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Name: Theodore Nott
Occupation: student
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Theodore Nott is a minor character from the Harry Potter series. He is a Slytherin in Harry's year at Hogwarts.

Nott is only mentioned a handful of times in the novels and never has a speaking role. He nonetheless enjoys a small fan following, helped by additional background information about the character provided by J.K. Rowling on her official site in 2004. Some renewed interest in Nott emerged after he played a small role in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Canon & Fan Response

Very little was known about Nott in early fandom. The surname "Nott" was mentioned at the Sorting Ceremony in the first book, but his given name, gender, and Hogwarts house were all unknown until Order of the Phoenix in 2003. However, Goblet of Fire introduced an adult Death Eater by the name of Nott, leading fans to connect the names and predict that the Death Eater was the father or another relative of Nott the student, and therefore that the student was possibly a Slytherin. The 2001 Comic Relief book Quidditch Through the Ages references a "T. Nott" as having checked out the Hogwarts library book, leading to a slew of Theresa, Timothy, and—yes—Theodore Notts appearing as characters in fanworks.[1] It was theorized that Nott might be female and part of Pansy Parkinson's "gang of Slytherin girls" (as at the time the only canonical female Slytherins in the year were Pansy and Millicent Bulstrode), though others preferred a male Nott. However, fan attention and speculation about the minor Slytherin characters focused primarily on Blaise Zabini, who was similarly mysterious but at least had a first name.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Nott's full name is revealed[2] and it is confirmed that the Death Eater Nott is Theodore's father: Theodore is shown whispering with Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle after Harry publicly names each of their fathers as Death Eaters. Furthermore, a scene in OotP describes a Slytherin student who can see Thestrals, and although that student is not named, fans connected the description of "weedy-looking" Theodore Nott with that "stringy" Slytherin. Rowling confirmed in response to An Open Letter to J.K. Rowling from Mugglenet and The Harry Potter Lexicon in 2004 that it was indeed Nott who could see the Thestrals.[3]

Most significant in stirring up interest in the character was information posted on J.K. Rowling's official site in 2004. Rowling described a scene cut twice from the books involving Nott and Draco Malfoy and wrote that she "know[s] much more about Theodore Nott than has ever appeared in the books", describing him as a "clever loner" whose father is an elderly widower.[4]

Many fans expected big things from Nott. Some predicted that he would be the "good Slytherin", a point of redemption for the house. However, Nott only appears once more in the series, laughing with Draco Malfoy over what is probably an anti-Muggle-born joke at Hermione's expense in Half-Blood Prince.

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