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Name: Frostiron Bang
Date(s): 2013 - 2017
Type: Big Bang, Fanart, Fanfiction
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics
URL: Frostiron Bang, Archived version
The event logo (2016), a manip of Loki and Tony Stark
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The Frostiron Bang was a big bang challenge on tumblr that ran from 2013 - 2017. The focus was on the fannish non-canon slash relationship between Loki and Tony Stark (Frostiron). Authors had to write a minimum of 5000 words for a mini-bang or 15,000 words for a big bang, and artists had to create a minimum of 1 piece of art for a mini-bang or two pieces for a big bang of a medium of their choosing.



STORY: Shapechangers in Winter
SUMMARY: Instead of simply attacking, the frost giants that invade Asgard turn Odin, Loki, and Thor into animals—an eagle, fox, and bear respectively. The three gods are banished to Earth where they meet Tony Stark. With the looming threat of a Jotun-inflicted Ice Age, Tony agrees to help the Norse gods take back Asgard. What happens is a realm-hopping adventure featuring daddy issues, near death situations, god+human friendships, and seal breakfasts. A fusion with Neil Gaiman’s Odd and the Frost Giants.

STORY: The Lightning Striker
SUMMARY: Alpha/Beta/Omega trope (to an extent), actual wolf pack dynamics, intersexual Jötnar, sexism, suggestion of previous dub-/non-con, mating, hurt/comfort, Loki just needs some love, Bruce really wants to go Hulk on Odin, Tony is confused about everything (but not as much as Steve), Clint is an absolute ass (& drags Natasha and Phil along for the ride), Pepper is kinda a BAMF SUMMARY: Pack dynamics are confusing enough for the Avengers without adding the complete mess that Thor and Loki grew up with, but they aren’t given much choice when Loki goes into heat in the middle of a battle and Tony’s alpha instincts tell him he has to take care of his pack, enemy or no.

STORY: One-way Ride
SUMMARY: In Asgard the concept of honour was valued overly high, honestly, it made their view of justice ridiculous. When the Allfather decided to banish Loki the way he had banished Thor he could have laughed both at the naivety and the irony of such a sentence. He would not try and regain his powers only to return to Asgard and be just a piece on Odin’s chess board again. But at the same time he would not sit idly by and wait for his enemies to find him, he would get back what had been taken from him, however, he would play by his own rules. But luck was clearly not on Loki’s side when it put one Anthony Stark in his way. So suddenly Loki had SHIELD and the Avengers on his tail plus Iron Man himself as a hostage and the sad fact remained that no matter how bad the situation seemed it could always get worse.

STORY: (The Shortest Distance) Between Two Points
SUMMARY: When an incorporeal version of Loki starts showing up in his workshop to chat at odd hours of the day, Tony thinks there’s a chance he’s going crazy. But when there’s a dead man face down in a pool of his own blood on Tony’s bedroom floor and mercurial silver ships floating over New York, Tony is forced to come to terms with several things—among them his growing interest in the God of Mischief who’s so very different from what he remembers.

STORY: Storms We Can Not Weather
SUMMARY: AU where Tony is part of the Avengers and they are aware of Asgard and the other worlds but Loki never attacked earth. Loki is Cast down out after one to many pranks as a exile sentence (lasting two centuries kind of the Asgard equivalent of a timeout). Once there he meets, and beds, a man calling himself Robert. Loki continues to New York and starts to set out his plan to become the ruler of earth. But when Loki finds out that the man calling himself Robert is actually Tony Stark matters get complicated. Tony and Loki find them selves swept up in a storm as their growing love destroys their lives. Enemies by day and lovers by night will never work but they are willing to try it if only to put off the final decision, love or life?

STORY: A Guide to New York
SUMMARY: Majority of story is set during ‘Thor’. After visiting Thor in New Mexico where he is being held by S.H.I.E.L.D, Loki decides to spend a bit more time on Midgard. He ends up in New York where he meets Tony Stark who offers to be his guide to New York. A friendship and eventual romance ensue.

STORY: What once seemed like forever
SUMMARY: “I don’t want you to leave me,” he mumbles, hugging Tony closely. “I will try to stick around as long as I can.” There is a not quite unspoken truth between them: Tony is mortal whereas Loki is not. And even though Loki has the means to prolong Tony’s life, he won’t use them. Not if Tony doesn’t want to. After all, Loki keeps his promises, even if it means his heart is going to break.

STORY: Grass and gold
SUMMARY: There are whispers in Asgard, later, of magicians and sorcerers who have the ability and the might to bend time to their will. They were only rumors, until Loki does so, and flings himself forward without knowing where he will land. He lands on Midgard, on Earth, surrounded by hostiles with quick fists and quicker jaws, but he’s done something incredible. Something impossible. And he meets warriors in spandex skins and a wizard who shoots lightning from his hands and Loki thinks, This is good, and the Avengers do their best to keep fragile secrets hidden.

STORY: All the Wrong Things (For All the Right Reasons)
SUMMARY: Having awoken in a strange cell, with no memory of how he got there, Tony Stark finds he has only a single reluctant ally to aide in his escape. When Loki agreed to give his help, there was no way he could have anticipated how things would turn out, or the very persuasive offer Tony would make him.

STORY: Smultronställe
SUMMARY: Loki Odinson drowned one fateful winter in the year 1898. 115 years later, Tony Stark owns the house the Borrson family abandoned after their son’s death. That should be that, but Tony’s certain there is something odd about the house. Voices in the night, movement in the corner of his eye, the sound of footsteps, the smell of cigarettes. It’s almost like someone’s living with him, which is absolutely ridiculous. After all, the Borrson family is dead, aren’t they?

STORY: Frozen 2 Death
SUMMARY: A Left 4 Dead / FrostIron crossover. Eight months after the global outbreak of a virus that turns humanity into shambling, flesh-hungry, infected monsters, Tony and Loki are fighting to survive— and to trust each other. Will having something to fight for make all the difference, or get them killed?

STORY: Timeless Winter
SUMMARY: A glimpse into the strangely domestic life that has befallen Tony Stark and Loki Laufeyson. The god and the engineer learn the hard way just how important the other is in their life when both experience near death. The question is: Is immortality truly all it is worth? And, when it is so freely given, Tony wonders just how entirely bound to himself Loki truly is.

STORY: What Happens in Vegas…
SUMMARY: When Loki finds a flyer on Vegas, he pleads with Tony until he agrees to go. Little do they know what Vegas has in store for them.

STORY: Mayfly and December
SUMMARY: Tony wants to take it all apart. Burn it down and grind it down, tear theories apart until they are a scattering of symbols and syllables. Break down the laws and find the atomic parts and smash them against one another to see what would happen. He wants to see how bright it would burn.

STORY: Sympathy for the Devil
SUMMARY: ‘A prison is still a prison, whether it’s a locked cell in Asgard, or trapped in the body of a mortal.’ ‘True,’ Tony acknowledged. ‘But it could always be worse; just think, you could have been trapped with Steve.’

STORY: Coffee and Chocolate
SUMMARY: Loki has the most famous restaurant in town. Actually in most of the state, thank you very much. But he still wasn’t prepared to meet someone again after ten years. Ten years he worked his ass off. If Dr. Stark had known his teenage flame would enter his office after ten they hadn’t seen each other, he might had taken the day off. To bad his brilliant student made it impossible to avoid Loki Odinson.

STORY: The Path to Heaven (Runs Through Miles of Clouded Hell)
SUMMARY: Tony keeps telling Pepper bad things happen when he voluntarily goes to sleep. This time, he is proven right by the crazed sorcerer, who isn’t actually a horse, that rips his soul out and forces it to relive every one of his past lives. And someone had better tell him why Loki is eternally stalking him.

STORY: And you had wings.
SUMMARY: Caught in the middle of Wars, Loki discovers Obadiah Stane’s plan of taking over the three kingdoms - Midgard, Asgard and Jotenheimr - and both he and Prince Anthony Stark are shoved together when events cause them to ally immediately and to try to stop Stane and save Tony’s kingdom and his Mother from doom.

