Bag End

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Name: Bag End
Date(s): early 2000s
Archivist: Hope
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
URL: About
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Bag End was the archive for the Lord of the Rings mailing list called FrodoHealers.

While slash was banned, "sweet" romance between same sex characters was allowed.[1]

This is a archive for works of fanfiction posted on the FrodoHealers mailing list. The list is a moderated group for those interested in reading or writing about Frodo Baggins of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, specifically angst or hurt/comfort fanfiction involving an unwell Frodo.

This includes both book and movie canon, as well as AU" (alternative universe) material. All fiction, poetry, or drama involving an injured or ill Frodo, including material involving his suffering while carrying the Ring or after its destruction, is welcome, with the exception of "slash" or sexual content and profanity. [2]

Submission Guidelines

They were lengthy. One tidbit:

There is a lot of overlap in ailing-Frodo fiction due to the nature of the genre. Consequently, please don't get upset and start yelling, "That rat stole my idea!" just because someone posts a Frodo-with-pneumonia fic and you had an idea for one as well. Obvious plagiarism will not be tolerated and offending submissions will be ignored; however, situational overlap (ie, use of the same time period or condition, unless particularly rare) will not necessarily be considered theft in and of itself. It is my hope that everyone will respect each other; I simply feel the need to say this because some overlap is bound to happen.[3]


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