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Name: Crossover Big Bang
Date(s): 2011 - 2013
Moderator(s): chosenfire28, kerrykhat
Founder: darkmagic_luvr
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: multifandom, crossovers
Associated Community: crossbigbang (Livejournal); archive link
URL: Round 1 Master List
Round 2 Master List
Round 3 Master List
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Crossover Big Bang is a multifandom Big Bang challenge for crossovers with a minimum word count of 15,000 words. The stories are accompanied by a minimum fo two graphics created by fan artists.


Round 1

Title: Constant Companion
Author:: emmademarais
Fandoms: Numb3rs/Firefly
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 18K
Content Warnings: Graphic sex, Slash between two men who are brothers in canon but not in this AU
Spoilers: Pilot (Numb3rs), Serenity (Firefly)

Title: Home is Where Your Story Begins
Author: FaithDaria and PaBurke
Genre: Crossover, Joan of Arcadia/Supernatural/Dresden Files
Rating: PG-13, for language, reference to sexual situations, and adult subject matters
Pairing: references to offscreen Sam/Joan
Spoilers/Warnings: Takes place after the finale of Joan of Arcadia, with the premise that season 2 took place during Joan’s senior year of high school. Abrupt left turn in the Supernatural timeline after “Crossroad Blues.”
Disclaimer: Harry Dresden, Father Forthill and the Carpenters belong to the excellent Author: Jim Butcher. Joan Girardi and family belong to Barbara Hall. Sam and Dean Winchester are the creation of Eric Kripke. Work done entirely as entertainment, for no monetary gain.
Summary: God told Joan, “I said your life will be easier. Easier doesn’t mean better. I told you two years ago that I was preparing you for battle. That battle won’t be easy, but it will be worthwhile. And if you make the convenient choice now, you won’t be ready for the hard choices later.”

Title: One Sister's Vow
Author:: ansera
Artist: chosenfire28
Fandoms: Merlin, Harry Potter
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 39,078
Warnings: Slash, Het, Explicit Violence
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Uther/Igraine, Percy/Oliver, Ron/Hermione (Other minor pairings both het and slash)
Spoilers: None for Merlin and up to 'Deathly Hallows' for Harry Potter
Summary: When Special Auror Merlin Emrys is forced to protect Muggle Arthur Pendragon, he assumes that the job will be an easy one. Then he meets the man, and he just might kill Arthur before anyone else can.

Title: No One Mourns the Wicked
Author:: sailorhathor
Artist: sailorhathor
Fandoms: Miracles/Supernatural/Scream Crossover
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 55,542 total
Summary: Dean comes to the realization that the resemblance between Paul Callan and Billy Loomis is significant to the coming Apocalypse, so he tells SQ about the relationship he had with Billy in 1995 and how he tried to save Billy from his downward spiral into infamy. Pairings: Dean/Billy, Dean/Paul, Dean/Billy/OFC, light Sam/Tatum, Billy/Stu, Party Guests/Other Party Guests (slash, het, het/slash threesomes)

Author: Name: trinipedia
Artists Name: liliaeth
Fandoms: Supernatural/HSM
Warnings: incest, gore, angst (but hey, you've watched the show, right?)
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Troy/Gabriella
Rating: R for language and hinted stuff
Word Count: ~ 15k
Spoilers: heavy spoilers for HSM 3, none for SPN (pre-series)
Summary: Gabriella and Sam left everything behind to go to Stanford, and their fateful meeting does little to ease their loneliness, as Dean and Troy meet on the road, quickly becoming friends and allies in their shared quest of getting back the ones they love. Once they get to Stanford, though, they're faced with a mysterious murder; Dean decides to investigate and Troy, who's afraid Gabriella is in danger, tags along. Meanwhile, Sam has to face weird and gory nightmares which might in fact not be nightmares at all: he'll have to team up with his brother once again, in order to solve the mystery before Gabriella becomes the next victim.