STORY: The Affairs of Wizards
SUMMARY: Imagine a world where people born with the ability to manipulate magic are forced to choose between being second-class citizens and working for the government in what amounts to modern slavery. Tony Stark, playboy billionaire genius, is the CEO of the world’s number one manufacturer of Anti-Psionic technology, like his father before him, and his grandfather before that. Loki Olson, a warlock raised by the staunchest supporter of anti-magic regulation, dreams of a better future where he no longer is a fugitive hunted by the government, and works to make it happen. Then their paths collide. This is a story of change, personal growth, friendship, love, and, most important of all, hope. This is the story of a revolution.

STORY: I Am The Antichrist To You
SUMMARY: Loki and Tony got together. They knew it wouldn’t be easy, not after what Loki did on Earth and before the fall, but both of them were determined to do everything in their power so Loki would be allowed to stay with Tony on Earth. Even if it means fighting their own.

STORY: Learning You
SUMMARY: Tony and Loki have been together for more than a year, but they still keep discovering new things about each other. Like all the things Loki has been craving and won’t ask for. Like the things Tony has been hiding from the public all his life. Like the fact that they both still feel like frauds in the hero business. Really, there’s a whole world of things they haven’t figured out.

SUMMARY: When Loki transforms into a swarm of moths and escapes, Tony catches one and keeps it in a jar on his desk.

STORY: R Is For Revenge
SUMMARY: Spy AU. Tony and Loki both work for the British Secret Service, MI6, when they start to fall for each other. Then, while on a mission, Loki is killed. Tony spends months trying to get over Loki’s death, and then he finds himself thrust into the role of a field agent when a new enemy attacks MI6 with a personal vendetta.

STORY: Best Interest
SUMMARY: Tony wakes up in the middle of the night and Loki’s still there. He has an arm wrapped around Tony’s waist, holding him tightly from behind like a child holding a bear. It’s not the first time he thinks of Loki with such fondness; it makes him both uneasy and affectionate. But this is just sex, he reminds himself. He feels a pang of guilt form at the pit of his stomach.

STORY: Devil's trap
SUMMARY: SupernaturalAU! Demon! Tony and hunter!Loki Once young and desperate Loki made a deal with a demon, and traded his soul for his family. What complicated the ten years he was given was that Tony Stark, the demon in question, grew fond of his mortal pet but eventually got Loki into hunting as well. And as a hunter Loki set it as his goal to kill the demon and get out of his deal.

STORY: Just A Litlle
SUMMARY: Tony Stark is a man who knows how to get whatever he wants, but when he decides what he wants is the God of Mischief in his bed, he finds he’s got a bigger challenge on his hands than he expected. A story of fun, flirtation and love in unexpected places.

STORY: Another Year Older
SUMMARY: It’s Tony’s birthday and while normally this would be a time to celebrate and party, Tony is in no mood. After all when you’re immortal birthdays are more of a reminder of what you’ve lost than what you’ve gained. Then things just get worse when Loki unexpectedly visits, giving Tony something that had lead to their falling out decades before. It’s the answer to a question Tony begged Loki for years ago, and now that he has the answer will Tony take Loki up on his offer?

STORY: Sleep Until the Sun Goes Down
SUMMARY: It’s been twenty years since anyone on Midgard has seen Loki the former super-villain. More importantly, it’s been twenty years since Tony Stark has seen Loki, his former lover. But now Thor’s invited all his Avenger buddies up to Asgard for the thunder god’s impending coronation, and how could any of them turn that down. Even if it means being faced with long buried feelings and a painful past for Tony, he’s not going to let that stop him. Besides, Loki made it very clear how he felt before, so why should there be anything to worry about now?

STORY: Cauterized
SUMMARY: A sick perversion of the Starbucks Barista!Loki trope: after failing to conquer the world with the Chitauri, Loki is subjected to the memory-erasing Ryðja Sál by the Asgardians, and cast back to Midgard. Tony, having finally recovered from having the arc reactor removed, finds him serving ice cream on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Hearts get carved out of chests, suicides occur, depression and self-hatred set in, and Loki and Tony are forced to claw their way towards a functional existence while trying to avert a world-ending threat.

STORY: Blinding
SUMMARY: A Bonnie and Clyde inspired AU, where Loki’s attempt to control Tony’s mind in Stark Tower works, and Tony, genius that he is, has a better plan than just trying to take over Earth. With Tony and his ambitious plan on Loki’s side, there are thefts, assassination attempts, a war, a few problems with a certain Mad Titan, and, if they play their cards right, possibly a new ruler of all the nine worlds.

STORY: I Never Knew Daylight Could Be So Violent
SUMMARY: Loki won the battle against New York. Since he couldn’t control Stark through the power of the Tesseract, he chose an ancient, more painful way to do so. All was well until a little, mediocre thing changed it all.

STORY: Green Steel
SUMMARY: Tony has done it again. He has managed to get the God of Mischief to hate him even more in the midst of attacks on Earth by Frost Giants, lead by Loki himself. But he’s also developed an attraction for the villain, one that seems to be mutual.Can Tony and the Avengers find out what Loki is up to before his ‘great finale’? And can Tony control his attractions and help capture Loki and stop him before it’s too late?

STORY: wave upon slowly shattering wave
SUMMARY: Sci-Fi/Space Pirates AU – “They found something they never intended to on that lonely, ocean world of Omoroca.”

STORY: Copper
SUMMARY: He was a very beautiful child. When he was seven, Apollo saw him and was so smitten by his beauty and his boldness, the keenness already of his wit and intellect, that he claimed him wholly for his own. Apollo was the last Loki saw of the physical; the sight was stilled etched into his memory, and for all its beauty, he hated it. The day after Apollo took his sight and gave him another, he was taken to Delphi.

STORY: The Fighting Princes
SUMMARY: A proclamation has been made across the lands. If any person of noble blood or title can discover the late night whereabouts of King Odin’s sons, they will win not only the Kingdom of Asgard, but a bride of their choosing. But heed this warning. If any contestant fails, they forfeit their life to that of the king’s whims.

STORY: It All Started In A Coffee Shop
SUMMARY: Tony Stark isn’t anything if not persistent. Loki finds it to be an annoying trait. But also endearing, not that he’ll admit that. Coffee Shop AU.

STORY: I’m Not Ready For You To Give Up
SUMMARY: As a punishment for his crimes, Loki was made mortal - a situation he doesn’t like for a second to such an extent he’d rather die than live a mortal life without his powers. (Un)luckily for him, Tony Stark is way too stubborn to let anyone die on his watch and would even do anything in his powers to make Loki realize that not everything is hopeless.

STORY: A Favor Owed
SUMMARY: After getting his ass saved by the God of Mischief, multiple times, Tony has a debt to repay. So he strikes a little deal with Loki, and things go a little haywire from there. He finds himself dreaming about striking green eyes, and he knows there’s something more to the God of Mischief that he hasn’t figured out, and he’s determined to solve the mystery.

STORY: Tears Don’t Fall
SUMMARY: Loki Lockhart had always expected a difficult and stressful life when he was given the job of being Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But he never anticipated what would happen when the CEO was kidnapped. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters, as much as I’d like to say I do, they belong to their rightful owners as does the original Iron Man films.


Title: All That We Love Deeply
Author: Dracavia
Artist: AncientWinters
Pairings: Tony/Loki, recent past Tony/Pepper, long past Loki/OMC
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Off-screen character death; Themes of grief, loss and hope
Summary:Tony Stark never thought he’d outlive Pepper Potts, and certainly not so soon. Why his subconscious would conjure up the image of a dead God of Mischief to help him through the long night before her funeral was anyone’s guess, he’d given up on understanding his own brand of crazy. As comfort went though, his mind had actually come up with worse.
Word count: ~8060
Genre: Emotional Hurt/Comfort

TITLE: Ash to Ashes, Dust to Dust
AUTHOR: ElegantFeatherDuster
ARTIST: Moonriot
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
RATING: Explicit
SUMMARY: Clint’s voice crackles to life over the two-way radio, dripping in pseudo-cheerfulness. “Today on The Everything Sucks Show: We’re still running low on, well, just about everything. The weather forecast is a 90% chance of acid rain and nuclear fallout followed by a 50% chance of something else fucking awful by this evening and some nice nuclear winter after the sun goes down. In current events: a new contender has taken the number one slot on the ‘most likely to kill us in our sleep’ leaderboard and his name starts with ‘lo’ and ends with ‘ki.’ The reigning champion Natasha Romanoff is understandably furious about this development…” Tony glances over at Loki in the passenger seat, his long legs propped up on the dashboard and arms crossed across his chest as he looks out the window. There’s a peeved frown hovering on his lips and that’s more than enough reason to leave Clint’s fake news broadcast playing as their rag-tag convoy drives through the California desert, kicking up a billowing cloud of dust as they go. A post-nuclear apocalypse story about meeting fallen gods in abandoned shopping malls, desert road trips and finding the future in unexpected places.

