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Name: Spideypool Big Bang
Date(s): 2018 - present
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Marvel
URL: Tumblr
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The Spideypool Big Bang is a big bang challenge in Marvel fandom, focused on the Peter Parker/Wade Wilson pairing. Authors have to write a minimum of 7500 words, and artists had to make a minimum of one piece of medium of their choice.



Title: De Testis Absentia: On the Absence of a Witness
Author: nimohtar
Artist: limeonik
Rating: Teen and up
Warnings: None
Final Word Count: 11,339
Summary: In Ancient Rome, Petrus Bennio Pacor lives under the generous patronage of Antonius Ennius Starca. When Antonius’ witness in a court hearing fails to appear, Antonius invokes a law to summon said witness - but sends Petrus to do the deed in his stead. The witness? One Vado Vinstinian Vilsoni, a former soldier currently trying to eke out a living in the poorer area of the city as a debt-enforcer - and wholly uninterested in the rules and regulations of Rome. Somehow, Petrus must persuade Vado to do his duty; Vado intends to avoid it as long as possible…especially if it means Petrus continues to come calling at his door.

Title: Make Myself Believe
Author: common-white-dude
Artist: mere-mortifer
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No major warnings
Word Count: 20142
Summary: Omegas had always been trained in special institutions to be good mates for the Alpha that chooses them. Omegas are supposed to do whatever their Alpha says. No questioning, no second thoughts. No freedom. For Peter Parker, life had always been horrible unpredictable and erratical, and he had thought that the only constant in his life will be being a servant for his mate. However, even that won’t even be as Peter had thought. Not after he ends up with Wade Wilson, an Alpha that seems to like to behave on the exact opposite of what Peter had learned all his life.

Title: A Study of Stairways
Author: sparkstarthetrashcan (sparkstar-trash)
Artist: ninja4646
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Major Character Death
Word Count: 14,696
Summary: Wade Wilson is a bad student. Poor grades, no attention span and not a soul to help him. Even if he tries to study he’s always distracted by his phone or a supernaturally attractive boy who showed up out of nowhere, whispering answers in his ear. Peter, almost got into Harvard, Parker spends his time tutoring students. He’s smart enough and he’s got nothing else to do, so he might as well. But Wade’s different. He doesn’t seem to want Peter for his brain like everyone else, Wade cares about him. Problem is, Peter isn’t normal. He’s a ghost.

Title: TheRealDeadpool posted
Author: JessJesstheBest (saywhatjessie)
Artist: Sophie (temporary-teddycup)
Rating: Teen and up
Warnings: No Major Warnings
Word Count: 6,133
Summary: Carly Shep @Spider-butt Sooo… has anyone else noticed how cozy Spider-Man and the Merc with a Mouth seem to be lately? (14 retweets, 74 likes) Or the Isn’t it Bromantic comic run from the perspective of in-universe social media.

Title: Searching for the World
Author: Salios
Artist: Chez
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Violence, Blood and Gore
Word Count: 15k+
Summary: Fallout!Au Peter is a mutant from a vault looking for help saving his uncle, who is interred in a failing cryo pod. He makes his way from his vault in Queens to Manhattan to Stark industries, the driving force behind Vault-Tec before the war. But being a mutant he know it’ll be a difficult trip. Ends up getting held up and Wade, being a nosy asshole, steps in. Offers his services and Peter accepts though he has no idea what kind of payment Wade is expecting

Title: His Apartment, His Safehouse
Author(s): flowery-musings
Artist: x3nia
Rating: teen
Warnings: slight angst, talks of suicide and depression, deadpool-typical speech and violence
Word Count: 5297 words
Summary: In one universe, Peter considers the place his apartment. In another, Wade considers the place his safehouse. Confusion ensues when Peter, after a tiring class day, meets what appears to be the one and only Deadpool, standing in his apartment, who he knows to most certainly nothing more than a fictional character