Title: Eat it Twilight
Author:: liliaeth
Artist: lightthesparks
Fandoms: Supernatural/Criminal Minds
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 45.791
Content Warnings: death of children, religious themes, violence
Spoilers: both for s5 of CM and SPN
Beta: runriggers, just_ruth, faithburke
Disclaimer: I don't own either, no matter how much I might want to
Pairing: Not an issue

Title: The Soul Job
Author:: Jedi Buttercup
Artist: Lyl (lyl_devil)
Fandoms: Angel/Leverage crossover Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 25,000
Warnings: Language; mentions of adult behavior.
Notes: set during 5.8 "Destiny" for Angel and post-2.9 "The Lost Heir Job" for Leverage. More notes on fic post. Thanks so much to my beta,maevebran, for general awesomeness and for introducing me to Leverage in the first place; and my artist, lyl_devil, for her fabulous artwork!
Summary: It's been a long time since Lindsey McDonald and Eliot Spencer went their separate ways... but if ever a man was in need of the leverage their team could apply, it was Eliot's brother. 25,000 words.

Title: Welcome to Cleveland
Author:: margarks
Artist: Davincis_girl
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate Atlantis
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15,600
Content Warnings: None
Spoilers: Through the end of both shows

Title: Lapsang Souchong
Author:: avamclean
Artist: dana_chosenart
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural
Rating: FR15
Word Count: 17688
Content Warnings: hell imagery, language
Spoilers: Supernatural episodes “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Heaven and Hell”
A/N: This story is part of the ‘Miles to Go’ series and is a sequel to ‘Oleander Wine’ Synopsis: Buffy’s just getting the hang of her new life, her new enemies and the open road when she’s needed back home, but is Sunnydale still her home?

Title: Rumored to the Straight and Narrow
Author:: leighleighla
Artist: Davincis_girl
Fandoms: Supernatural/Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13ish for stuff
Word Count: 23,326
Spoilers: Supernatural So Far, Doctor Who up to Journey's End
Timeline: Doctor Who: About 30 years into the future in Pete's World. Supernatural: a few months after the apocalypse ends
Summary: After the Apocalypse, Dean Winchester attempts to put his life back together, which includes accompanying his new girlfriend to her grandparents' house for Christmas. While Miranda Tyler's grandparents, parents and two older brothers seem harmlessly eccentric, it seems Dean is in for a couple of surprises. Sadly, not of the naked kind.

Round 2

Title: White Rose (Painted Red)
Author: meh_forget_it
Artist: cashay
Crossover: Harry Potter/Supernatural
Type: Slash (mentions of het)
Word Count: 47,477 words
Characters/Pairings: Gabriel (Loki)/Harry Potter (Veles) - Gabriel, Harry Potter, Lucifer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Kali, (the Judeo-Christian) God, Bobby Singer, various gods from other regions, the odd OC
Warnings: Character death, OOCness, blasphemy, disregard for any and all religion, strong language, slash, sexual situations between two males, violence, angst, randomness
Summary: After his death by the hands of his brother, Gabriel honestly though that was it. Until he realized he was thinking. Which, he was almost certain, wasn't something someone did after they died. Sequel to White Rabbit, but can be read alone.

Title: Nightmare Machine
Author: jaune_chat
Artist: sucksucksmile
Crossover: Criminal Minds/Inception
Type: Gen
Word Count: 25,000 words
Characters/Pairings: Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid, Jennifer "J.J." Jareau, Erin Strauss, Dom Cobb, Eames, Adriadne, Yusuf, Mr. Saito
Warnings: Violence, aftermath of torture
Summary: When the BAU learns that someone is using a PASIV as a weapon, they are forced to look for unconventional methods to interrogate the comatose victims of the crime. Dominic Cobb is asked to bring his team of extractors to teach the profilers the ins and outs of their trade, for when a mind is the scene of the crime, both extractors and profilers will have to depend on each other to find and stop the criminal responsible...