TITLE: Feel The Sun, Embrace The Day
AUTHOR: Corcalamus
ARTIST: Sherlokitten
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
RATING: Explicit
SUMMARY: It was just sex, at least that’s all it was ever supposed to be. Then again Loki was only meant to be using the Avengers and SHIELD for his own purposes all along, and yet his new best friend Coulson could see right through him. A week in quarantine due to a nasty virus gives the team a well earned break, and Loki is forced to face some facts.

TITLE: A Cruel Twist Of Fate
AUTHOR: Elephantsandtoasters
ARTIST: Whichdocktor
PAIRING: Loki/ Tony Stark
RATING: Teen and Up
WARNINGS: Mpreg, internalised racism
SUMMARY: Loki was secretly pregnant during the invasion and has the baby while in prison. Because he fears what Odin will do to a bastard half-breed he sends his child to Alfheim through a portal where a friend is waiting to take care until Loki can make his own escape. The spell is interrupted and the portal doesn’t open where it should. Meanwhile, on earth, Tony finds himself with an armful of alien blue baby and decides finders keepers still applies in situations like these. Soon enough the truth comes out and Loki is invited to join their strange little family and finds himself feeling more accepted that he had ever felt on Asgard.

TITLE: Tie Me Up (Together With You)
ARTIST: lomezzo
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark, brief Jane Foster/Thor
RATING: Teen (cause cuss words)
WARNINGS: Absolutely cheesy rom-com scenarios.
SUMMARY: Loki’s a hot shot fashion designer and Tony’s the heir to Stark Industries, which is why it’s so confusing as to why they would be kidnapped together. After all, they hate each other’s guts and just because they keep bumping into each other doesn’t actually mean they’re friends. Quite the opposite. Loki’s just designing Tony’s wedding suit. In which Loki and Tony refuse to acknowledge that maybe they belong together, in typical rom-com fashion.

Title: Through the Bifröst - A Wondrous New World
Author: Ragnild
Artist: Alittleillustrator
Pairing: Loki/Tony Stark, background Bruce Banner / Loki
Rating: M
Warnings: none
Summary: Through no fault of his own, Loki Odinson finds his way into Wonderland. Now in the middle of a revolution, Loki must navigate his way through Wonderland in order to get back his boyfriend, Bruce Hart as the rebels plan to dethrone an usurper. Along with his companions Tony Stark, the Inventor, and the valiant knight Erik Selvig, Loki will meet the strangest people, encounter fearful creatures, and ultimately find love where he does not expect it.

TITLE: Child of Fire
AUTHOR: mrevilside
ARTIST: last-winter-rose
PAIRING: Tony Stark/Loki Laufeyson
WARNINGS: Canon Divergence
SUMMARY: On occasion, ancient remnants of the gods’ magic burn within a human child, forging the same bond of the old stories between Asgard and Midgard. Sometimes the mortal never knows; they live and they die and never exploit their potential. Some other times, though, something triggers the power within them and it catches the gods’ attention. Guess who catches the attention of one God of Mischief?

TITLE: I Get to Wishin’ (That There Were Two of You)
AUTHORS: plumadesatada, iswyn
ARTIST: hkigeki
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Extremely non-vanilla. Rimming, fisting, m/m/m threesome, double penetration.
SUMMARY: At first, Tony could barely believe that Loki had arranged a threesome—going as far as to actually invite the dude to Tony’s room—without asking, But then Loki said the magic words (“I don’t know if it counts as a threesome,” in that gravel-and-chocolate voice he got when he was turned on) and Tony looked at the stranger again. That ass, the dimples… All strangely familiar. And also, now that he looked, the knobs of the spine. And the way the man’s toes curled into the bedspread. It finally dawned on him—two of Loki. Two whole Lokis, just for him.
Tony’s mouth went dry.

Title: Mirama
Author: mysticmcknight
Artist: LightNeverFades
BETA: Abril A –with much thanks
Pairing: Tony/Loki
Rating: PG-13 (Language)
Warning: Some switching POV, Very AU! (spoilers for story-. Mpreg)
Word Count: 15,487
Summary: What do you do when you suddenly come to fullawarness of yourself and realize that for the past few years, you’ve been living a life on another world with your enemy?

TITLE: Abyss
AUTHOR: plumadesatada
ARTIST: mairithetree
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark, Tony Stark/OFC
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Elements of dub-con (Tony has to teach the monster the concept of “No”), recreational drug use, elements of animal attack.
SUMMARY: A monster lives in Tony’s shadow and sleeps under his bed.

TITLE: kamen
AUTHOR: AzulticSerpens
ARTIST: theavengingcannibal
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Canon Divergence, slightly cracky
SUMMARY: Tony probably shouldn’t have started a fling with an internet stranger named Loki. And it should be funny that the same man he slept with—-in no less than thirty different hotel rooms—- should turn out to be the very same alien demi-god that he now had to save the world from. But nobody’s laughing when the fake beard hits the floor, or the tabloids begin to speculate. Now all he had to do was convince his teammates that he wasn’t insane, hide his unmasked identity from Loki, and stop thinking in terms of movies.

TITLE: A Place To Stand
AUTHOR: a-to-zyxt
ARTIST: sanzosin
PAIRING: Loki/Tony
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Rampant use of bad science. Some explicit sexual content.
SUMMARY: When Tony Stark finds himself trapped in a parallel universe, there’s only one place he can turn to for assistance: Asgard. Unfortunately, the god that answers his call isn’t the one he was trying to reach, and Tony is left relying on Loki to help him take down Amora before she makes the change permanent and leaves Tony stuck in a world where Steve Rogers never became Captain America, Bruce Banner never turned into the Hulk, Clint Barton never went straight, and Natasha Romanoff doesn’t even exist.

TITLE: My Life is (Not) a Fairytale
AUTHOR: tonystarkfucksaround (aurrus)
ARTIST: staubengel
PAIRING: Tony Stark/Loki
WARNINGS: prostitution (Pretty Woman AU)
SUMMARY: Pretty Woman!AU, because there’s never too much of that. Basically, that’s all you need to know about this story. Or, where Loki is a prostitute, Tony is, well, Tony, and what was supposed to be one week of business with some streaks of pleasure is possibly so much more than either of them could expect.

TITLE: Adamanteus
AUTHOR: Wynter Ravenheart
ARTIST: Dumb-ways-to-live
PAIRING: Loki/Tony with Steve/Tony as a blatant stepping Stone
WARNINGS: Liberal use of Superhusbands [Steve/Tony] as a stepping stone for Frostiron, Hurt/Comfort
SUMMARY: Adamanteus: of hard steel, iron, not to be broken. After his exile from Asgard - temporary as it may be - the last place Loki expected to find any of the Avengers is Amsterdam, granted the last thing Tony wanted after his unexpected break up with Steve was to find out that Loki was still alive and kicking, and hosting a radio show. It’s not surprising they would have similar tastes, neither that they would be intimately aware of each other’s issues. Some people have got to find out that some bonds you just can’t break.

Title: Overdose
Author: yume-dake
Artist: xjapanda
Pairing: Loki/Tony
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Lots of sex, little plot.
Summary: Tony has been visited by a man he knows almost nothing about but he quickly finds that he can’t live without him.

