Mutant Mania

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Title: Mutant Mania
Editor(s): Tracy Fretwell
Date(s): 1984
Genre: gen
Fandom: The X-Men
Language: English
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cover of the first (only?) issue

Mutant Mania is a gen X-Men (crossed with original characters?) 223-page anthology, a collection of cartoons, art and stories.

Related Proposed Zine

  • The Abacus Chronicles (1985, original male character fusion with Marvel, Hoofs and Horn Press, "A fanzine of mutants, magick, mystery, and mayhem as Adric is thrown into the Marvel Universe. These stories are set after the DOCTOR WHO episode, EARTHSHOCK and consist of six stories. TRILOGY. PLUS ONE. AND THEN SOME. . .AND BEYOND is the first MUTANT MANIA SPECIAL EDITION and the first six stories of THE ABACUS CHRONICLES. Watch for Adric's continuing story in upcoming MUTANT MANIA and SPECIAL EDITIONS Written by Tracy Fretwell and illustrated by Ann Larimer and Donna Franklin." [1]


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