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Name: Excentrykemuse
Alias(es): Cen, excentryke, saelkie
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, others
Other: retired
URL: excentrykemuse at FanFiction.Net
excentrykemuse at AO3
excentrykemuse on Twitter
excentryke at Dreamwidth
excentrykemuse at LiveJournal (deleted)
excentryke · Excentryke's Musings at Yahoo! Groups (deleted)
[1] - personal website, July 2020
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Excentrykemuse, also known as excentryke, was a prolific Harry Potter fanfiction author. She also wrote in the Pride and Prejudice fandom.

In 2011, Excentrykemuse announced that she would be retiring from fanfiction, and in 2012 deleted all her fanfiction from where it had been posted at FanFiction.Net, AO3, and LiveJournal.

In 2020, Excentrykemuse launched her own personal domain, [excentrykemuse.com], where she uploaded a majority of her fics.

Fannish History

Cen's original LiveJournal handle was excentryke. She deleted this journal then created a new journal as excentrykemuse on January 10, 2009.[1][2]

Her LiveJournal profile stated as of January 2012:[2]

First off, I write Pride and Prejudice fic, it's how I got started (this time around). So far I've written both Modern and Regency, always focusing on Elizabeth Darcy. Now I also write Harry Potter fic, slash primarily, always focusing on Harry. I also write rare pairings, including crossovers with The Chronicles of Narnia, Good Omens, and the Artemis Fowl Series.

Cen also had a Yahoo! Group, "Excentryke's Musings", where she posted her fanfiction. The group description stated that the group was primarily for fic that was "unfinished or work in progress";[3] it therefore contained some fanfiction that was not (or not yet) on FanFiction.Net.[4] The group was locked to members only in late 2010.[5]

Cen was a self-described "rare pairing fanatic".[6] As of 2010, she wrote on her Yahoo! group description that "with the exception of Narkissos (Lucius/Narcissa), all of [her] HP fics are SLASH and HARRY CENTRIC."[3] Though she did eventually write a handful of het and non-Harry-centric stories, this remained the general rule. The love of rarepairs did not extend to Pride and Prejudice fandom, where the wide majority of her stories were Elizabeth/Darcy.[7]

She won "Best Author" at the Always Hoping Harry Potter FanFiction Awards.

In July 2020 she announced a return to fanfiction on her tumblr account: "Just bought a domain. I’m loading all of my fics up (and how much have I actually written? This is insane!)."[8]


Excentrykemuse posted to her LiveJournal in August 2011 that she would be retiring from fanfiction:

As most of you may already know, I am retiring from fanfiction. I have three fests with fics that will be posted, but other from that, I will not continue writing. This is mainly due to hate filled and cruel flames I received when I first finished BLACKJACK. Writing had become extremely difficult because of various obligations I have in RL, and to be treated with such vindictiveness frankly made the effort I put into fics seem worthless when I could be doing other more constructive things with my time.

My yahoo group is also now closed.

For all those who supported me: many thanks.[9]

She wrote in the comments that she intended to leave her LiveJournal and all her fanfiction online, and that her Yahoo! group was closed to new members and was no longer being updated, but it too was still online. However, Cen did eventually go on to delete her LiveJournal and take all her fanfiction offline. By August 2014, she removed all her works from FanFiction.Net, AO3, and LiveJournal, writing in her FanFiction.Net profile there that she was doing so to prevent people from plagiarizing her work by reposting it as their own.[10]

She said furthermore: "I will not and do not authorise any reproduction of my work, continuations, sequels, and uses of my original characters (most notably Octavian Prince) or ideas." Despite this, numerous fans have requested and shared her fanworks among themselves since their removal from the 'net.[11]


The following is a listing of Excentrykemuse's known fanworks; it is likely incomplete.