 Tony Stark/Loki
 Suicidal thoughts
 While in prison on Asgard, Frigga devises her own punishment for her wayward son – she bestows upon Loki the curse of watching the different pathways of what might have been during the attack on Midgard. In one thread, he accepted the drink from Stark. In another, Stark saved him from death. In every thread, the infuriating mortal captures Loki’s attention. Now, every time he closes his eyes, Loki walks the threads of fate that never were and that never will be, and in doing so, he must learn from the past to find the future that Frigga has already foretold from the tapestry of fate.

Title: Stjerneklart
Author: why-so-mischievous
Artist: allantieeart
Pairing: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: T
Warnings: blood, strong language
Summary: He has been called many names: Stark, Stridr, Ia’rainn Dh’oine – The Man of Iron. He was a witcher, the highly skilled monster killer. Even though he was the very well trained expert, sometimes he got injured during his hunts. This time he found himself under the care of intriguing, raven-haired man.

Title: The Mark of a Gentleman
Author: Nimohtar
Artist: Captain101
Pairing: Tony Stark/Loki
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Summary: It was 1821, and the last thing Loki wanted to do was waste time with a London Season, particularly one supporting Thor in his quest for a nubile, pretty wife; then his attention is caught by the enigmatic Tony Stark, visiting inventor and entrepreneur from America, and suddenly, Loki’s life takes an unexpected turn.

TITLE: The Price of Sheep
AUTHOR: enkanowen
ARTIST: swevenzre
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
SUMMARY: When Loki decides he’s had enough of being imprisoned in Stark Tower, he drags Tony into the wilderness of Iceland. When his environment isn’t trying to kill him, Tony is trying to figure out just why Loki has insisted to drag him along.

TITLE: Every War Has Two Sides
AUTHOR: catsbythegreat
ARTIST: lightneverfades
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
WARNINGS: Major Character Death
SUMMARY: Loki has been told all his life that mutants are unnatural creatures, not to be trusted. Then he finds out that he is one. Tony Stark is one of the most prominent mutants in the world, known for his prowess with technology. When Loki is captured for attempting murder, it is Tony they send him to in the hopes that, maybe, Tony can stop him from killing. But with Loki confused about his identity, that will prove difficult. Mutant AU.

Title: Like Flying
Author: NessunDorma345/ dudpool
Artist: the-dreaming-grass
Pairing: Tony/Loki (who else?)
Rating: Not explicit, but definitely not PG
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, lots of reference to heights and falling
Summary: In which Loki takes his literal fall from one life into another as a sort of cosmic sign that there’s something to this whole second chances lark. He has a new lease on life, the starring role to a team of celebrated mortal heroes, the worship of the masses, and something tentatively like a place to belong. For some reason, Tony Stark, supervillain egoist extraordinaire, seems determined to prove to Loki that second chances are not all they are cracked up to be.

TITLE: The Red Thread
AUTHOR: sentimentsofafrozenheart
ARTIST: starthief-alice
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: violence, explicit sex scene, almost character death, angst
SUMMARY: There was a fight… A fight that almost took everything from Loki, and had him wandering the worlds in a race against odds and time for a chance to preserve the happiness he had managed to find his mortal lover.

TITLE: A Service Rendered
AUTHOR: spookz-magenta
ARTIST: disizletzi
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Graphic depictions of violence and gratuitous smut
SUMMARY: Loki and Tony have a deal. It’s been working fairly well. Tony minds his own business, Loki is off gallivanting through space most of the time, and occasionally they meet passive aggressively somewhere in the middle. But now, there are videos of old allies of Loki’s stealing weapons from SHIELD from the Chitauri invasion, and Tony is pretty sure Loki is actually MIA this time. Then, there’s some sort of outer space Zena impersonator with a sword that’s trying to run him through, and he’ll be damned if the bitch hasn’t got some familiar green peepers. All in all, Tony knew his little pact with Loki was a really fucked idea, but it’s really starting to bite him in the ass. And that’s before you add in the crazy magic-y hoodoo shit that’s slowly trying to kill him.

TITLE: The risks we take
AUTHOR: Horns-of-Mischief
ARTIST: Enkanowen
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Mention of torture, blood, violence, aftermath of torture, gore.
SUMMARY: Finding something good in the worst situation possible is one of Loki’s greatest traits, but even he didn’t expect to find a certain brilliant being stashed deep under the black soil in the gloomy caves of Svartálfheimr. Trying to free him, while at the same time foiling dwarven plans to impress Odin, would require all the finesse and deceitfulness of a true trickster.

TITLE: Young Blood
AUTHOR: theskyofsunshinea
ARTIST: nordicscarab
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Explicit Sexual Content
SUMMARY: Loki’s a teen vampire, living only on Tru Blood. Tony is a billionaire’s curious son, who really wants to see how is it like to do it with a vampire. Loki seems to be a great choice, but there’s always something that goes wrong.

TITLE: Everything’s not lost
AUTHOR: auripigmentum
ARTIST: lo-kithe
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
WARNINGS: Canon divergence, slight norse-mythology-AU, POV alternating
SUMMARY: For the last time, he lifted his trembling hand to caress the jet-black strands that framed her sorrowful features. Hervör Alwitr… no, Loki was her name and the sole word that fled his lips with all the passion left in him. “Do not grieve, light of my life.” He swallowed hard. His lips became heavy as stone and his tongue went leaden but again, stubbornness won as he spoke his last words. “I shall return to your side.” After centuries of waiting, Wayland’s soul finally returns in the form of Anthony Edward Stark. This should grant them their immediate happy ending but again, the norns seem to have other plans.

TITLE: Winter Kiss
AUTHOR: 2lost4words
ARTIST: rosaeldi
PAIRING: FrostIron
WARNINGS: The Snow Queen Au, Fairy Tale AU
SUMMARY: The first kiss allows you to survive the harsh wintry world. The second will make you forget the people that draw out the hatred and ugly you see. And the third kiss. The most important the most important of the three. All it will bring is death to both you and me.

TITLE: Slip N Slide
AUTHOR: ohgodsalazarwhy
ARTIST: Starstripper
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
RATING: Explicit/NC-17
WARNINGS: Nothing the rating doesn’t already give away
SUMMARY: Tony was just minding his own business down in the workshop when Loki showed up. Yeah, okay, so he’d gotten his head slammed into the side of a tub the last time they’d seen each other… but dammit Tony just can’t say no to a man with horns.

Title: Jurassic Stark
Author: fancykraken
Artist: mioishin
Pairing: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: M
Warnings: Loki being Loki
Summary: After a lot of bribery and complaining, Tony is finally able to have movie night with Loki and show him one of his all time favourite films, Jurassic Park. Of course movie night doesn’t just end with the movie being over. Loki’s need to one up Tony leads them down a path of magic, wonderment, danger, sexy times, and an admission of something that neither would have guessed in their wildest dreams.

TITLE: Flitter
AUTHOR: ViestaDisaster
ARTIST: Landofphrix
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
SUMMARY: Tony isn’t one to pine after someone, he knows what he and Loki shared was small, very small. A tiny, fluttering heartbeat. Insignificant in the grand scheme of things in the world, the cosmos, in the long life of a god. But sometime’s he finds himself wondering…


Title: Pick your Poison
Author: 2lost4words
Artists: Arebell and Omaano
Pairing: FrostIron
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Fairy Tale AU, A war story that was inspired by Rumpelstiltskin, Established FrostIron, Brief MPreg
Summary: Once upon a time there were two princes whose names were Anthony Stark and Loki Odinson. Anthony was a sold to an enemy kingdom by his father’s hand who wanted the throne for himself and Loki was deemed traitor and set to be executed in his own kingdom due to his proficiency and use of magic. Despite everything that was happening between the two of them, they found themselves falling in love. However their storybook romance had to be put aside for the two needed to work together to regain the throne that was stolen from Anthony. Dark magic will be used. Unthinkable bargains struck. And every move Loki makes to guarantee that he and Anthony will have their fairy tale ending could lead to a life of eternal suffering if he cannot answer one simple question.

TITLE: Living On The Edge
AUTHOR: tonystarkfucksaround
ARTIST: xjapanda
PAIRINGS: Tony Stark/Loki
RATING: M (for canon-typical violence)
SUMMARY: The Mage-Templar War has only just broke out. Loki is a mage that escaped his Circle after it rebelled; Tony is a Templar with quite unorthodox views of his job, which lead to him being hunted by his former comrades-in-arms after he refused to participate in killing innocent mages for the sin of being born different. Inevitably, they meet.