Title: I Need to Tell You Something
Author: Pineau_noir
Artist: AhumokIo
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Word Count: 21k
Summary: Coming to screens worldwide this February. When Peter Parker was 15 he was bitten by a spider on a school trip. The next day he woke up a little… changed. His whole world was turned upside down. Both figuratively and literally. As in, he was upside down, hanging off the bed, clinging to his now ruined bedposts. With his brand spankin-new tentacles. Eight of them to be exact. Yes, apparently in Peter’s universe, the evil scientists at Oscorp spliced an octopus’ DNA with a spider. A spider who decided to snack on Peter. To try and have what passes for normal, he moved in with the Avengers. But almost five years of living with the Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man are definitely not the norm for most people. Add in a flirty leather-clad mercenary, who keeps trying to feed him, and he knows his life has veered severely off-course. He thought he knew how to handle the strange things in his life, but he never expected Deadpool. Starring Peter Parker as Spider-Man and Wade Wilson as Deadpool, with music by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Title: That Which Binds Us
Author(s): 343enderspark
Artist: catsauceeartofficial
Rating: Teen and up
Warnings: Temp Character Death, Comic Book Violence
Word Count: 9193
Summary: Normal people just feel emotions from their soulmate, which get stronger as they get closer. Hardly inconvenient. But of course it’s not that simple for our dear boys. Wade’s good ole time in the Weapon X program turned those handy emotional feelings into a pretty little white box that likes to keep him and Yellow company. Poor Peter got the short end of the genetic lottery, being one of the rare humans that feel their soulmate’s pain instead of emotion.

Title: Different Strokes
Author: thatvixenchick
Artist: amazing-spiderling
Rating: E
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 8494
Summary: Peter’s just trying to live his life as a normal omega — as normal as an omega can be after being bitten by a radioactive spider. What he certainly did not need while out of costume and quickly falling into heat was to run into Deadpool. Alphas usually didn’t take kindly to what happened to Peter during his unique, super-powered heats. Turns out, Deadpool is the absolute opposite of upset about it.

Title: Petey, we did it, we outran the Blob
Author: joaas
Artist: onthestraightandnarrowpath
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Word Count: 29,731
Summary: Deadpool just wants to find and kill the guy who turned his face into the biological version of a Jackson Pollock painting. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently it is, because the Avengers just won’t let him be and get his revenge in peace. Also, Spidey keeps showing up and calling him Wade like they’re best buds now or something, what’s up with that?

Title: And Words Are Futile Devices
Author(s): SordidDetailsFollowing
Artist: Nanakoblaze
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 30k
Summary: Peter doesn’t think he’s lonely. He’s too busy to be lonely. He’s twenty-two, working on his PhD and holding down a shitty job at the Daily Bugle, not to mention his nightly extra-curricular activities. He’s too busy for friends, and he’s certainly too busy for romantic interests. And yet, shockingly, apparently everyone in his life thinks he needs to stop being an anti-social recluse and get laid. So Peter enters the wide, wonderful world of online dating. He doesn’t expect to find his soul mate, or even a friend, and he’s definitely not looking for hook ups. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for, really, until one Wade W. Wilson catches his eye and captures his heart with risqué dog pics and a concerning obsession with cannibalistic serial killers. This is a love story. A sweet, inevitable journey towards each other. There is humor, and melancholy, and a touch of both gravitas and levity to the weeks that trickle by. But really it’s just an account of the slow, magnetic movement of Peter towards Wade, and Wade towards Peter.

Title: Spidey Spidey, Give Me Your **** (Love, Suckers. Love.) Anyway… I Got A Bad Case Of Loving You… (Or The One Where Peter is a Nurse But Not In a Kinky Way)
Author(s): Lilian
Artist: Lizardyne
Rating: E
Warnings: No archive warnings apply
Word Count: 5k+
Summary: Nurse Parker is sent to make sure one of the patients in his hospital is recovered enough to be discharged. He doesn’t expect to recognize the scarred man as Deadpool, his sort of friend/college/person he might have certain feelings for.

Title: The Hearts in your Eyes
Author: BloodthirstyMerc
Artist: Cynspidey
Rating: E (explicit)
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Word Count: 72k+
Summary: The day Peter meets Deadpool is the worst day of his life. —— After trying so hard to forget his presumably long-lost heartmate, Peter finally gives into the feelings he’s acquired for Wade, the one person who’s unintentionally helped him mend his broken heart. Miscommunications lead to Peter thinking that Wade had found his heartmate while they were together, resulting in him spiralling into a self-destructive depression.

