Peter Parker/Wade Wilson

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Pairing: Peter Parker/Wade Wilson
Alternative name(s): Spideypool, Deadpool/Spider-Man
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: common
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Deadpool/Spiderman aka Spideypool is a slash pairing in the Marvel fandom between Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Spideypool is a term that can also refer to their canonical team ups.


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The ship began in the comics fandom.

The announcement of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, and his eventual appearance in his first stand alone film encouraged interest in this pairing. Fans began to ship the live-action versions of these characters. The first to appear was Andrew Garfield's Spiderman been shipped with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool.

Following the appearance of Tom Holland as the MCU's Spiderman, some fans began to ship his Spiderman with Deadpool. Others are uncomfortable with this iteration of the pairing due to the age difference of the actors. Many works in the MCU Spideypool fandom imagine how Peter Parker's dads would react to him having a relationship with Wade, and these works are a subgenre of Superfamily works.

The release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse led to more works in this pairing. Despite Deadpool not appearing in this source material, fans began to ship Peter B. Parker with him. Many fans headcanon that Peter B. never got back together with Mary Jane, and instead had a relationship with Deadpool.



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  • Am I Going to be Tonightless Again? by Katastrophi & Meeps, After months of noticing a cute little brunet following him to a bar, Wade Wilson decides to take matters into his own hands and confronts him about it. It’s more than either of them could have hoped for. Rated Explicit
  • Questions and Answers by Remy_Writes5, Peter Parker makes the mistake of taking a picture of Deadpool. Rated Explicit
  • Knightly Wanderings by Lori_S21, Wade Wilson is a man of integrity. A man of strength, wisdom and honour. He immediately breaks into Spider-Man's apartment to warn him of a new menace that is currently terrorising New York City.../Yeah...a menace in his PANTS./[Yep, we're totally messing with you. He invites himself into a sleeping Spidey's bed for purely heroic reasons of course... Does some stuff, ends up with a concussion - it's some real good times] Well what else would you expect, you kinky weirdos?! Rated Explicit
  • Coming Home by reservoirgays, Wade keeps hanging around Peter's apartment. Peter's not sure what it means. Rated Explicit
  • Crossing The Line. by Maya_Desires, Wade has been in love with Peter for a long time. Peter wouldn't admit to it, not even to himself. Rated Explicit
  • You're Only Mine by MosImagination, Peter is kidnapped during his heat. Wade finds him. They connect to share his heat. A/B/O Dynamics. Rated M




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