TITLE: Like a Phoenix
AUTHOR: Mysticmcknight
ARTISTS: massivespacewren and unfortunately-midgardian
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: head-hopping, off-screen MCD (not Tony/Loki), violence and language
SUMMARY: Asgard lies in flames and what remains rests upon the shoulders of the last Odinson

Title: A Wilderness of Mirrors
Author: a-to-zyxt
Artist: Graffiti2DMyHeart
Pairings: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: T
Warnings: Mind control; bad science
Summary: The last thing Tony wants to do after the fallout from Ultron is further damage his reputation, but when Loki escapes from Asgard, the only way to save the day is to become a supervillain himself. It turns out the dark side isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, though, and Tony finds himself facing off against an even greater threat.

Title: Learning the Steps
Author: Kisnau
Artist: AncientWinters
Pairings: Slow Build FrostIron, hinted-at-but-practically-invisible ThunderShield
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic violence (a few scenes of it, so prepare yourselves!), foul language, character death, filled-in backstories for characters with minor changes, Loki was married and has children, MCU canon divergence, time skips.
Summary: This life has given Loki great gifts; he is King Thor’s chief advisor, has three strong children and is honored and accepted in Asgard – because only Frigga knows of his magical abilities. But the banished sorceress Innus murdered his wife, and after over a hundred years of Loki searching for vengeance, she reappears. Innus is heading a Chitauri invasion on a Midgardian city, and Asgard rushes to its aid. During the battle, Loki meets a man with a heart of iron who fights as one of Midgard’s own Avenging Warriors. Later, after Innus has been captured, an admirer makes himself known, turning Loki’s hard-earned life into nothing but memories.

Title: The Mighty Thor: Asgard’s Worthiest Matchmaker (should not quit his day job)
Author: reremouse
Artist: batwynn
Summary: The story is less about Thor than you would think. He shouldn’t quit his day job yet. So what is the story about? Loki is persuaded to give heroism a try, or at least take a vacation from evildoing, on Midgard for the low, low price of a bushel of magic apples. Meanwhile, Tony Stark is Tony Stark, living the dissatisfied life and bantering with anything that moves. Things proceed in an orderly and domestic manner right up until the point where Loki and Tony are whisked away to Muspelheim and must find their way home without magic, ideally before Tony’s wounds claim his leg, or worse, his life (though he thinks that’s probably an exaggeration).

TITLE: Borderlands [ART ONLY]
ARTIST: horns of mischief
SUMMARY: The saying goes that hell is paved with good intentions. The saying is quite literal for some people. Because it seems like everything with the name Stark printed on it was meant to blow up in Tony’s face, and it seems like Loki has a habit of falling after destroying worlds he means to save.

TITLE: The Trouble with Tricksters [ART ONLY]
ARTIST: heidiblack
SUMMARY: Loki is kept in Stark Tower, but he is a NOT silent, dignified, lone figure, mostly avoiding the Avengers he is forced to share living quarters with. Instead he is an in your face brat. Who walks a fine line between annoying the shit out of all of them but doing it in a way that isn’t blatant enough for anyone to stomp on him without an avenging Thor coming after them.

TITLE: Until We Meet Again
ARTIST: Hanna-Pirita
PAIRINGS: Loki/ Tony Stark
WARNINGS: Explicit sexual content, minor character death, mind control
SUMMARY: As a kid, he thinks the man who appears in his father’s study must be a figment of his imagination. As a teenager, the man is a welcome distraction and companion when he needs one most. As an adult, the man becomes his lover. And as a superhero, the man just happens to be the villain, because the world can’t get enough of fucking over Tony Stark.

Title: Forever and Ever
Author: thesunshinea/SunshineA
Artist: atanau-art
Pairings: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Age Difference
Summary: This can be an another cheesy, crapy story. Hell, it could be made into a movie for all I care. Though I would very probably be up for that, and they wouldn’t even have to change my name. But, no one would believe it actually happened to me. My name is Tony Stark. And this is how I got to love eternally, just not for eternity.

TITLE: till the tired heart shall cease to palpitate
AUTHOR: kukunamuniu
ARTIST: valsadoinferno
WARNINGS: Descriptions of Violence, Major Character Death
SUMMARY: When Tony got kicked out of SHIELD he thought that was it, there was no way he would ever get his job back. But he had been wrong, because when an android of a very wealthy and powerful man goes insane and attacks his owner Tony gets a call from Fury. An android unlike any other he has ever chased, a powerful family secret, and the ticking clock make up for a case that will change completely change his life. Blade Runner AU

TITLE: Eihwaz
AUTHOR: jaded-ace
ARTIST: rosaeldi
WARNINGS: Mild violence, memories of torture, complete disregard for some aspects of Marvel canon and Norse mythology in general
SUMMARY: After the battle of New York, Loki was sentenced to be executed by an Aesir trial. What the god didn’t expect was to wake up the morning after his private beheading in the body of a recent adversary, on a realm he had only just left…with the other person still very much alive and kicking inside. Tony is not too happy about his new headmate, and Loki is hardly thrilled over his new living arrangements. But with a new threat from the Mad Titan on Midgard’s horizon, it’s up to the two of them to keep the Tesseract out of hands that mean to misuse it’s power.

TITLE: Mass Media [Art only]
ARTIST: unfortunately-midgardian
SUMMARY OF THE STORY THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO WITH THIS ART: A few months after a mostly reformed Loki begins helping out the Avengers, a fateful interview after a battle leads to fans shipping Tony & Loki together. One night, a bored Tony ends up finding the shippers in the deepest reaches of the internet. At first baffled, Tony makes it his mission to do as many suggestive things on camera and in public while he’s with Loki. What happens when it stops being a game? Mostly crack. Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel comics mashup of sorts.

TITLE: Nasty Patty
AUTHOR: assguardingloki
ARTIST: lomezzo
PAIRINGS: Tony Stark/Loki
WARNINGS: Explicit sexual content, murder, swearing.
SUMMARY: Tony is on the verge of another panic attack: there’s a body under his feet and it is his fault that it’s there. He helped murder a health inspector with his manager and now has to cover it up. What makes things worse is that his frightening superior has done this several times before, and for some reason, thinks it’s completely normal to bury bodies in the rain. Loki seems to know how to handle the situation, but should Tony trust him? Spongebob AU.

TITLE: Counterpoint
AUTHOR: fullofleaves
ARTIST: Conreeaght
PAIRING: Tony Stark/Loki
RATING: Mature
SUMMARY: Tony Stark, a composer who’s had no luck making a name for himself in Rome, finds his way to Amsterdam chasing after the rumors of a mysterious Danish singer by the name of Loki Lind. After witnessing one performance, Tony is determined to do whatever he can to stay in the city long enough to track Loki down. Including, as it turns out, posing as a successful Italian music teacher in the home of one Mr. Thor Asgersen and his new bride, Jane.

TITLE: How Do You Like Me Now?
AUTHOR: fancykraken
ARTIST: staubengel
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark
WARNINGS: vampires, blood drinking, humour, fluff, angst, lots of smut
SUMMARY: Tony generally has a habit of trouble finding him. He is, after all, Iron Man. But when Loki is away from Earth, Tony is the unsuspecting victim of a vampire and is turned. Not only does he have to adjust and contend with this new life (or curse), he has to wait until Loki returns and hope that the god he loves won’t walk out on him because he is now no longer the human Loki fell in love with.

TITLE: Things That Never Were
AUTHOR: mortenavida
ARTIST: cepheidon
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony, past Tony/Pepper, brief mentions of others, but they aren’t anywhere near a focus
RATING: PG-13 (language)
WARNINGS: canon divergence, unintentional character bashing if you squint kind of?, mind control, medical issues, alternate realities, general confusion sometimes, intentional continuity issues, intentional historical mistakes, intentional ooc in some instances.
SUMMARY: So this is what’s going on in Tony Stark’s life right now: he has a placement exam coming up so he can get into a good college and get out of his run-down life, he dreams every night of a beautiful void in space, senior prom is right around the corner, and his boyfriend is too much of a gentleman to take his virginity. Oh, and there might be an issue with some kind of terrorist orange, his boyfriend isn’t really his boyfriend, he’s actually a billionaire, and when the hell did he turn 40? Because he could have sworn that yesterday he was 17. Maybe? Things are pretty confusing right now.