Harry Potter

  • Along Came a Spider—Harry/Lee Jordan, 2.5K. Harry had always liked spiders—until he fell in love with Lee Jordan.
  • Amortentia—Harry/Romilda Vane. AU of HBP. Romilda Vane was as cunning as any Slytherin and when she decided she wanted something, she got it. What she didn't factor into her scheme to gain the love of the Chosen One was that he might just be as much of a Slytherin as she was. A Love Story. Harry/Romilda. (Updated 12 March 2010.)
  • Beautiful, The Dark Heir—Harry Potter/Montague. Originally written by Bittersweet Alias and adopted by Excentrykemuse after chapter 10. How did it get like this? How did he become the Dark Heir? Micah Montague didn‘t know. The chase started simply to see if he could possess Harry, a Gryffindor.
  • Beneath the Weeping Moon—Harry/Fenrir Greyback. AU. Slytherin!Harry. Werewolves must exist, Harry decided. He just had to wait and find one before he could run beneath the moon. With that decided, he fell to sleep, and dreamt of white and black fur, sharp fangs, and a howl that lulled him into a deeper slumber. Harry/Fenrir. (Published 30 May 2010.)
  • Blackjack—Crossover with Batman Begins & The Dark Knight, Harry/Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne wasn't shallow, regardless of what society believed. It was merely a meticulously created mask that he wore for his protection. Honestly, he'd never thought anything would pierce his mask ... then he met Arkham's non-existent patient in Room 21A - Blackjack.
  • Brave New World—Harry/Piers Polkiss. The Dursleys leave Harry at a local orphanage when they find him on their doorstep with the magical community none the wiser. Ten years later, Harry appears across the street, watching their house on his eleventh birthday, wishing for a family and finds an unconventional one in Piers Polkiss. Told through the summers. Romance. Harry/Piers Polkiss. Hufflepuff!Harry. Response to Kamerreon's Rare Slash Pairing Alphabet Challenge. (2009)
  • Crayon Colored Lupines—Harry/Neville Longbottom. Neville fell in love with Harry in secret during their fourth year, through secret smiles and quiet friendship. After all this time, he can't quite believe that Harry fell for him as well. Harry/Neville. Slash.
  • Dark Ivy and Snow—Harry/Theodore Nott, Hufflepuff!Harry. Everyone had wanted to believe that when Harry was sorted into Hufflepuff and befriended Slytherins, he was doing what few had attempted before him—to unite the four Hogwarts Houses. How wrong they were. Dark!Harry. Harry/Theo. Translated into Italian by Claudia20100 (log-in required).
  • Down the Rabbit Hole—Harry/Viktor Krum. AU HP5, HP6. Their love started out like a whisper—quiet and almost not there. It was the summer before his fifth year and somehow Viktor had found him and chosen to follow him to Privet Drive. Harry/Viktor. Translated into German by Dolce and into Spanish by lili-pepeta (also at Slash Heaven). (Published 24 April 2010)
  • Dancing in the Dark—Harry/Hermione. The song played on the radio that Ron had listened to...but he wasn't here anymore. Instead, Harry held out his hand, and Hermione found herself dancing in his arms. AU HP7. (Updated 30 April 2011)
  • The Enchantment Series—"A series of short fics centering around otherworldly enchantments."
    1. Thanatos—Draco/Harry, Draco/Death. Harry dies in the Chamber of Secrets as well as Ginny Weasley. Now, six decades later, Draco is having hallucinations of the boy whose memory has haunted him ever since when Death finally comes to claim him. (Published 14 February 10)
    2. Swan Song – A Veela Love Story—Harry/OMC Veela. AU of fourth year. The night Harry's name comes out of the Goblet, he goes down to the Black Lake where he sees a beautiful mute swan who, unknown to him, is a pure Veela in its natural form. (Published: 11 January 2010; updated 25 January 2010.)
    3. Vitula: My Beloved – Harry/Sanguini. AU. On Harry's tenth birthday, a violin calls to him in his dreams. He begins to have nightmares of wizards and magic and soon finds himself the beloved of a vampire.
    4. Book of Hours—Harry/James Sirius Potter. Jamie never knew who was his father was, and knew that his mother, Ginny Weasley, had given him away to her brother George. When a stranger enters his life, causing time itself to murmur to him and slow almost completely, all thoughts are wiped from his mind and he falls in love at first sight. Based on the legend of ‘Cupid and Pysche.’ EWE. Harry/ James Sirius.
    5. The White Stag—Chronicles of Narnia crossover, Harry/Peter Pevensie. When the White Stag is spotted in Narnia, Lucy wishes for cordial, Edmund for Turkish Delight, Susan for a brave husband. Peter's greatest desire remains unspoken—for a boy who will love him and not see the crown on his head.
    6. To Sleep, Perchance to Dream—Harry/Barty Crouch Jr.. The fog of the Imperius Curse had kept Barty unthinking for years until, one day, a young boy with bright eyes and black hair changed his world. Harry/Barty Crouch Jr. Ravenclaw!Harry.
