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Journal Community
Name: Slashknot
Date(s): January 2003 - December 2004
Moderator: zort (howifall)
Founder: Hybryd; G; Junkie; Alonza; Psycho; sixseconds; amigone; Kittie; Hempseed
Type: LiveJournal community
Fandom: Slipknot band slash
AO3 Collection
Slashknot community banner.

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Slashknot's all in our heads is a LiveJournal community for the Slipknot (band) fandom, focussing on slash fanfic and fanart. The community was created on 8 January 2003, but it has been inactive since 31 December 2004.


The community profile page provides the following history:

Once upon a time, there were nine of us, exiled from hell. But luckily, #2 & 3 had a brilliant idea, they decided to create a community where we could all keep sharing the Slipknot Slash love. That’s where #1 & 7 came in, because they had the code to start this community on LJ. The other seven came in and slashknot was born.

#0- Hybryd / #1- G / #2- Junkie / #3- Alonza / #4- Psycho / #5- sixseconds / #6- amigone / #7- Kittie / #8- Hempseed.[1]

The current moderator is zort (howifall on LJ).

In November 2022, it was announced that Slashknot would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project.[2]


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