Title: The Firsts and the Last
Author: Violet_arabian
Artist: Moemai
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Word Count: 20k
Summary: Peter managed to survive the Vulture, get in good graces with Tony Stark, and finish the school year in a neat bow. Finally, his life as Spider-Man had begun. Sure, he still took care of petty theft and the occasional grand theft, but he had also been acknowledged. Which meant that there were more big-time baddies to fight and wounds to tend. Yet, for some reason, no one told him that villains or anti-heroes would be so infuriatingly persistent. From the start of his senior year to the next three chapters of his life, Peter faces dark alleyways, high rooftops, close calls, and family time. All while dealing with Deadpool, unaware of the heavy and dark future looming above them.

Title: What you need
Author: Neonbat
Artist: Chez
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None apply
Word Count: 18,158
Summary: Peter Parker, for lack of a better description, is having a shit time. An incident at school leads him to rash decisions and when he finds himself in the middle of New York alone and at night, he knows he’s in trouble. A mysterious man rescues him in a tight spot and despite Wade being kind of terrifying in his own right, he turns out to be the friend Peter needs, and in the end, the one Wade needs as well.

Title: we were never supposed to make it half this far
Author: scarlett_starlett
Artist: milkshake-sprinkels
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: Implied/Referenced Underage, Implied/Referenced Underage Drinking
Word Count: 16k
Summary: High school is rough. Uncle Ben is gone and being bullied has always been a problem for Peter Parker since he was little. But being best friend-adjacent to Midtown High School’s hunky quarterback star Wade Wilson is probably one of the few shining moments in his otherwise unlucky life—even if Wade is friends with Flash, his childhood tormentor, and distressingly straight (since, y'know, Peter has more-than-best-friend feelings for him. But that’s all part of that Parker Luck™)

Title: Turning Tides
Author: snarkysnartes
Artist: amazing-spiderling
Rating: T
Warnings: A/B/O, Pining, Jealousy,
Word Count: 5k
Summary: Wade Wilson really didn’t believe in true mates until he met Peter Parker. Now, now he knows that they’re meant to be and he wants nothing more than to show Peter and his kingdom that love.

Title: Feral
Author: MsCaptainWinchester
Artist: Nhrive
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Torture (off screen), Stalking (past), Sexism, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Full-Shift Wolf-On-Wolf Sex, Mpreg, Discussion of Potential Miscarriage
Word Count: 48k+
Summary: When Peter comes across a skinny, sickly feral wolf in the woods while he’s out hunting, it’s hard to remember that the wolf is a person, too. An alpha, and likely a dangerous one given his size. The wolf was Peter’s Snarly, his giant, scared wolf he takes care of, gives head scritches to, chilly river baths, and treats. So many treats. What he doesn’t know, what he could never have guessed, is that his sweet Snarly is the most wanted alpha in the kingdom, Alpha Killer Wade Wilson. As the two of them begin their strange courting, will Peter be able to come to terms with Wade’s dark past? Or will that past come knocking on his door to remind him?

Title: Don’t find no one but me
Author(s): Garsloup
Artist: Aredesification
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 30K+
Summary: Norman Osborn is an asshat. Peter knew that much, but he didn’t expect the man to jeopardize a viable research just because Peter is the best and – in his opinion – the only viable option to be in charge of his own project. But the CEO seems to be out for blood, and if Peter wants to pursue his project he has to mate with an omega. This looks like a terrible idea, the worst to be honest. Until it doesn’t.

Title: This Title Makes me Jurassic
Author(s): Milkshake-Sprinkels
Artist: Kirago, Banner by jdragon122
Rating: Pg-13, Teen and Up
Warnings: No warnings Apply
Word Count: 6000
Summary: As the COO of Oscorp Industries, Peter Benjamin Parker is in charge of the biggest project yet, the Indominous Rex. When things start going array, Peter must call upon his old flame and renowned dinosaur handler, Wade Wilson. With Peter’s niece and nephew, and Wade’s Daughter, they must save the park from annihilation.

