Artemis Fowl

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Name: Artemis Fowl
Abbreviation(s): AF
Creator: Eoin Colfer
Date(s): 2001 – 2012
Medium: books
Country of Origin: Ireland
External Links: Wikipedia
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Artemis Fowl is a series of eight science fiction fantasy young adult novels written by Eoin Colfer, featuring the eponymous character, Artemis Fowl II. The series follows the shenanigans of Artemis Fowl II as he discovers an underground fairy civilization.


1. Artemis Fowl
2. Artemis Fowl - The Artic Incident
3. Artemis Fowl - The Eternity Code
4. Artemis Fowl - The Opal Deception
5. Artemis Fowl - The Lost Colony
6. Artemis Fowl - The Time Paradox
7. Artemis Fowl - The Atlantis Complex
8. Artemis Fowl - The Last Guardian
9. Spin-offs and Novellas


The Artemis Fowl series, despite being popular, is not a very well-known fandom, as referenced in this image of a Tumblr post. Recently, the Artemis Fowl fandom has been speculating about the upcoming movie adaptation of their book series.


There have been two major ships involving the protagonist: Artemis/Holly and Artemis/Minerva. However, compared to other fandoms, their ship wars have been relatively mild.


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