TITLE: To Find the Light
AUTHOR: Corcalamus
ARTIST: Qwanderer
PAIRINGS: Tony/Lok/Pepper
WARNINGS: Hints at past abuse
SUMMARY: On a trip to Scotland to sell his arc reactor to the government, Tony bumps into a particularly tasty morsel that’s half sex on legs and half crazy. It was going to be fun talking Pepper into a threesome with this one.

TITLE: Dragon and the Child
AUTHOR: Cowardly_HorrorRaven
ARTIST: itsfrostironsfault
PAIRINGS: Loki & Tony Stark
RATING: General audiences
SUMMARY: A dragon fell six days ago. Tony finds him. They both save each other in all the ways it counts.

TITLE: Fortune like the Moon
AUTHOR: lucius_complex
ARTIST: Nimohtar
PAIRING: Tony/Loki
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: AU, Rebirth, Age Gaps, Implied character death, Memory Loss, Hurt/Comfort
SUMMARY: A contaminated well is drained, but the hole in the earth remains. Somewhere a god is reborn, bereft of sight or memory, and idles the years away in dreams of being filled.

TITLE: of hormones and tinfloi hats
AUTHOR: plumadesatada and arvensis5
ARTIST: freakinmi
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: pg-13
WARNINGS: aftermath of torture, extremely bad parenting and brothering, omegaverse, loki, lack of smut (i promise we tried)
SUMMARY: Loki had stank of alpha. Had broadcasted alpha, somehow, even though he was a fucking omega. And to think Thor had tried to tell them, had insisted that his brother Loki was different, somehow; that he’d always felt more a guide, whatever the hell that was. But he was an alien, and also he didn’t smell, so no one had paid him any mind. Who would have believed an alien who obviously didn’t know anything about alphas or omegas over their own noses? No one. Tony decided, right then and there, that he would actually listen next time.

TITLE: Mr. Stark’s Whore
AUTHOR: Arvari
RATING: Explicit (but only to be on the safe side)
WARNINGS: Prostitution and some badly written and not very detailed smut.
SUMMARY: “So, do you want to have a little chat first, or do you want to go straight to the business at hand?” Loki raised his eyebrows and took another sip of the remnants of his coffee. “I…” Tony hesitated. “Mr. Stark,” Loki smirked. “Have you never hired a whore before?” “I… I think the word whore is a bit offensive, isn’t it?” “Not when I use it for myself. Besides, that’s what I am. But if it makes you uncomfortable, I can call myself… A hooker? A prostitute? A social worker?” “Uhm,” Tony observed. (In other words, Loki’s a prostitute and Tony wants to fuck. Loki expects to never hear from Mr. Stark again, but then he starts to get hired by him pretty often. And Tony quickly becomes Loki’s favorite client. It’s nice and perfectly uncomplicated, until Tony learns a few things from Loki’s past…)

TITLE: Hot Ass Mess
AUTHOR: echosiriusrumme
ARTIST: frostingtheiron
PAIRING: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Explicit (to be safe)
WARNINGS: Homophobic Language, Slut-Shaming Comments (slight, at the end), first time writing smut (hehe)
SUMMARY: “I’m wearing last night’s dress and I look like a hot ass mess. Although my hair looks good ‘cause I haven’t slept yet!” Based off P!nk’s “Walk of Shame”, wherein Tony meets Loki at a club, and they end up in Loki’s apartment to rustle up the sheets. The morning after, Tony thinks he’s been given a non-awkward way out of the one-night stand, after hearing Loki’s shower running. But as he’s approaching the exit for the building - condescending looks at his attire having increased with every step - Tony hears Loki call his name. Will this one-off turn into something more? Are Tony’s days of walks of shame finally over?

TITLE: The Eye of the Beholder
AUTHOR: JayBarou
ARTIST: AlvaSeneca
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
WARNINGS: Depression, Emotional manipulation
SUMMARY: Thor was banished to Midgard, he got instantly kidnapped, which pushed Loki to decide that saving his brother was more important than asking about his origins. However, someone in Midgard might make a game of tempting him away from his goal.

TITLE: And You Will See
AUTHOR: aislingsiobhan
ARTIST: Horns of Mischief
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
WARNINGS: Slash. Loki/Tony. Frostiron Bang. AU. Tumblr prompt. No AOU. Kidnapping. Tony’s foul mouth. Minor canon violence. Kissing. References to oral sex. Asgardian Homophobia. References to Sleipnir’s conception. Loki makes you work for it.
SUMMARY: …(it wasn’t until after the fact, when JARVIS played the incident back for him that Tony thought maybe Loki might have thought Tony was mocking him, fucking around with his emotions for some nefarious purpose, instead of the impulsive “don’t kill me” response the kiss had actually been). Everything else was peripheral. All Tony heard was “kiss me”. So he did… The next time it happened was on purpose though, and the time after that, and the next time, and Tony kinda (but actually really) wanted it to happen again.

TITLE: Bottomless Abyss of the Mind
AUTHOR: Horns-of-Mischief
ARTIST: AllantieeArt
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Explicit sexual content, description of drowning, mind manipulation, PTSD, panic attacks
SUMMARY: Tony can’t distinguish between dream and reality. Is Loki playing with his mind? If so, then to what end? And what is the high pitched whistling sound Tony keeps hearing, right before his world goes dark and his consciousness takes the plunge?

Title: Listen To Your Heart
Author: Nightalp
Artists: Staubengel and Lomezzo
Pairing: Frostiron
Rating: Mature
Warnings: AU, human/not-human-relationship
Summary: Eight year old Tony hates Yggdrasil, the planet to which his father has sent his mother and him because it's too dangerous for them when he's fighting and searching for his lost friend Steve Rogers. But when he meets Loki, one of the children of the dragon-hybrid natives, he's quickly becoming friends with him and his sister, Thora, as well as their friends and siblings. All at once his life becomes happier and while his real parents grow ever more distant he finds a new family with the natives. Years later, a tragedy sends his world spinning and he leaves Yggdrasil, intend to never come back again. Loki however has different plans and follows him into space

TITLE: Borrowed Heat
AUTHOR: Usedupshiver
ARTIST: Mioishin
PAIRINGS: Loki / Tony Stark
RATING: T (Mostly for some swears and whatnot.)
WARNINGS: None. Basically all cuteness.
SUMMARY: No, Tony isn’t pleased about the fact that Loki is now a part of the Avengers. He can’t really forgive, he definitely can’t trust, but team is team so he does his best to deal with it. When a magical mishap turns Loki into a dragon – of all things! – it’s for some reason still Tony he seeks out for help and protection. So now Tony is stuck with a clingy and demanding dragon for company, until things can hopefully be set right. The rest of the Avengers are not amused, but getting to know Loki in this new skin is letting Tony see the team trickster in a different light. Maybe he’s really not all bad?

TITLE: Phoenix
AUTHOR: To-The-Starkcave (Sombraline)
ARTIST: the-dreaming-grass
PAIRINGS: Tony Stark/Loki
RATING: Teen and up
WARNINGS: Minor descriptions of torture, mentions of sex which can be seen as underage if you squint really hard.
SUMMARY: Loki and Tony have yet to wonder out loud if they accidentally became more than friends with benefits when Tony receives a worrisome call, in the form of a short plea for help from his favorite Trickster God, now gone missing without a trace in Latveria. A joke, a trap, probably; perhaps Loki is, really, just going back to his old tricks and working with other villains again, and Thor is nowhere in sight to argue in his brother’s favor. And Tony worries still, because Loki once told him of his too many enemies, before, and he still has trouble believing that he would be betrayed so heartlessly by his… friend?