Title: Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered
Author(s): Born To Be Wilde
Artist: ginogollum
Rating: Teen audiences and up
Warnings: kidnapping, drinking, swearing, mild violence, weaponry, bugging, mild gore, vomit.
Word Count: 20-25k
Summary:“Spiderman kidnapped a child?” “I know right! Well technically he took her into super protective custody because there’s this drug lord trying to kill her to get to me so Spidey nabbed her from my apartment and hid her away and then he’s going to put her with a new family. It’s all very complicated and grey area and a bit like that David Bowie movie.” Actually it’s exactly like that David Bowie movie. TDUAHU is the first instalment in a three book series, How Are You Enjoying My Labyrinth? All spideypool, all labyrinth. This first story has Wade having to traverse New York through problems and pitfalls all to bring Ellie home. But will Peter, who of course is sure he is doing the right thing, be able to keep Wade away for the full 13 hours? And will everyone be able to keep their feelings in check?

Title: Healing Invisible Scars
Author(s): hey-im-amber, enocca
Artist: amazing-spiderling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: implied rape, drugging. abuse and homelessness
Word Count: 6k
Summary: Wade is an omega who’s escaped his past alpha who has done everything he could to break him. Homeless, a kind stranger invites him home and tries to help the omega as well.as he can. But with Wade hiding his past, how long can good things stay good? Peter tries to help but he refuses to think this kindness comes without a price.

Title: Picture This
Author(s): RansomNoteworthy
Artist: Thelastpinecone
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Temporary Character Death
Word Count: 13k
Summary: Spider-Man and Deadpool are just acquaintances and occasional colleagues. But when Spider-Man is photographed being rescued and carried by Deadpool, the resulting media coverage means very different things to Peter and Wade, when everyone assumes they’re in a relationship together. A fake-dating, acquaintances-to-friends-to-lovers story, with all the humor and angst SpideyPool can provide, as Peter deals with his growing feelings and Wade copes with a very unpredictable relationship, and the Avengers are judging the whole thing from the sidelines.

Title: Wade Wilson’s Super Awesome Mixtape of Love to Peter Parker
Author: sadieb798
Artist: Black Sodas
Rating: E
Warnings: Temporary Character Death, Gore, Canon Typical Violence
Word Count: 15K
Summary: There’s a body lying on his carpet. Peter’s breath catches in his throat, it feels like his heart just took a swan-dive into his stomach and landed with a plop. Oh God, oh God, his brain chants frantically. He immediately lurches toward his desk, reaching for his phone, but he overcompensates and knocks it off. He watches, breath caught in his throat, as it falls to the carpet with a soft thud and bounces under his bed. Peter immediately dives for it. The phone’s not very far from him, so he doesn’t need to stretch as he reaches for it. His fingers grasp the beveled corners and he pulls it towards him. Instinctively he looks up, and instantly regrets it. The white lenses of a superhero mask meet his, and blink. “Hey, how’s it going?” Deadpool asks, his voice gravelly as he waves a hand.

Title: Off the Record
Author: crookedswingset
Artist: c0njidraws
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Sexual Content
Word Count: 130K
Summary: Peter Parker is a corporate lackey whose sole job is to root out problem executives who waste Oscorp’s money and time. Wade Wilson is a reserve Avenger on the hunt for a prize even Iron Man couldn’t nail down–the real identity of everyone’s favorite webhead. Too bad most people think Spider-Man is Harry Osborn.

Title: A Different Life
Author(s): mxximum-effort
Artist: adumbtree-draws
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Word Count: 10.7k
Summary: Peter Parker and Wade Wilson’s marriage was over before it even had a chance to begin. But now, twelve years later, Peter Parker is almost-happily in a relationship with Harry, about to get married to him. He receives a letter informing him that Wade Wilson is filing for divorce- they’ve been married all along. Suddenly, Wade is back in his life, and Peter can’t help wondering what life might have been like if he’d stayed with Wade. As they navigate their divorce, and their current failing relationships, the pair find themselves falling for each other once again.

Title: Alone: The Death of a Hero
Author(s): Raxwend, Anonygod
Artist: MagniloquentChanteuse
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Major Character Death
Word Count: 17739
Summary: Six months after a devastating war between the United States and Canada over a new form of renewable energy Peter Parker is moving through life feeling like an empty husk. Now that most of the population of New York has been infected with a debilitating disease created by Canadian scientists, he finds himself feeling less useful as Spider-Man as he patiently waits for Tony Stark to develop a cure for the disease. While he still tries to be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, his self appointed duty has become increasingly difficult as he faces those infected. The infected have become insanely violent, lashing out at anything that moves with unbelievable strength for a human as they are fueled by one primal instinct: fighting. Peter is torn between trying to fight those infected while ensuring that they are still safe for when Tony releases the cure, and a mercenary that he’s fallen in love with that tries to convince him it’d be better for everyone if he just ends their suffering.


