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Name: Hannah Abbott
Occupation: witch, student, (eventual) landlady of The Leaky Cauldron
Relationships: Neville Longbottom (married)[1]
Ernie Macmillan (close friend)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: born c. 1980[2]
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Hannah Abbott is a minor character in the Harry Potter series. She is one of the "Original 40" students in Harry's year and a prominent Hufflepuff character.


Hannah is in Harry's year at Hogwarts. She is in Hufflepuff house, where her friends include year-mate Ernie Macmillan and the older Cedric Diggory. Her mother is murdered, presumably by Death Eaters. Despite strong house loyalty in the earlier books, she eventually becomes one of Harry's supporters and a member of the DA; she fights in the Battle of Hogwarts.

She is portrayed by Charlotte Skeoch in the films of Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire.


Hannah is not a particularly popular character in fanworks, despite being relatively well developed in book canon, possibly because Hufflepuff house appeals to only a few fans, and Hannah is portrayed as a fairly ordinary character. Others appreciate her Everywoman qualities; Lovehoneybee writes I feel like the vast majority of female characters, especially protagonists, I read about are fiercely brave, outspoken, spunky. It always made me kind of sad that no one writes about women who are like me.[3]

Her marriage to Neville Longbottom, sprung on fans by Rowling's post-DH interviews, originally met with considerable bemusement (they have no scenes together) and some disfavour, especially from fans who had shipped Neville with people he was close to in the novels, such as Luna Lovegood or Ginny Weasley. Hannah/Neville eventually became more widely accepted, and is probably as of 2014 the dominant pairing for Hannah (if not for Neville[4]). Fiction for the pairing sometimes explores how she and Neville got together. Many of these stories are set during the seventh year at Hogwarts under the Carrows' reign of terror; others place the romance later, and sometimes give Neville a past relationship with another character such as Luna. Some stories focus on Hannah helping Neville to come to terms with his parents' curse damage.

Gen stories sometimes explore her response to her mother's murder, sometimes in the context of her Hufflepuff year-mate Susan Bones' similar loss. Other stories examine her choice to become a pub landlady, another post-DH tidbit. Hannah is also a frequent background character in Hufflepuff AUs. Besides Neville, she's also occasionally paired in het with Ernie Macmillan, Zacharias Smith and other minor characters. Femslash with Hannah is reasonably common, especially before Rowling's announcement; a wide range of partners have been written but the most common are probably Susan Bones and Slytherin Pansy Parkinson. Perhaps based on her exam-anxiety meltdown before her OWLS, Hannah is often written as anxious or nervous. She's also sometimes characterised as rather naive, possibly due to the shrub incident (she thinks Sirius can transform into a flowering shrub).

There is a little fan art for the character, which mostly portrays her as rather more conventionally attractive than her canonical description.

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