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Pairing: Harry Potter/Piers Polkiss
Alternative name(s): Pierry, Hiers, Pottkiss, Harry/Piers, HP/PP (although this is ambiguous)
Gender category: m/m, slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: very rare
Archives: none
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Harry/Piers is a Harry Potter rarepair involving Harry and Piers Polkiss, Dudley Dursley's Muggle best friend.

Appeal & Trends in Fanworks

  • Possibility of Piers discovering Harry's magic
  • Conflict/angst over being attracted to your childhood tormentor (or tormentee)
  • Enemyslash dynamics
  • Potential for redemption of Piers, who did his most concrete wrongdoing when he was eleven years old or younger
  • Piers is closeted and/or has internalized homophobia, but makes a pass at Harry because Harry is [also] a "freak"


As of September 2016, a handful of Harry/Piers fanfiction is on FanFiction.Net, but no stories are actually marked with the pairing for filtering. There is only one story on Archive of Our Own tagged Piers Polkiss/Harry Potter, although there are at least a couple of other stories containing the pairing that do not have the tag.

Harry/Piers fanworks can be difficult to search for. The traditional method of indicating pairings using characters' initials is not generally used for Harry/Piers works, as "HP/PP" could represent works pairing Harry with Pansy Parkinson, Peter Pettigrew, or Parvati or Padma Patil in addition to Piers. Thus in cases where the pairing is indicated in a fanwork header, it is usually written out "Harry/Piers" or "Harry/Piers Polkiss".

Example Fanworks






  1. ^ Mentioned as inspiration in the author's notes of Admired From Afar by Violet44, published 13 December 2009. According to excentrykemuse's FanFiction.Net profile, she started publishing fics in 2009: "I thank all of my fans who have read my fics since 2009." (Profile updated 10 December 2014; accessed 14 September 2016.)