Title: All Cats are Grey in the Dark
Author: mayatheyellowbee
Artist: Cheermione
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Word Count: 28,511
Summary: Peter is a Witcher, hired to kill Deadpool, another monster hunter gone rogue. But when he meets his target, he realizes there is more behind Deadpool’s recent killing spree than what he’s been led to believe. Despite their diverging opinions on the subject of murder, they have to put their differences aside to face a monster far worse - and more human - than any they’ve ever fought before.

Title: The Past, the Present, and the (im)Possible Future
Author: Jennicide — AO3 and Tumblr
Artist: WaterMe — AO3 and Tumblr
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 44,833
Summary: Peter B. Parker drops back into his crapshoot reality after a little detour to an alternate universe. He thinks he might have finally figured out how to make it work again with MJ, but he forgets that there’s still that infamous ‘Parker Luck’ to contend with. (Un)Fortunately for him, there’s a totally available Deadpool on his side of the multiverse who’s been waiting years for a chance to pick him up!

Title: A Year in the Gallery
Author: Princess_Breetlejuice
Artist: TheLazyDrawer
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Word Count: 43,579
Summary: Wade is kidnapped by a strange man who has a very peculiar job offer. While he’s skeptical, the man promises to compensate Wade very generously for the use of his body. Sounds [sketch], but Wade is all for easy money, and it’s not like he has anything better to do right now. And really, what’s the worst that can happen? (Or: Peter is an immortal sex demon with a penchant for sadism, and Wade is about to learn he can endure unimaginable agony with a smile.)

Title: Anchored
Author: jolinarjackson
​ Artist: violettavonviolet
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Implied/referenced homicide, implied/referenced character death
Word Count: 34,999
Summary: In a world in which Empaths are common and their gifts considered useful, Peter, as an Empath, is an outsider because his gift is irreversibly broken. Unable to initiate physical contact with anyone, Peter lives isolated and is forced to keep the few people in his life at a distance. His only escape is going out on patrol as Spider-Man and the friendship he developed with Deadpool as his alter ego. Peter’s life changes dramatically when he and Deadpool accidentally touch, resulting in an unexpected Empathic bond that goes against everything Peter knows about his Broken Empathy. While trying to figure out what exactly is going on between them, Peter and Wade also join forces to stop a serial killer who seems to have taken up residence in New York, unaware that Spider-Man is one of his intended targets.

Title: When We’re 40
Author: doctoring (AO3)
Artist: Chez (Tumblr)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No AO3 Warnings Apply
Word Count: 61,241
Summary: Peter B. Parker returns from the multiverse to find out that Mary Jane has moved on and is engaged to be married. Feeling that he’s been left behind in life, Peter agrees to a marriage pact with Wade, mainly just to get his dinner back that Wade’s been holding hostage. The deal sets the two men off on a year-long journey of navigating their feelings for each other and what a ‘significant other’ really means. Eventually, they both realize that they don’t want just a silly little marriage pact, but something more real and meaningful with each other. Too bad they’re not the best with admitting their feelings.

Title: Sympathy for the Hurricane
Author: meinposhbastard (AO3, tumblr)
Artist: thatbanananana (tumblr)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 27,702
Summary: Peter has never been more scared in his entire life. He’s on the run, and the last place he should take refuge in is the Trenches, the deepest and most dangerous place of the Atlantic Ocean. But he’s desperate. If they catch him, it will be the end of him. The Monster of the Trenches is a creature that has been in numerous wars and has lived for a thousand years (or so the folk tales say). Peter has grown up with them, among others; this monster is that old. So Peter expects something big and formless and dark and maybe hungry for siren flesh. What Peter finds is a merman full of scars, a tragic past befitting them, and kindness.

