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Name: FrodoHealers
Date(s): April 8, 2002 to present
Archivist: Ancalime8301, LilyBaggins, rufferto
Founder: Frodo Baggins of Bag End (Febobe)
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
URL: Yahoo Group
FrodoHealers AO3 Collection
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FrodoHealers is a gen fanfiction archive for the Lord of the Rings fandom, focusing on angst or hurt/comfort stories involving an unwell Frodo Baggins, originally hosted on Yahoo! Groups. The group had 537 members, but is now closed.

Group description:

This is a moderated group for those interested in reading or writing about Frodo Baggins of JRR Tolkien's _Lord of the Rings_, specifically angst or hurt/comfort fanfiction involving an unwell Frodo. Both book and movie background are permitted, as is "AU" (alternative universe) material. All fiction, poetry, or drama involving an injured or ill Frodo, including material involving his suffering while carrying the Ring or after its destruction, is welcome, with the exception of "slash" or sexual content and profanity. (If someone would like to start a slash counterpart group, I will permit a posting announcing it.) Acceptable postings include, but are not limited to, the following: ideas, wish lists, suggestions, requests, short fiction (either standalone stories or chapters of longer works), poetry, RP (roleplay) logs, drama scenes for stage or screen, lists of relevant links (ie, to ailing Frodo fanfic) and/or commentary/discussion on anything ailing-Frodo, whether books, movies, or fanfiction-related. Postings should be free of profanity and must reflect the group's non-slash policy; if you have the need to include anything above a PG level, please include a warning at the start of the posting and I will evaluate it. Postings in violation of group policy will not be approved for circulation.[1].

The short-lived archive Bag End was associated with this group.


In February 2021, it was announced that FrodoHealers would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project[2]. The import was completed in July 2022[3].


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