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Name: Emmajean Big Bang
Emmajean fic weeks 2017
Date(s): July 4–16, 2017
Founder: belkittykelly
Type: Mini Bang - fanfiction
Fandom: X-Men, Marvel Comics
URL: AO3 collection
List of Participants
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Emmajean Big Bang was a mini big bang, prompt based challenge in the X-Men/Marvel Comics fandoms, dedicated to the pairing of Emma Frost/Jean Grey, also known as Emmajean.

belkittykelly created a mini big bang for Emma/Jean fans, in order to create more fanfiction for the pairing's tag at Archive of Our Own which had only 28 tagged as of Jun 15 2017.[1]


  • phoenix fire by abslander- A dream alerts Emma Frost & Jean Grey of the possible return of the Phoenix; they discuss.
  • close by abslander- Jean was always hot. Emma was always cold.
  • Set the World on Fire With You by belkittykelly- Jean finds herself in an overnight holding cell right next to Emma, some kid in a few of her classes who she’d always pegged - well, completely wrong, as she discovers. She’s dazzled by Emma’s how-I-was-arrested story, and the two make fantastical plans for a revolution together.
  • When a Queen Cries by belkittykelly- Not much can make Emma cry. But a stressful day, high nerves, and just one question seems to do the trick.
  • Perfect by belkittykelly- Jean is getting doubts that Emma feels the same as her - so Emma has to show her otherwise
  • After Two Years by belkittykelly- bobby is stuck with jean, the ship’s doctor, as she patches up a scratch he got down on a planet’s surface. while he’s there, he has to listen to her struggle with her crush on the captain, emma.
  • Hero by belkittykelly- When the Phoenix unexpectedly returns, Jean has no other choice but to sit and wait out whatever torture would surely follow. But Emma, recently a member of the X Men after leaving the Brotherhood, finds her and struggles to rescue her.
  • The Price We Pay by belkittykelly- Jean recalled what happened after the battle in flashes. The battle itself had gone horribly, horribly wrong, as battle often did. You’d think that the X Men would learn a god damn lesson after fighting so many, but they were still as hypocritical as ever, preaching peace to their students and turning around to meet Magneto in another stupid fucking battle. And it felt like this time, they had finally paid the price.
  • Vibrancy by NotQuiteHumanAnymore- Contrary to the boundless rumors that stem from any form of celebrity, Emma Frost has no soulmate. She has never allowed anyone close enough to leave a mark on her.
  • To Kill a Queen by NotQuiteHumanAnymore- Jean Grey is an assassin sent to kill the White Queen. She abruptly realizes that she is terrible at her job, given the fact that she winds up saving Emma’s life, instead.
  • I’m a Doctor, Not a Babysitter by NotQuiteHumanAnymore- Everyone in the X-Mansion gets turned into an infant, save Jean and Emma, who are left to deal with the magical fallout.
  • Save the Date by NotQuiteHumanAnymore- Jean is on a date. Emma is on a date. They are not the same date, and Emma takes issue with this.
  • In the Eye of the Beholder by NotQuiteHumanAnymore- Jean asks Emma to give her a makeover a la every high school movie anyone has ever seen. Emma obliges.
  • Lose Myself to You by Priestlyislove- For Emma Frost, Love took the form of Jean Grey.




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