Piers Polkiss

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Name: Piers Polkiss
Occupation: student, ?
Relationships: Dudley Dursley (best friend)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: born c. 1980
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Piers Polkiss is a minor Harry Potter character. He is the Muggle best friend of Dudley Dursley, Harry's cousin.


Piers is introduced at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as Dudley Dursley's best friend. Mr and Mrs Dursley take Piers, Dudley, and (grudgingly) Harry to the zoo for Dudley's birthday, where Harry performs his biggest instance of pre-Hogwarts accidental magic and sets loose a boa constrictor. Piers witnesses Harry "talking" to the snake just before the glass of its enclosure disappears. He tells the Dursleys this, causing Uncle Vernon to give Harry a long punishment.

Piers is described upon his introduction as "a scrawny boy with a face like a rat," who "was usually the one who held people’s arms behind their backs while Dudley hit them."[1] Hitting Harry was one of Piers and Dudley's favourite hobbies, and Piers would engage in "Harry Hunting" with the rest of Dudley's gang of bullies. The members of Dudley's gang are described as "big and stupid"—despite the description of Piers as "scrawny" just a chapter previously. Some fans consider this an error in the canon, while others suggest that the descriptions are relative and not necessarily contradictory. Piers attends the public school Smeltings with Dudley starting when they are eleven.

The only other mention of Piers in the rest of the series is in Order of the Phoenix, when he is shown to still be part of Dudley's gang, who have taken to vandalising the neighbourhood and beating up younger kids.

Piers does not appear in the Philosopher's Stone film. He is played by Jason Boyd in the Order of the Phoenix film.

Fan Response & Speculation

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Piers is primarily shipped with Dudley Dursley. Dudley/Piers is the only Piers pairing with its own SCUSA or ...cruisin'... threads at FictionAlley Park. See Dudley/Piers.

A handful of fanworks exist that pair Piers with Harry. See Harry/Piers.

Rare examples of works with other Piers pairings include Orphan by barbie_manish, which contains a Piers/Harry/Severus Snape threesome (2006, contains noncon and vampirism), and two stories feautring Piers/Theodore Nott by dracogotgame—first as a side pairing in the Harry/Draco Harry Potter Totally Sucks Verse (2013), and later featuring in The Housewarming Party (2014). Sharp is the Knife by WeatherWatch (2011) is Piers/Hermione Granger, and El Boxeador by Cris Snape (2012-2013) is a Spanish-language Piers/Parvati Patil fic. AO3 also has a Piers/Lee Jordan tag, but it doesn't appear that any Piers/Lee works were ever posted.[2]

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