TITLE: The Second Date
AUTHOR: Clareithromycin
ARTIST: frostandironshipper (Thaïs)
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Explicit
SUMMARY: Accidentally fucking your new boss AU. Loki is a successful audio engineer moving into a new job, Tony is the company boss who has been scouting him for years. Loki decides to go out for a few drinks the night before he and doesn’t realise the problems that it will cause him.

TITLE: To Wild Homes
AUTHOR: ILookDaftWithOneShoe
ARTIST: swevenzre (Ida)
PAIRINGS: Tony Stark/Loki
RATING: Teen and up
WARNINGS: Graphic depictions of violence
SUMMARY: Two years on, the Swarm is finally dying out and Strange has returned. With this, things are looking up for Tony and Nat, giving them the chance to get Loki back and leave what remains of Earth for more civilised (and populated) parts of the galaxy. But hey. Things are never easy as they first sound. The final part of this Adventure Time AU.

TITLE: Mighty Long Fall
AUTHOR: ranzdfries
ARTIST: endlessstairway
PAIRINGS: Tony Stark/Loki
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Explicit: sexual content and violence,
SUMMARY: After spending several weeks together not as Iron Man and not as God of Chaos but as fugitives of both SHIELD and Asgard, Tony finds himself probably falling for Loki. Then Loki is taken away from him, and he really falls for Loki. Quite literally. Is Loki strong enough to stop Tony from meeting certain death even if means he might never see him again?

Title: One of My Kind
Author: Iswyn
Artist: TheLittleIllustrator
Pairings: Loki/Tony
Rating: Teen
Warnings: sexual references, attempted violence, lots of cursing. And a dragon.
Summary: Tony is a military scientist, and his location has been leaked to someone who wants his research. He’s not going to give up his work without a fight, though, so he and his best friend find themselves being chased through the forest in the middle of the night. It turns out that the hiding spot they’ve chosen for themselves might already be inhabited, though…

TITLE: #spacehomos
AUTHOR: enkalenk
ARTIST: lostinthebabylon
RATING: Mature
SUMMARY: The year is 2021 and Tony shouldn’t be piloting a spacecraft around the moon and dock at the International Space Station where his still-a-secret life partner has a month left on his mission before returning to space, but here he is. Apart for eight months and almost completely out of contact for six of them, the barely 48 hours Tony and Loki have together are not enough to catch up and work through the anxieties of their relationship.

TITLE: From Here
AUTHOR: stripped-to-glimpses
ARTIST: fiendish
PAIRING: Loki/Tony
WARNINGS: Mentions of canon-typical violence, some Steve-doesn’t-actually-care-but-let’s-tease-him-about-it-anyway level language
SUMMARY: When Thor returns to Asgard, he finds the king missing; entirely unrelatedly, Tony finds himself with an unexpected visitor.

TITLE: Do We Not Live in Dreams?
AUTHOR: Dracavia
ARTIST: Arebell
PAIRINGS: Tony/Loki, Tony/Pepper (mostly off-screen)
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Major (but angstless, I swear) character death
SUMMARY: Life. Death. None of it is as black or white as many people imagine. Especially not when you’ve caught the attention of the universe and one of its avatars. Sometimes you still have work to do and things to learn, and the universe will give you a way to do it.

TITLE: I Will Stay At Your Side
AUTHOR: tonystarkfucksaround
ARTIST: veronicos
PAIRINGS: Tony Stark/Loki
RATING: teen
WARNINGS: depression (hinted at), mentions of suicide attempt
SUMMARY: Loki is still at the odds with his newly acquired mortality, Tony still doesn’t have an answer to why the hell he cares so much, and their relationship is going to be anything but easy, but they both are determined to make it work.

TITLE: Strangers in the night
AUTHOR: thecrownofthereveur
ARTIST: tamflakes
PAIRING: Tony Stark/Loki Laufeyson
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Drinking problems, depression, sexual content
SUMMARY: Tony Stark is a man constructed by masks. He has plenty of them. One for his fellow Avengers. One for the press. One for his lovers. And another one for himself, when his only partner is a bottle of strong scotch. One day, Loki gets to see behind Tony’s masks, to the man itself.


Title: In Dreams We Share
Author: (nia_kantorka on ao3)
Artist: /
Pairings: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: NC-17 (explicit)
Warnings: canon typical torture, descriptions of past relationships (including het sex scenes), Pre-Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie), Oral Sex, Anal Sex, switching implied, Hand Jobs Summary: When Loki and Tony are hit by some accidental magic, they begin to share each other’s dreams and memories. What should have been a veritable disaster turned into an unforeseen opportunity along the way.

TITLE: The Trickster of Seville
AUTHOR: AislingSiobhan
ARTIST: Rinelin / Horns of Mischief
PAIRINGS: Tony/Loki, Thor/Jane, Tony/Jane, Tony & Bucky bromance
WARNINGS: Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant; Infidelity; Mistaken Identity; Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant; Dubious Consent; Slash; Mildly Dubious Consent; Canon Het Relationship; Het and Slash; Loki Feels; Loki Does What He Wants; Tony Stark Does What He Wants; Shapeshifter Loki; Loki is jane though; Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes; Winter is Tony’s bro
SUMMARY: What had started off as a game to him, satisfying his curiosity & a bit of petty revenge against Thor by ruining the reputation of his girlfriend had turned into something to be cherished but kept hidden to preserve the reputation of Loki’s boyfriend. He had nightmares sometimes about Thor returning & finding them together, of not being able to protect Tony from Thor’s wrath; about Tony finding out & leaving. He kept his waking mind busy fretting over Tony’s friendship with the Winter Soldier, but really, the person Loki was most jealous of was Jane. Now he had another reason to be, because Tony didn’t love Loki - even though he’d said it to Loki. Tony loved Jane.

Title: Answer Me
Author: Sombraline/to-the-starkcave
Artist: Sleepyoceanprince
Pairings: Tony/Loki, past mentioned Odin/Loki
Rating: Teen & up
Warnings: Brief mentions of violence, past torture, past murder. (Or as the Norse Myths call it, a fun Sunday.)
Summary: The knock came at the door just as Tony was about to go to sleep. He stood perfectly still for a few seconds, certain he had heard wrong, certain it had to be the wind outside that was playing tricks on his mind. For who indeed would be foolish enough to be outside tonight, in the middle of a storm wild and loud as even the Ice-Land rarely endured? Then he heard it again: three deliberate, patient knocking sounds.

TITLE: The Quest For the Missing Tesseract
AUTHOR: Arvari/the-impossible-arvari
ARTIST: rosaeldi
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: R (for Tony’s swearing and mentions of sex)
WARNINGS: Uhm, Tony’s swearing?
SUMMARY: A few months after the Civil War, Thor shows up in Tony’s living room with Loki in tow (and wasn’t that guy supposed to be dead or something?), news that the Tesseract was stolen (and maybe it even wasn’t Loki’s fault) and a plea for Tony’s help in retrieving it. And that is the story of how Tony Stark (aka Anthony) and Loki Laufeyson (aka Lo, Ruby eyes or Bluebird) ended up on an undercover mission in Jotunheim, trying to find a stupid glowing cube neither of them really wants. And if Loki doesn’t kill someone before the week is out, it will be a miracle…

TITLE: Fizzle
ARTIST: atanau-art
PAIRING: Tony Stark/Loki
RATING: Teen & Up
WARNINGS: A bit of touchy-feely business, but nothing explicit.
SUMMARY: When Iron Man’s hit with a spell that not only bypasses his magic-resistant suit but also takes up residence in his chest, he’s surprised to find that the energy readings show a striking similarity to magic that lit up Loki’s brain during the battle of New York– magic that hasn’t shown up on any scans of the God of Mischief since. Tony doesn’t want to risk involving the team, especially because he has no idea what the spell’s supposed to do, so the logical course of action is obviously to grab a megaphone and figure out how to summon a Norse god for some answers.

Title: Wanted
Author: Mysticmcknight
Artist: starfleet-drop-out​
Pairings: Tony/Loki
Rating: Mature / R
Warnings: Choose not to warn
Summary: Loki is on a mission of revenge for his mother’s murder. He never figured in finding someone who might fill the giant hole in his heart, much less more.

