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Name: Romilda Vane
Occupation: Student, witch
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: Portrayed by Anna Shaffer (films 6–8)
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Romilda Vane is a minor character in the Harry Potter series, introduced the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as a Hogwarts student who unsuccessfully tries to romance Harry.

In the films, she is portrayed by Anna Shaffer (who would later portray Triss Merigold in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher). Romilda is sometimes considered a character of color because she is portrayed by a mixed-race actor.[1]

Fanworks focusing on Romilda usually involve consent issues due to Romilda's canonical use of love potions, which fans generally regard as deeply unethical.


Some have speculated that the name "Romilda Vane" is a deliberate anagram for "I'm a Dan lover", and her fangirl-y behaviour toward Harry a reference to real-life fans' behaviour toward Daniel Radcliffe.[2] Fernwithy noted in September 2005:

So people think the anagrammatic point of 'Romilda Vane' is 'I'm A Dan Lover.' Okay. I guess the letters work. But I kind of suspect, if there's any anagram point to it at all, it's 'A Random Evil,' which fits what she does. I mean, yes, she fangirls Harry (who is not Dan), but her function in the plot is to accidentally make Ron crazy, leading to his poisoning. A totally random bit of evil. I'm just sayin'.[3]

Romilda is usually paired with Harry Potter due to her interest in him in canon. Her other most common pairings are with Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, or Cormac McLaggen.[4] She also appears in a variety of femslash ships. Romilda Vane/Angelina Johnson was the "alternate pairing" featured at Daily Deviant in October 2009.[5]

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