Twisted Sisterhood

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Name: Twisted Sisterhood
Date(s): 19 September 2000 to present
Archivist: lora, and dargelos; tobyfan; doctorevel; tesan; trillingstar
Founder: Lora, and Dargie (dargelos)
Type: Mailing List, fanfiction, Chris Keller
Fandom: Oz (TV series)
URL: Yahoo Group, Squidge
AO3 collection
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Twisted Sisterhood is a mailing list and fanworks archive for the Oz (TV series) fandom, with a focus on the character Chris Keller and the canonical pairing of Toby Beecher/Chris Keller. It was first created on a personal website, then moved to a Yahoo Group once it started growing; the group ended up with 669 members. Following the announcement of the closure of Yahoo Groups, the content was transferred to Squidge.

The volume of messages on the Twisted Sisterhood Yahoo Group 2000-2003.

The Yahoo Group description read as follows:

For fans of Chris Keller (Oz) who love him in spite of his, um, quirks.

Fanfic posted to The TwistedSisterhood has a high slash (male/male) content, as does the series itself. Therefore TS, like OZ, is designed for mature audiences, and members must be over 17. By joining, you are stating that you are. Members under 17 will be unsubscribed. Please remember that TSXF is for Keller-centric, or B/K fics only. Other pairings, or stories about other characters belong on the Cellblock 5 list.[1].

TSXF (Twisted Sisterhood Adult Fiction)

TSXF was a fiction-only mailing list created on 1 June 2001 as a sibling of the original Twisted Sisterhood list. It is no longer active, but had 504 members.


In April 2024, it was announced that Twisted Sisterhood and TSXF would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project, along with other related HBO Oz archives.[2]