Title: Don’t You Dare Forget the Sun
Author: Klaus
Artist: Zet
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Major Character Death, Angst, torture, blood and gore, experimentation, psychological torture, established relationship, canon typical violence and language.
Word Count: 12,382
Summary:“Cold white walls, keep you from your pad and pen You just wanna stab again I can’t believe it’s half this hard You never knew your mind was dark, no!“ Peter Parker, self-proclaimed superhero and honestly a nice guy, finds himself locked within the confines of a top-secret definitely not legal medical facility. Maybe it was the kicks to his head, or possibly the chains that kept him hogtied in the back of the vehicle, or even the horrible experimentation was done to his body but something tells him that he is in a No Good Very Bad Place. Not that he can really feel much of the pain anymore. He didn’t realize he was falling perfectly in place for these doctors’ nefarious plans and now he can’t think much of anything anymore. He’s following orders. He’s here for Shield, right? The doctors tell him he’s doing good. He’s amazing. He’s Their perfect soldier and Peter can’t help but say yes to everything asked of him.

Title: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Deadpool
Author: Nimohtar ( AO3 | Tumblr )
Artist: Princesseellie3 ( Instagram | Tumblr )
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Major Warnings Apply.
Word Count: 42,873
Summary: When Aunt May moves to the small town of Berry Hill, MA for a new job, Peter doesn’t anticipate things will change too much in his own life. That is, until he meets the town’s self-proclaimed leather-wearing, katana-wielding local hero, a.k.a Your Friendly Neighbourhood Deadpool… A story told in snapshots of holidays, where strangers become friends, and then something more.

Title: To You
Co-Authors: AnGoose — AO3 and Tumblr; Y_ellow — AO3 and Tumblr
Artist: PastaPapi — AO3 and Twitter and Tumblr
Betas: Atem — AO3 and Tumblr; Water — AO3 and Tumblr
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 13,653
Summary: Deadpool’s quest to make best friends with Spider-Man is a strange and convoluted thing, made all the more complicated by the letters he keeps finding in his safehouse. They’re all addressed to “Ben, Love Peter.” And they’re all just a little too on the nose regarding Spidey’s personal problem of the month. Wade isn’t going to say no to a little extra insight into how to woo his very best Spider-Friend, though. Or, five times someone mistakes Wade’s crummiest safehouse as a post office, and one time Wade plays the sexy-mailman part in this (emotional) porno and hand delivers a letter to Spider-Man.

Title: Lost in a Shadow of You
Author: lunastories​ (AO3)
Artist: ah-geee​
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Major Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 34,514
Summary: Peter always suspected he’d be a shitty fisherman, but after some rather unfortunate events in New York force him to be a recluse in a secluded coastal town, he can say for certain he sucks at this. Fortunately for him, the resident cryptid, one Siren known as Wade Wilson, is around to save him from himself. Misunderstandings and shenanigans ensue when Peter’s ‘thank you for saving my life’ gifts are mistaken as ‘please have babies with me’ courting gifts by the Siren. Only time (and some low-key therapy) will decide if they figure their shit out. This is a story of two monsters who despite all the odds, find a home in each other.

Title: Heatwave
Author: TimidTurnip [Ao3 | Tumblr]
Artist: VictoryThorn [Instagram | Tumblr]
Rating: E
Warnings: No Major Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 16,911K
Summary: Peter can handle anything life decides to throw his way. He didn’t freak out at all when Wade professed his love, the heat wave isn’t turning him into a puddle of goo and he’s totally got a firm grasp on his finances. And Wade… he just wants to know why Peter won’t date him, even if he has to push a few boundaries to find out.

Title: Snippets Through Time
Author: Lalapaya | Tumblr: manyfandomsnotime
​ Artist: 343EnderSpark | Tumblr: 343EnderSpark
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 9,668
Summary: Peter Parker has to face the normal tumultuous daily routine of being the only child of a famous billionaire philanthropist and a historic icon. The one to help him through this is his best friend and partner in crime Wade Wilson. But what to do if this said friend suddenly becomes the target of affection? A few excerpts of Peter Parker’s life growing up with Wade Wilson as his best friend and Iron Man and Captain America as his fathers.

Title: Nothing Gold Can Stay
Author: cheekysstyles (tumblr)
Artist: aquamerryne (insta)
Rating: M
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Word Count: 30k
Summary: A year and a half ago, sixteen year old gymnastics prodigy Peter Parker left in the middle of the World Championship competition, costing Team USA a chance at a medal. After one too many run-ins with the law, Peter gets an ultimatum: return to the sport he left behind or end up in juvenile detention. When he arrives at X-Force Gymnastics, an elite gym owned by Wade Wilson, Peter is unprepared to rediscover his love for the sport and to confront the very thing that made him quit in the first place.