Title: Dreamer
Author: sparrowshellcat
Artist: agardenafter
Crossover: Inception/Jumper/PUSH/Sucker Punch/Supernatural
Type: Slash
Word Count: 36,808 words
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, David Rice, Baby Doll, Arthur, Ariadne
Warnings: Incest and violence
Summary: After his brother goes to hell, Sam begins to spiral completely out of control. He becomes addicted to anything that allows him to sink into his own memories and spend his time dreaming of being with Dean. Just as he's supposed to get a new dream blueprint from Arthur and Ariadne, Dean returns from hell - and that's when everything sort of turns sideways. Sam's Yellow-Eyes abilities start coming back, but with a vengeance, and in new strange ways. He passes out whenever he starts to panic - which forces everyone around him to pass out as well, and into a shared dream - everyone except Dean. But the longer they start investigating Sam's strange new ability, the more they realize that other people know about him and his powers, and are trying to track him down because of it.

Title: Life is the Little Shadow
Author: cydsa
Artist: xsilverdreamsx
Crossover: American Idol RPF/Supernatural
Type: Slash
Word Count: 19,645 words
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel, Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Warnings: Snakes
Summary: Sam and Dean head to the Ozarks in Arkansas to deal with an ancient Cherokee monster that is targeting members of one family. Once they get to Mammoth Spring, they meet Kris, who just wants to be a musician and meet Adam Lambert. Not necessarily in that order. Then Castiel shows up and tells them that the warrior they need to kill the monster is not one of them.

Title: Make Me Feel Not Alone
Author: kerrykhat
Artist: geaugaart
Crossover: NCIS/The West Wing/Warehouse 13
Type: Gen
Word Count: 42,900
Characters/Pairings: Claudia Donovan, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Pete Lattimer, Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Abby Sciuto, Mrs. Frederic
Warnings: Suicide
Summary: What starts like an ordinary case quickly evolves into something different when, after the events of "Reset", Claudia Donovan is sent out into the field as Pete's partner when she receives the shock of a lifetime: the face of her deceased uncle, Simon Donovan, on one NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Working together to track down an artifact, Claudia is forced to confront her past when it and the present start colliding.

Title: Minato's Mentor
Author: sarhea
Artist: sparklycockles
Crossover: Harry Potter/Naruto
Type: Gen, het, romance, drama, action
Word Count: 21,000
Characters/Pairings: Hermione Granger/Minato (aka Yondaime Hokage), Sarutobi (Sandaime Hokage), Nara Shikaku, Yamanaka Inoichi, Kyuubi, Kushina
Warnings: Violence, language, some intimacy
Summary: Hermione Granger makes waves and enemies. Unfortunately they are competent enough to be a very serious threat. She ends up in a different dimension, on the Elemental Continent and meets a newly promoted Konoha jounin-nin, Namikaze Minato. They become intellectual friends and sort-of-penpals. Hermione's feelings change and being male Minato remains clueless. When the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacks Konoba, Hermione risks it all to help her friend, just like she always does.

Title: Purgatory
Author: xanateria
Artist: csichick_2
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sanctuary/Supernatural
Type: Het and slash
Word Count: 28,364
Characters/Pairings: Will Zimmerman/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Ashley Magnus, past Helen Magnus/John Druitt, Henry Foss, Nikola Tesla, Kate Freelander, Bigfoot, Willow Rosenberg, Rupert Giles
Warnings: Canon character death, language, sex
Summary: While studying at Stanford, Sam Winchester meets Sanctuary director Helen Magnus. The unlikely friendship that springs up between them changes things for both of their worlds, after Dean finds Helen's contact information on his quest to save Sam after his brother goes to Hell to save the world. Because Helen has friends in very unlikely places, and when she asks Rupert Giles for his expertise on all things demonic, she starts a chain reaction that has consequences no one could have foreseen. Sometimes you can get what you wish for, even if you don't know you wished it, and even the things you want the least can end up making you stronger, but you have to survive them first.

Title: Gimme Shelter
Author: dulcedeusex
Artist: sucksucksmile
Crossover: Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural
Type: Gen and het
Word Count: 30,000
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Faith Lehane, Buffy Summers, John Winchester, mentions of Sam Winchester, DAwn Summers, Rupert Giles, Robin Wood
Warnings: Sexual content, violence, strong language
Summary: Some months before Supernatural Season 1 (May 2005), Dean Winchester bumps into Faith in a town in Nevada. He saves her life after she's fought a demon but he does not know she's a Slayer.