    7. Ink Stained Pages—Harry/Tom Riddle. AU. Then he did it, setting the nib carefully down and imparting his darkest secret: Perhaps I should have let the hat sort me into Slytherin like it wanted to. Gryffindor friendship is a fickle thing.Harry/Tom. (Published: 5 June 2010; updated 23 June 2010)
    8. Ivy Kissed—Harry/Viktor Krum. The only thing that Harry Potter had in common with pureblood ladies was his father's status as a pureblood. But that was before George Weasley got a female's hair for the Polyjuice so Harry could attend Fleur's wedding. Now, he might look like a pureblood lady, but he still isn't one. That won't last long; Viktor Krum and love are worth any sacrifice.
    9. Llyr: Call of the Sea—Harry/OMC merman. Harry/Merman. The night he turned eleven, the sea and the waves called to Harry, and he found himself in the arms of the only person to ever love him. Although Hagrid dragged him away, his heart remained with the sea, and he'd do anything to get back to it.
    10. Changeling—Harry/Albus Severus Potter, James Sirius/Scorpius. Ginny dies giving birth to Albus Severus. Because of the remnants of the Diary's control, her magic feeds off the baby's magic, trying to keep her alive. It doesn't work. Albus is a Squib. Harry is more horrified that his wife's magic ate his son's than he is that she died. Magic is the most wonderful thing in his eyes; it saved him from hell. So he dedicates his life to loving and caring for Albus, but doesn't spoil him or neglect James Sirius, who also loves his brother. Eventually, Harry finds himself falling for his son, who's never wanted anything but Harry's complete love. (Published 24 July 2011; updated 5 August 2011.)
    11. Through the Looking Glass—Harry/Charlus Potter. Blood dripped from his hand, evidence of the quill Umbridge used on him … but all Harry can do is stare at the reflection shown to him through the Mirror of Erised, wishing, somehow, it could be real. AU. Written for hp_lovealion, Prompt: #22. (Published 5 August 2011.)
    12. Undrentide—Harry/Astoria, Draco/Astoria, some Harry/Luna. AU. Chamber of Secrets never happened because Lucius Malfoy never slipped the diary into Ginny Weasley’s books. Instead, it remained in his library, half forgotten. Voldemort gained a body, as per canon, in Goblet of Fire, and believed that this Horcrux was as safe as any of the others … Instead, the diary finds its way into the hands of a young witch Draco Malfoy loves, and begins to haunt her dreams where only Harry might be able to save her. Written for Harry Potter Het Big Bang. (Published 21 August 2011.)
    13. A Rose by Any Other Name—Harry/Voldemort, Fem!Harry. She did not have a name. Not yet. One had to be given to her. But once, not too long ago, she had been Harry Potter . . .
  • Fairy Dust—Artemis Fowl crossover, Harry/Artemis Fowl. AU of HP4. Artemis Fowl had always been greedy, selfish, and alone. He'd outsmarted Fairies, demons, and centaurs and possessed the latest in supernatural technology—and now he's set his sights on Harry Potter and determined not only to make Harry fall in love with him but rescue him from the plots of the wizarding world. SLASH. (Updated 14 July 2010)
  • Fallen AngelGood Omens crossover, Harry/Aziraphale. That summer Harry had first learned Fell’s real name, had seen his true form, had feather light kisses placed on his cheeks with the swish of angelic wings, and the memory now gave him strength as he stared at McGonagall’s stern form behind her desk. Preslash. Harry/Aziraphale. (Published 11 April 2010.)
  • Fireflies Series (also called The Fireflies 'Verse)
    1. Of Princes and Fireflies—Harry/OMC. When Harry finally admits to Hermione that he's doing well in Slughorn's Potions Class because of the Prince's textbook, she mentions that the Prince might be a relation to the fourth year Hufflepuff of the same name. After tracking him down, Harry becomes obsessed with him rather than with Malfoy's secretive plans. AU of ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.’ SLASH. Nanowrimo project.
    2. Of Horcruxes and Kings—Harry/OMC. Sequel to Of Princes and Fireflies. AU HP7. Harry threw the book into the fire, his face set. He didn't care if he was a horcrux—he wasn't going to die and leave Octavian alone, and the rest of the wizarding world be damned. SLASH. (Posted to AO3 31 August 2011.)
  • Head in the CloudsLuna/Draco, one-sided Luna/Harry. When Luna was small, her mother had said her head was always in the clouds. (Published 13 September 2011.)
  • Hush, Persephone—Voldemort/Ginny. During one of many sleepless nights, the dark lord muses on one who once wrote in his journal. (Begun spring 2005)
    • Immunitas Ginevrae—Voldemort/Ginny. Sequel to Hush, Persephone. After being held against her will by an unknown captor for several weeks, Ginny's mysterious assailant makes a proposition, with certain strings attached.