Title: A Mate Most Begrudging
Author: Vixen13 (Twitter)
Artist: Gensyz
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 46,189
Summary: It’s the height of the Gilded Age in America where everyone is searching for a new life and a new fortune from booming industry to the colonization of the wild frontier. Wade Wilson is a disgraced alpha trapped in the in-between of east and west, high society and labor, recluse and shunned. Though he’s convinced himself that he’s just fine on his own, others are more than happy to meddle in his perfectly quiet life before he loses his grip on reality more than he already has. Peter Parker is a down on his luck omega who needs money fast. Knowing that laying tracks is a quick ticket to a short life, he let himself be talked into joining the mail order omega program. He’s careful about the alpha he chooses and determined to carve out a life for himself with a handsome stranger. But the shock of his alpha’s appearance is nothing compared to the slamming of the door in his face as Wade declares he has no intention of mating with anyone, especially not some gold-digging omega tart.

Title: Three Steps to Inferno
Author: waterme-stories (Ao3)
Artist: atemy (Ao3)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Word Count: 31,399k
Summary: On August 26th, 1934, Gwen Stacy brushed past the doorman at the Ritz-Carlton, walked into the dining room, and set herself on fire. With the city plunged into pandemonium, I didn’t think twice before I hit the pavement: both as private eye Peter Benjamin Parker, and behind the scenes as The Spider, New York City’s most notorious vigilante. The criminal underworld cowered at the sound of my name and the shadow of my webs — but there were some parts of the Big Apple’s seedy underbelly that I couldn’t begin to imagine… (A Spideypool Noir Mystery)

Title: Mutable Materials
Author: ciceqi (AO3)
Artist: nhrive (AO3)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply; warnings for Temporary Character Death, Suicide, Insectophobia
Word Count: 12,853
Summary: Ever since the field trip that hijacked everything from Peter’s genetic profile to his daemon’s shape, he’s had to hide his entirely-too-recognizable daemon from the world. He doesn’t expect to come across a man with an embarrassment of daemons, or maybe…no daemon at all. Is Deadpool as delusional as everyone thinks? He’s certainly been helpful, but how long can that last if his reality hinges on the existence of a daemon no one’s seen in years?

Title: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Author: mscaptainwinchester​
Artist: cottonclover
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Canonical Character Death, Physical Abuse (Alluded To), Emotional/Psychological Abuse
Word Count: 21,551
Summary: This is the Disney Cinderella AU no one asked for. In a faraway kingdom, in a comfortable cottage in a comfortable village, Peter Parker grew up with two wonderful parents who loved him very much. And then those parents died, and he was left to life with his stepmother Liv, and her two terrible children, Jessica and Eugene. His happy home turned into an unhappy life of servitude with no end in sight. An invitation to a Royal Ball reminds Peter of a long-dead wish to see the palace his mother told him stories of, and he becomes determined to attend despite the protests of his miserable family. With the help of his new fairy godmother, a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of hard work, his dreams of visiting the palace and finding his very own Prince Charming will come true. Or will they?*

  • They totally will. What kind of Cinderella story do you think this is?

Title: Thanks for the Memories
Author: Actionpackedlips
Artist: Moemai
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Sexual Content, Canon Divergence
Word Count: 50,461
Summary: What if Mysterio never outed Peter? Deadpool comes back from a mission to find his favorite Spider-Man, his only Spider-Man, the boxes so helpfully remind him, missing. Specifically, kidnapped. Mysterio’s remaining crew were brimming with the need for revenge after their leader’s death, and so they vowed to use updated B.A.R.F tech to learn Spider-Man’s specific superpowers in order to harness it for themselves; another failed attempt to continue Mysterio’s grandiose plans of becoming the best superhero ever. With the help of the Avengers Peter is found, connected to a device not even Tony has full comprehension of. Deadpool valiantly volunteers to be hooked up; death was a regularly scheduled program for him, after all. He’d guide Spider-Man to a subconscious level that was safe to be extracted from, and (total bonus!) hopefully win his favor as Spidey’s knight in shiny leather! But once Deadpool enters, his deepest, darkest, repressed memories are on display for him and his friendly neighborhood spider to see. Deadpool fears not only what Spider-Man will think of him after it all, after everything he sees, but just what he’ll have to relive in order to rescue the man who not-so-secretly holds his heart.