Title: Out with the Old, In with the New
Author: mizface
Artist: creepylicious
Crossover: Angel the Series/High School Musical
Type: Slash
Word Count: 23,955
Characters/Pairings: Chad Danforth/Ryan Evans, Sharpay Evans, Angel, Charles Gunn, Wesley Wyndam-Price, Harmony Kendall, Lorne, Spike, Fred Burke
Warnings: None
Summary: With a promising theater career and a gorgeous boyfriend like Chad Danforth, life couldn't get better for Ryan Evans… Until the dreams started. Unsettling at the least, terrifying at their worst, he tried ignoring them, but then he started seeing things in the waking world as well. Even more frightening, Sharpay confessed to having the dreams too. Following his father's advice, Ryan and Chad traveled to the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart in search of answers.

Title: Soul Bound
Author: sarhea
Artist: vengefuldemon69
Crossover: Harry Potter/Star Trek
Type: Gen and het
Word Count: 50,000
Characters/Pairings: Hermione/nu!Spock, Harry Potter/Christine Chapel, Luna Lovegood/OMC, Sarek/Amanda, T'Pau, Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Uhura
Warnings: Violence, death/killing, some language, some intimacy
Summary: Hermione Granger had a special non-so-imaginary friend long before Minerva McGonagall ever visited and informed her that she was a witch. Unfortunately he makes a choice that sets him on a different path leaving her behind. Then one day an omnipotent being called Q informs her that he and his world are in grave danger. But - if she chose - she had a small chance at saving Vulcan from what Would/Could happen. Hermione doesn't have to think very hard; she makes the choice to leave her entire world behind, to save HIS world. But she does not make te trip alone since Harry and Luna follow her on this one-way trip. Q gives them enough time to pack and plan for the journey, to make the right contacts, the necessary preparations, to create a means of preventing Vulcan's destruction. And along the way they find friends, family and lovers.

Title: Packing Explosives in a Suitcase
Author: soulascending
Artist: chibifukurou
Crossover: Danger Days conceptual universe/Power Rangers RPM
Type: Gen
Word Count: 27,200
Characters/Pairings: Dillion/Ziggy Grover, Jet Star/Summer Landsdown, Scott Truman, Flynn McAllistair, Doctor K, Tenaya, Doctor Death Defying, Show Pony, Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid
Warnings: Some violence, strong language, and blood
Summary: Dillon, Summer, and Tenaya leave Corinth to explore and help aid the recovery of the world. They find themselves on the West Coast of California, where they meet the Fabulous Killjoys, and learn of the evil Better Living Industries, running an oppressive dictatorship over the brainwashed citizens of Battery City Meanwhile, Ziggy and Flynn leave Corinth on a mission to find and help Dillon and the others, and quickly find themselves equally wrapped up in the fight against Better Living industries. Following shortly after them, Doctor K enlists Scott's help to chase her wayward Rangers down. In the end, the Killjoys and the Rangers will have to join forces and invade Battery City to rescue some of their own.

Title: Paths Crossed
Author: whiskyinmind
Artist: reapertownusa
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural
Type: Gen,pre-het
Word Count: 21,000
Characters/Pairings: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Faith Lehane
Warnings: None
Summary: "I was working my own gig. This voodoo thing down in New Orleans." In the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has become a magnet for vampires, demons, and all those things that go bump in the night. Dean Winchester is on the trail of a voodoo priestess but may be a little out of his league here. Just as well there's a Slayer in town...

Title: A How-To Guide to Love and Marriage, for People Who Hate Both
Author: boombangbing
Artist: skylar0grace
Crossover: The Big Bang Theory/Wizards of Waverly Place
Type: Het
Word Count: 20,000
Characters/Pairings: Penny/Justin Russo, Alex Russo/Moriarty, Harper Finkle/Zeke Beakerman
Warnings: None
Summary: When Justin went off to college, he thought he might actually be able to strike out on his own. Yeah, right. No matter where he goes, Alex is always going to rain down her own special kind of insanity on him.