TITLE: Kings of Midgard
AUTHOR: Postapokalypso
PAIRING: Loki/Tony
RATING: Teen and up
WARNINGS: No warnings
SUMMARY: Its this one time that Tony decided to take a Time-out and visit a metal-festival, that Loki decided to show up there as a frontsinger.

TITLE: Astronomy of Manmade Stars
AUTHOR: babyblueglasses
ARTIST: xjapanda
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
WARNINGS: heavily implied parental abuse, minor injuries
SUMMARY: Loki has turned the life of a recluse into an art, right down to the technologically obsolete candles and stolen magical tomes. Yet when an armored man stumbles in past his forbidden window, Loki finds himself obsessed with unraveling the mystery man’s secrets. Firstly, his name.

TITLE: Samsara
ARTIST: Itsfrostironfault
PAIRING: Loki/Tony
RATING: Teen and Up
WARNINGS: Mentions of anxiety and panic attacks.
SUMMARY: Tony is in bad shape after the events of Civil War, and a science vacation in Asgard seems just what the doctor recommended. Of course, Tony Stark’s vacations tend to be anything but relaxing. When memories can’t be trusted but an old enemy can, what is one to do?

TITLE: Teach me
AUTHOR: BravoSierraTango
ARTIST: Postapokalypso
WARNINGS: nothing serious, brief mentions of sex and massive destruction of property (mostly Tonys)
SUMMARY: When Wanda almost destroya the tower, the Avengers decide that she needs a teacher of the magic arts. Thor just knows the right person for this job but… Yes, but. Because with Thor, there is always a “but”. But in this case, the “but” might be the beginning of something beautiful…or disastrous, depending on your point of view and how close you will stay to the Avengters Tower in the future.

TITLE: Tony Stark and the Thief of Brísingamen
AUTHOR: Fluffypanda (ayapandagirl)
ARTIST: Massivespacewren
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Nazis, Canon-Typical Violence
SUMMARY: Set Post-Iron Man Noir (the comic) in the summer of 1940. Adventurer Tony Stark is hunting down a Viking artifact hidden in Maine. It seems more like a vacation than a treasure hunt until Tony starts noticing shadows around every corner. It soon becomes clear that an otherworldly element is involved.

TITLE: To Breathe Again
AUTHOR: andquitefrankly
ARTIST: lunanecromancer
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
SUMMARY: Loki had met and fallen in love with Tony Stark nigh on 10 years ago. They’re forbidden romance discovered and destroyed, Loki has grown past it, citing it as a folly of youth. But when Stark returns, Loki realizes that he never truly stopped loving him. If only the same could be said of Tony. Persuasion/Regency AU

TITLE: Ghosts in Amber
AUTHOR: fullofleaves
ARTIST: lomezzo
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Supporting character death
SUMMARY: Tony Stark has two frivolous hobbies. The first is photography. The second is hunting ghosts. When the mysterious Loki Sharpe steps suddenly into his life, he’s presented with the perfect opportunity to combine both. He follows Loki from Buffalo, New York, to Cumberland, England, where things take a turn for the strange and he begins to wonder if he’s trapped himself in terrifying situation beyond what he can survive. A Crimson Peak AU.

Title: The Norns Write Right in Crooked Lines
Author: anachronismstellar
Artist: Yamatai
Parings: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: T
Warnings: none
Summary: Two princes are forced into an engagement to form a military alliance and save thousand of lives. Thor and Tony had everything to be a happy couple: they were friends, they liked to drink, they knew how to deal with their weapons. Maybe they didn’t love each other, but hey, given time, who knew? Except… Well, except Tony kinda fell in love with his hot dickish brother-in-law.

Title: One Shot
Author(s): plumadesatada and iswyn
Artist: wrecked-anon
Parings: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen
Warnings: minor character deaths prior to story start, a bit of graphic violent imagery
Summary: When Tony finds himself stranded in the middle of the Nevada desert after a train job gone sour, coming across some rich easterner with a fancy horse is a sorely needed stroke of luck. Both of them are going to San Francisco and, since ‘William’ is rolling in dough and in need of protection, he decides to hire Tony, dirt poor but a dead shot, to escort him home. When Tony finds out that a railroad tycoon back in Frisco has put a price on his travelling companion’s head, he’s got a choice to make: keep his promise, or get paid twice for the same job.

Title: The King and the Magpie
Author: 2lost4words
Artist: xkalisto
Warnings: fantasy and fairy tale au. Loki is in magpie form most of fic.
Summary: inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, The Nightingale and The Brother’s Grimm, The Frog King. Tony, king of the Kingdom of Midgard, has found himself in an unusual predicament, (well maybe not that unusual to him), he is living with a talking bird, Ikol. Jealousy and pride is what brought the unlikely pair together, but it can just as easily tear them apart. However there is a chance that a genuine connection could save both of them. The only problem is, neither of them know it.

Title: I Quit
Author: iswyn
Artist: shebaren​
Warnings: a/b/o universe, sexism, violent imagery
Summary: Odin has spent years teaching Loki to be strong and self-sufficient, unlike stereotypical omega depictions in media. Still, when Loki decides to take his life in his own hands instead of following in his father’s footsteps to become a surgeon, Odin disapproves. When Loki’s life plans land him halfway across the country taking care of a stranger’s baby, he can’t help but wonder if he’s in almost exactly the situation Odin was trying to warn him away from.

TITLE: Hold Onto Me
AUTHOR: kipli
ARTIST: omaano
RATING: Explicit
SUMMARY: “Marry me.” Unceremoniously Stark set a small box on the desk beside Loki. “You told me to make you an honest man.” Stark shrugged. “Marry me.”

TITLE: Dressed in Gold
AUTHOR: silver drip
ARTIST: Horns-of-Mischief
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Mature
WARNINGS: Consensual Sex. Off screen abuse.
SUMMARY: Loki is a Jotun who was raised to be a pleasure slave. Tony doesn’t believe in slavery, but buys him anyway.

TITLE: Tiundigard: The Tenth Realm
AUTHOR: jaybarou
ARTIST: doodlesandstuff
RATING: Explicit
SUMMARY: Midgard had slowly become Asgard’s loyal and obedient colony since the Infinity War in the year one of our lords, old date 2018. More than one century after that, current Midgard had almost nothing to do with what Earth used to be, and some idealists were not quite happy with how Asgard had affected humans. There was a human plan in the making, a budding hope. And Loki in his new and very boring position in Asgard’s court couldn’t help but want to mess with it.

Title: Therapy
Author: Arvensis5
Artist: Nimohtar
Pairings: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: PG-13 for Language
Warnings: Feels.
Summary: When Tony starts physical therapy after a skiing accident, he can’t help but notice the dark-haired man who always keeps to himself at therapy. Tony being Tony, takes this as a personal challenge, and decides to get to know the man. But Tony’s checkered history and Loki’s own demons may be more closely intertwined than either realizes, and sometimes that which haunts us isn’t content to stay in the past.

Title: Baby Blues
Author: tonystarkfucksaround
Artist: postapokalypso
Pairing: Tony and Loki
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: There were times when Thor was all about epic battles, and Loki was all about diplomacy; times have changed, however, and so have they. Now Thor wants to make his amends to the half-destroyed world, and Loki is less than thrilled by the idea. He is even less impressed when Thor returns earlier than expected with a small child in tow that he found there. A half-breed, much like Loki, that was left to die. Now, it’s hardly Loki’s problem, but he just can’t leave alone the fact that the Avengers are now taking care of a small monster, can he? And since Tony is the one who spends the most time with the baby, he gets the whole burnt of Loki’s assault.

TITLE: A Pardon Granted
AUTHOR: spookz-magenta
ARTIST: disizletzi
PAIRINGS: Loki/Tony Stark
RATING: Explicit
WARNINGS: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Mind Control
SUMMARY: In the aftermath of the fallout between the Avengers, things with Tony and Loki were tense, to say the least. Odin’s awakening from the Odinsleep was in no way helping matters. All in all, Tony was beginning to feel like his life could draw too many parallels with Rosemary’s Baby. But with Thanos looming on the horizon, Gamora and Garmr would not be alone in granting that particular devil his due. With Tony’s newfound powers, he could very well be the greatest weapon in the Mad Titan’s arsenal.




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