  • If Wishes Were Hippogriffs—Drabble collection. Harry/Fleur Delacour, Albus Severus/James Sirius, Harry/Roger Davies/Terry Boot, Harry/Piers Polkiss, Harry/Neville, Harry/Scorpius, Harry/Sirius with Sirius/James, Harry/Rabastan Lestrange, James I/James II.
  • Judicamentum—Harry/James Potter. AU. At the end of James's sixth year, Harry appears in Godric's Hollow, the victim of a Dark Ritual that has stolen his memory. Harry/James I.
  • Measured Out with Coffee Spoons—Harry/Ron. EWE. Ron knew he would be breaking Ginny’s heart, but she’d broken his when she’d first kissed Harry. Now that Harry loved him, Ron knew he could never let him go. Harry/Ron.
  • Mother Magic—Harry/James, Lily/Sirius. Prompt: Halloween 1981 never happened, Harry grows up with James and Lily (no siblings!). After 16 years of Marriage James ends his marriage when he catches Lily with Sirius. He gets custody of Harry and ends up with more complicated feelings towards his son. (Bonus points for Hermione helping Harry seduce James!)
  • Of Power and Prestige (written with Ell Roche)—Harry/Tom Riddle, Fem!Harry. Nothing could tempt Marvolo, Lord Slytherin, to leave the Lone Islands—except, perhaps, for Lady Haesel Potter, the most powerful witch of her generation. TMR/Fem!Harry (Updated 3 August 2012.)
  • Poison Paradise—Harry/Viktor Krum. The summer before Viktor starts Durmstrang, his parents take him to London. After wandering off into Muggle London, he spots a Muggle boy beating a magical child and intervenes. He feels protective of the unknown boy and takes him back to his parents who, when they discover he's Harry Potter, decide to illegally adopt him through magic. Little did they know that Viktor's fierce protectiveness for his new "brother" was in fact a love so strong that it would surpass any other emotion either would ever feel. Takes place during fourth year. Translated into Finnish by A-nuu. (Published 8 August 2009; last updated 10 December 2009.)
  • Pygmalion—Harry/Regulus Black. Regulus Black is surprised when an owl doesn't deliver his Hogwarts letter, but a boy with messy black hair and green eyes who couldn’t remember his name. A tale of a soul bond that brings two wizards together – but can it create a love that will last through death? AU. Slytherin!Harry. Harry/Regulus. Response to Kamerreon’s Rare Slash Pairing Alphabet Challenge.
  • The Red Ribbon—Harry/Viktor Krum. Harry was brought up differently after Petunia divorced Dursley; he was cared for, loved, and taken to church every week -- and now his Muggle ideals are clashing with the wizarding world, who want their wizarding-with-a-fondness-for-Muggles-without-identifying-with-those-nasty-creatures hero to forget about his past ... until Viktor Krum sees him and falls in love with him for it. Features religious!Harry, anti-Muggle!Hermione, and clueless!Ron.
  • Serenade—Ouran High School Host Club crossover, Harry/Suoh Tamaki.
  • Sweet Dreams—Harry/Ernie Macmillan. After the Yule Ball, Harry is angry since he caught his date Cho Chang snogging the Triwizard Champion Cedric Diggory. Not only is he not good enough for his best friend, who he's loved since he first saw him in Diagon Alley, but even his fame can't keep a girl he doesn't care about interested in him. One Shot. Fluff. Au. Hufflepuff!Harry. Ernie Macmillan/Harry Potter. Response to Kamerreon's Rare Slash Pairing Alphabet Challenge.
  • Truly Madly Deeply—Harry/Viktor Krum.
  • Unearthly Flower—Harry/Neville Longbottom. After Sirius's death, Harry would go to the edge of the Forbidden Forest and Stare into the trees, with the silent presence of Neville beside him. Harry/Neville. (Updated 21 May 2012)
  • Von Märchen, or On Fairytales—Harry/Teddy Lupin. At the age of five, the moon begins to pull on Teddy's senses and he comes to despise his godfather's girlfriend, dreaming that one day their lives will turn out like a fairytale. EWE. Harry/Teddy.

Pride and Prejudice

  • The Coffeehouse—Elizabeth/Darcy, 2.6K words. Mr. Bennet banishes an eighteen-year-old Elizabeth when she refuses to marry a man with three thousand pounds a year. Living with her aunt and uncle in London, she meets a grief-ridden Mr. Darcy, changing the course of their romance. (Published 11 December 2009; updated 9 January 2010.)
  • An Earlier Proposal (Published 26 August 09)
  • Gaydar (translated into French by Effexor)
  • Queen Elizabeth II—Elizabeth/Charles, one-sided Elizabeth/Darcy, 2.3K words. Darcy was an honorable man—too honorable—and because of it he lost Elizabeth forever. Set in the 1950s. (Published 6 July 11.)
  • That Which We Call a Rose


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    I will not and do not authorise any reproduction of my work, continuations, sequels, and uses of my original characters (most notably Octavian Prince) or ideas. I know that my retirement may lead a void for many of you -- for which I am sorry. Still, these works end the way they are supposed to end, and I ask you to respect my wishes on this matter.

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