Title: Never Trust a Coward
Author: the_me09
Artist: agardenafter
Crossover: Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes '09
Type: Slash
Word Count: 19,540
Characters/Pairings: Lord Henry Blackwood/Lord Coward, Ten
Warnings: Infidelity, Wibbley-wobbley timey-wimeyness, mass murder
Summary: Coward, on the verge of death, stumbles into the TARDIS. The Doctor saves him without realizing what he's getting into. Coward takes full advantage of the time machine at his disposal. When WWI breaks out several years too early, the Doctor has to clean up Coward's mess. Timelines are not things to be messed with. Coward discovers that seven years can make a world of difference.

Title: I'll Allow It
Author: trinipedia
Artist: miki_moo
Crossover: Breaking In/Supernatural
Type: Slash
Word Count: 12,000
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, implied Dean Winchester/Melanie Garcia
Warnings: Incest
Summary: If you're looking for top-notch security, there ain't a notch above Contra; they break in and test your security before the bad guys can. There's Melanie Garcia, first-rate lock picker and surveillance expert, Josh Armsstrong, master of disguise and intel specialist, and Cash, the gadget man. All the team needs is an intern, a smart hacker, one who likes research and can hold his own in a fight. It needs to be someone good with weapons and with his bare hands. Sounds like this guy, Sam Winchester, up at Stanford, fits the profile. If they can recruit him, they'll be the best crew in the business.

Title: The Consummate Companion
Author: emmademarais
Artist: chibifukurou
Crossover: Firefly/His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass)/White Collar
Type: Mixed threesomes (MMF) and het
Word Count: 15,000
Characters/Pairings: Neal Caffrey/Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey/Kate Moreau/Vincent Adler, Neal Caffrey/Alex Hunter, June/Byron, Mozzie, Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones, Reese, OCs
Warnings: Sexual content, violence, trauma,minor character deaths (non-graphic)
Summary: Neal Caffrey, with his daemon Keaira, is a professional Companion assigned to the Burkes when his past with Vincent Adler returns to haunt them all.

Title: Temps
Author: humantales
Artist: chosenfire28
Crossover: Sherlock (BBC)/Torchwood
Type: Gen with canon het and slash
Word Count: 18,062
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Sherlock Holmes, Ianto Jones, John Watson, and Gwen Cooper
Warnings: Some bad language, off-screen rape and slavery
Summary: Torchwood is down a technical specialist and a doctor. Mycroft is trying to keep a genius and a doctor safe from Moriarty without having to spend too much on repairing the damage that a bored, imprisoned Sherlock can cause to a safe house. The government wants Torchwood to hire replacements, but Jack isn't ready to replace Owen and Toshiko. Mycroft is a "minor government official".

Title: Welcome to Wisteria Lane
Author: brinchen86
Artist: chrunchy_crunck
Crossover: CSI: NY/Desperate Housewives
Type: Gen and het
Word Count: 19,036
Characters/Pairings: Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe, Gabby Solis/Carlos Solis
Warnings: None
Summary: This story is Danny/Lindsay centric, showing mostly how they move into the Wisteria Lane, get to know the housewives and their families, start to make friends with some of them.

Title: Marine Knots
Author: faithburke
Artist: sarah_jones
Crossover: NCIS/The Dresden Files
Type: Gen
Word Count: 30,000
Characters/Pairings: Harry Dresden, Karrin Murphy, Thomas Raith, Mouse, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Ziva David, Tim McGee, Tony DiNozzo
Warnings: Some gore
Summary: Thomas goes to Washington, D.C. and is framed for murder. He calls the only person he knows that can get him out of this mess. Or, alternatively, the "Harry and Thomas" show goes to D.C.

