywhere in the world and we speculate about what may be in future episodes if more are made. Many of us add other members to IM lists and chat'live'.

Lurk or post as much as you like. Feel free to introduce yourself any time. Answer old or new posts, start new topics, ask questions, or comment as you wish. If you have difficulty with English, just post again in your own language.

Thanks to EG's books we could see after series 3 that ILM might end with series 5 BUT good old BBC commissioned two follow-up episodes so we hope for even more. We want them to know it still has an audience so we continue to write letters, email them, and ring up. Don't let them forget us!

So far three things only are verboten here:

1) Calling yourself stupid if you have difficulty with BARBTRACKER. If you can get here you can use a tracker. We'll help if you tell us exactly what the problem is. You can do it!

2a) Explicit sexual content in fan fiction. 2b) References in fan fiction to sexual activity between partners who are not married to each other UNLESS it is later punished by events such as murder. This is because there are no age-limits here and because I am an old-fashioned prude.

3) Complaints that the TV series isn't like the books. Other discussion comparing events and characters in the books and the series is welcome.This is because I believe the TV characters are real and Elizabeth George makes stories up.[1].

BARBTRACKER for ILM fans is a related Yahoo! Group founded on January 13, 2007. It has 59 members, but is now inactive.

Group description:

This is a group where we discuss BARBTRACKER, our tracker for TV's Inspector Lynley and Elizabeth George fans.

We post about using the tracker e.g. whether we've had difficulties, or to make suggestions about overcoming them. Don't be afraid of repeating yourself here if you post about a fault or fix elsewhere. If you've overcome any glitches in using this or any other tracker, please post a message here. BUT: Please don't post SPAM without asking.

The tracker is offline at the moment as it's not needed. If there is anything that can't be accessed elsewhere BARBTRACKER can easily be put back online.

Using a tracker is not as complicated as it looks on first glance at the instructions: I didn't know the internet big words so I used a lot of little ones which made the docs long.

However, if you've read all the instructions and still can't get connected, here are some things to try that we've found can help:

Clear your temporary internet files twice. Defrag the hard drive if you've not done so recently. If you're using Bit Comet, right-click on the title of the file and select 'Manual Connect'. Look in 'preferences' on Bit Comet and tick or untick the UPNP box. If you're on a router or network, or behind a firewall, make sure they are configured to let torrents through. BARBTRACKER is a BNBT tracker. Reboot your computer. Try using another client for the file that's giving you trouble.

Whatever you do, don't give up.


After downloading you become a seed. When the tracker is active do please leave your torrent program open just as you did when you were downloading, and please don't turn it off even if it looks as though nobody wants your file(s). Make sure it's running every time the computer is online. Somebody will want it eventually. However, if you have a tiny hard drive and can't seed for long, don't feel guilty.

Welcome and enjoy![2].


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