Ned Leeds

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Name: Ned Leeds
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Peter Parker (best friend)
Fandom: Spider-Man MCU Movieverse, Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Ned Leeds (full name Edward Leeds) is a main character in the Spider-Man MCU Movieverse. He is portrayed by Jacob Batalon.


Ned is a student of Midtown School of Science and Technology and best friends with Peter. Upon discovering that Peter is Spider-Man, he offers to help him on missions. When Thanos kills half of all life in the universe, he is one of the victims, and gets revived through the reversal of the snap five years later. On a school trip to Europe, he briefly dates another student, but they break up against soon afterwards. Together with Peter and MJ, he applies to MIT and gets accepted. When Dr. Strange casts the spell that makes everyone forget about Peter, he loses all his memories of him, but remains friends with MJ.



Pairings featuring Ned are rare, although some people ship him together with Peter.


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