Title: Never Even Considered for Mass Production
Author: gala_apples
Artist: creepylicious
Crossover: Bandom/X-Men movieverse
Type: Slash with some het
Word Count: 26,784
Characters/Pairings: Ryan/St. John, Tobby/Rogue, Spencer/Boom Boom, Ryan/Spencer, St. John/Bobby, Frank/Jamia, Frank Gerard, Frank/Mikey, Ray/Krista, Jon/Cassie, Pete/Patrick, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Alex Deleon
Warnings: Military attacking a boarding school, skewed timelines
Summary: While auditioning for Pete Wentz, Ryan and Brendon's abilities trigger. Lucky for them, Pete happens to know of a school that can help them learn control. The situation doesn't get much better when the four arrive at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. Ryan Ross and St. John Allerdyce both have the same problem: their best friend is in love with some stupid girl, instead of them. Just when they've found their own solution, the United States military attacks the school. When Magneto offers to take them away, of course they accept. Meanwhile, the Mutant Registration Act is gaining favor in the United States. Pete shows his attempting to sign a mutcore band to his label, to Joe's approval, ignoring the difficulties Andy notes. My Chemical Romance takes a more visible stance, including but not limited to Frank outing himself and Gerard making scenes. Post Midtown ex-activist Gabe Saporta is looking for a new purpose in life, and ends up exactly where he was before. And Singer has to deal with the aftereffects of the mutant-outing headache that swept the world. With so much hate in the air, sometimes there's no choice left but to reinvent love.

Title: A Fairy, a Doctor, and a Big Blue Box
Author: chibifukurou
Crossover: Doctor Who/Nabari No Ou
Type: Gen
Word Count: 16,000
Characters/Pairings: Miharu, the Doctor, Amy Pond/Rory Williams
Warnings: Mentions of past and future character death
Summary: Miharu wasn't expecting a blue box to appear in Thobari-sensei's backyard. But the strange people who come out of the box don't seem to be ninjas. And if they are they're even worse ninjas than he is. He soon discovers tha they were forced to land due to interference from a Multi-dimensional being. Which seems like utter nonsense until it's discovered that the being in question is the Shinra Banshou. The being that was sealed inside his life force years before, and has been seeking a way to escape ever since. Unfortunately for the Shinra Banshou, the Doctor knows how to handle Multi-dimensional beings.

Title: Untitled
Artist: chrunchy_crunck
Crossover: Criminal Minds/Glee
Type: Gen with mentions of slash
Characters/Pairings: Kurt Hummell, Noah Puckerman, Derek Morgan, and Dr. Spencer Reid

Round 3

Title: New Doors
Author: sarhea
Crossover: Naruto/InYasha
Type: Het
Rating: NC17, MA
Word Count: 19,300
Characters/Pairings: Higurashi Kagome/Uchiha Itachi, Team 7, Uchiha Mikoto, Kyuubi, Sesshoumaru, Tsunade
Warnings: minor violence, off-side deaths, sexual intimacy, biting, knife-play, BDSM
Summary: Itachi Uchiha is a respected Konoha ANBU captain being pressured into marriage. Feeling cornered, he uses an unconventional method to thin out the pool of candidates. Enter Kagome, a traveling miko looking for… someone. How else could these two possibly meet?

Title: Sleep of Angels
Author: windfallswest
Artist: sunryder
Crossover: DCU (Batman Beyond)/Veronica Mars/Eastern Promises/The Pretender
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 70,000
Characters/Pairings: Terry McGinnis/Nikolai Luzhin
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence
Summary: On a stakeout, Veronica Mars finds out more than she bargained for about the Russian mob and her classmate Terry McGinnis. Terry McGinnis is Batman, and also sort of secretly banging Nikolai Luzhin, a police mole running the Russian mob. Veronica wants to be more involved, and Terry wants his life to be less complicated. Bruce Wayne might want his old protégé, Dick Grayson, to stay in Blüdhaven; but Dick didn't ask him. The police definitely want to put a lid on Batman, and Nikolai probably wants for people to stop shooting at him.