Title: Paradise Awaits
Author: bisexualbarry
Artist: doctoring
Rating: Mature
Warnings: canon typical violence, minor character death
Word Count: 32k
Summary: “For those who prove worthy, paradise awaits…” Fifteen years after assuming his childhood best friend died, jaded treasure hunter Peter Parker comes out of an early retirement when Wade Wilson comes back into his life. Now fully scarred and clearly hiding secrets, Wade drags Peter back into the thrill of searching for legendary pirate Captain Henry Avery’s lost treasure. Fighting for their life from the Shoreline mercenaries chasing after them, Peter and Wade continue the dangerous search of a pirate treasure worth 400 million, at least. It’s too bad their ex-partner, Harry Osborn, wants them dead to take the treasure all for himself.

Title: Ducks!
Author(s): Devral
Artist: LordAvon
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 7,994
Summary: After a fight with Peter, Wade goes stomping through Central Park. He stumbles upon something extremely unexpected. He’s not ready to be a mama!

Title: Puppy ex Machina
Author: riseofthefallenone ( Tumblr | Ao3 )
Artist: Jennicide ( Tumblr | Ao3 )
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 83,044
Summary: A year after his divorce, Peter is trapped in a depressive cycle and still not quite over Mary Jane. When she shows up at his door, begging him to watch her dog for a week while she leaves town, he can’t really bring himself to say “no”. No one was expecting that little Pomeranian to turn his life around and help him realize that his friendship with Wade has been teetering on the edge of something more for a while.

Title: The Fourth Wall
Author: RansomNotes (Ao3)
Artist: thelazyartist (Ao3)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Word Count: 13k
Summary: Between college and his side jobs and his alter-ego, Peter barely has the time to sleep at his apartment, let alone spend any time hanging out there, which works out since it’s a cheap and empty and depressing apartment, now that he and Ned aren’t roommates on-campus anymore. So hearing his rude loudmouth neighbor through the wall all the time shouldn’t matter much, except it’s classic Parker to somehow make friends with the crazy guy next door, to the point he’s actually sad to leave his crummy apartment. But Peter seems to have a real penchant for bad company, since he’s spending all his free time with someone he’s never seen, only heard through the wall, and spending most of his patrolling time with someone else crazy, since Deadpool showed up recently and somehow monopolized his time as Spider-Man. It’s probably just a phase. Everybody goes through a fall-catastrophically-hard-for-separate-but-unavailable-people phase, right?

Title: In Which Peter Finds Hope
Author: ladyamante (AO3)
Artist: Areon (tumblr)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, sexual content, Past child abuse
Word Count: 62,245
Summary: Peter just wants to relax after last year. He hit a rough patch, and Deadpool helped him get through the worst of it. After identity reveals, therapy, and a few explosions, things have finally started to settle down for them both. But just as Peter’s getting into the swing of things, a strange man with a metal arm shows up claiming to be a time-traveller. He says Peter is the only one who can help him save mutant kind. Peter finds himself pulled from his home and dragged through different dimensions as he and Cable search for the key to their survival. Meanwhile, they keep running into different versions of Peter’s boyfriend. It seems that everything connects back to Wade. Cable thinks it’s just a coincidence, but Peter is sure there’s a deeper reason behind it all.

Title: Whether By Accident or By Design
Author: crookedswingset
Artist: thelonebamf
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Temporary Major Character Death (Wade), Sexual Content, Cannibalistic Symbiotes, Blood and Injury, Secret Identity, Body Horror
Word Count: 188K
Summary: Peter is about to graduate college and become an officially licensed Pro Hero. Too bad he’s already burnt out. Years of operating as an illegal vigilante with a supposedly subpar Quirk will do that to you. But just as he’s about to quit altogether, he meets actual Pro Hero Deadpool, a reformed villain who works hard to make sure others don’t follow in his footsteps. Despite this achievement, Wade’s just as jaded as he is and has completely given up on making things better. As their relationship deepens, Peter realizes he is not quite ready to give up on being a Pro Hero, a resolve that is tested when a new Pro Hero agency comes to town and takes over. The so-called “Guard” is a group of four eight-foot men with eerily similar Quirks—and they have no intention of making nice with New York City’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.



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