Banner by satavaisa for Every Purpose Under Heaven

Title: Every Purpose Under Heaven
Author: shirleyann66
Artist: satavaisa
Crossover: Iron Man (movie-verse)/Haven
Type: Gen with a touch of het
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 21,109
Characters/Pairings: Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Nathan Wuornos/Audrey Parker
Warnings: None
Summary: It was just another day in the office for Tony Stark, fighting evildoers and trying to save the world. Then one minute, he's flying through the sky, dodging missiles, and the next he's naked, lying in a forest in Maine, staring at two guys who have never heard of Tony Stark - or Iron Man. Nathan Wuornos and Duke Crocker are on a mission: to find their friend, Audrey Parker, the only person who can help them against the supernatural Troubles that plague the town of Haven. They stumble upon a naked man with a glowing object embedded in his chest, claiming to be a superhero. Now a man of science and a town that defies science are about to meet, and the search for answers gets even more complicated. Just another day in the office, actually. For Haven.

Title: Echos
Author: creepylicious
Crossover: Bandom/American Horror Story/Lost Souls
Type: Gen with slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15,252
Characters/Pairings: Gerard Way/Ghost
Warnings: Ghosts
Summary: Roadtrip fic with ghosts. Ghost was still looking at the man in the window. “I'm sorry,” he said eventually. “What for?” the man asked, inhaling sharply. “That you're stuck here with someone who doesn't love you anymore like you want him to,” Ghost said and then bit his lip, because people didn't always want to hear these things. Even dead people didn't want to hear these things. Especially dead people. Maybe. He wasn't sure. The man exhaled another lungful of smoke. He sighed. “Yeah, I'm sorry too.” He sounded resigned.

Title: It's All Coming Back to Me
Author: enochiansigils and not_from_stars
Artist: evian_fork
Crossover: Primeval/Charmed
Type: Het
Rating: R
Word Count: 33,154
Characters/Pairings: Captain Hilary Becker/Phoebe Halliwell
Warnings: Some sex scenes
Summary: Hilary Becker had been in love with Phoebe Halliwell and he thought the feelings were reciprocated. Then one day he woke up, and she was gone. She left no note and he couldn't find her to get an explanation. Eight years later, he finds out where Phoebe is and that she has kept an important secret from him—one that she had no right to keep. Now Hilary and Phoebe have to deal with the actions of the past before they can't fight against Phoebe's life of the present in order to give them a chance at a future. However, demons on a vengeance kick won't be the worst of their problems.

Title: When the Earth Moved
Author: joelthecat
Artist: azuremonkey
Crossover: Sanctuary/The Closer
Type: Het
Rating:M for gore and unpleasant fantasies
Word Count: 15,551
Characters/Pairings: Sharon Raydor/John Druitt plus canon pairings past and present from both fandoms
Warnings: Gore, non-con, more core, crawling around in Druitt's head, a little more gore, references to past child abuse, also a couple of curse words
Summary: A strange run of earthquakes and a series of murdered prostitutes trouble the LAPD, but not half as much as the people who appear to assist in the investigation.

Title: Put Your Funderwear On
Author: jedibuttercup
Artist: firefox1490
Crossover: Fast Five/Transformers (Bay-verse)
Type: Het and background slash
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 17,500
Characters/Pairings: Luke Hobbs/Monica Fuentes, Sam Witwicky, Agent Chato, Agent Simmons, Transformers OCs, Sideswipe, and Brian O'Connor/Dominic Toretto
Warnings: Language, minimal canon-typical violence
Summary: It had been two years since Toretto and O'Conner had left him laughing in their dust. It was about damned time someone gave him an answer.

Title: The Great Laws of the Human Soul
Author: wildwinterwitch
Artist: hollymarchosias
Crossover: Doctor Who/Blackpool/Sherlock (BBC)
Type: Het
Rating: M
Word Count: 40,117
Characters/Pairings: Peter Carlisle/Rose Tyler, Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler, John Watson, Gregory Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes, Jackie Tyler, Verity Newman
Warnings: None
Summary: Rose Tyler has a great friendship with a man whom she only knows through his emails. DCI Peter Carlisle tries to find out why there's a photo of him in a book about a man who lived almost a century ago. And while Sherlock Holmes becomes a consulting pirate to assist in a new case, John Watson does a bit of deducing of his own about his friend's heart.

Title: Never a Breath You Can Afford to Waste
Author: kisforkurama
Artist: firefox1490
Crossover: The Social Network/Criminal Minds
Type: Slash
Rating: R
Word Count: 15,445
Characters/Pairings: Mark Zuckerbert/Eduardo Saverin; characters mostly localized to Mark, Eduardo, Spencer Reid, and Derek Morgan
Warnings: Violence of the crime drama variety, character with PTSD. Most of the rating actually comes from multiple instances of the word fuck
Summary: "Is there anything you need to tell me?" "No." Only, as it turns out, there are a lot of things Mark needs to tell Eduardo. Among those are the following: he once hacked into the government, the BAU is kind of like his second family, he's under FBI protection, someone is after him, Eduardo is probably in danger, and oh yeah. He's utterly in love with Eduardo.

Title: Hell's Belles
Author: twisted_slinky
Artist: caitriona_3
Crossover: Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries
Type: Gen with canon het couples
Rating: R
Word Count: 16,000
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore
Warnings: Violence, gore, language, slight sensual imagery
Summary: New Orleans, Mardi Gras. Elena and the Salvatores are looking to spend some time away from Mystic Falls. Meanwhile, the Winchesters are looking for sightings of the walking dead. Both groups crash the same elegant costume party, so it should really be no surprise when the mansion ends up surrounded by a horde of flesh eating zombies.

Title: Laughter and Fun
Author: gala_apples
Crossover: Bandom/Macdonald Hall
Type: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17,578
Characters/Pairings: Mikey/Gabe, past Mikey/Matt/Kim, Mikey/Boots, Gabe/Pete, Mikey/Gabe/Pete, Bruno/Boots, Cathy/Diane
Warnings: Public sex, homophobia
Summary: The Macdonald Hall series
Summary: After being expelled for having sex in a secluded stairwell Mikey and Gabe are sent to a Canadian boarding school. Gabe would point out to his parents that that isn't really a location likely to make them have less sex, but he'd like to avoid a worse alternative. Once they arrive he's glad he didn't mouth off. As it turns out, Macdonald Hall is just about the perfect place for an adventure filled senior year.

Title: Covenant of Liars
Author: tenshinrtaiga
Artist: dhfreak
Crossover: Pretty Little Liars/The Covenant
Type: Gen, with both slash and het pairings
Rating: M
Word Count: 24,075
Characters/Pairings: Alison DiLaurentis, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, Chase Collins, Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, Tyler Simms. Canon ships plus some Caleb D./Spencer, Aria/Reid, Alison/Chase.
Warnings: None
Summary: No one really knows how the Power came to be. Not even the Book of Damnation recorded its beginning. But those who mastered it have always been hunted. In the middle of the 17th Century, many escaped the brutal Witch-hunting in England and France by coming to America. As the brutal persecution of those with the Power spread throughout Massachusetts, the ten families of Ipswich (Danvers, Hastings, DiLaurentis, Putnam, Parry, Fields, Montgomery, Garwin, Simms and Marin) formed a Covenant of silence. And for 300 years it has kept them safe. Until now. Alison, Caleb, Spencer, Pogue, Reid, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Tyler have to deal not only with their own high school drama, but the strange supernatural ones that keep popping up. And it doesn't help that the Covenant of silence is splitting at the seams as Spencer deals with her family, Caleb finds himself in love with someone else and Aria falls for her new teacher. And of course, further splitting the group, there's Alison and the girls as they try and secretly deal with That Jenna Thing.

Title: Missing Person
Author: teshara
Artist: twisted_slinky
Crossover: NCIS/Harry Potter
Type: Gen
Rating: T
Word Count: 12,756
Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Leroy Gibbs, Ziva David, Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee
Warnings: Kidnapping
Summary: When Ron Weasley goes missing on a routine intelligence mission NCIS is brought in to work with the Ministry on behalf of both countries.

Title: Fate Protects Fools
Author: sunryder
Artist: pyalgroundblz
Crossover: NCIS/Hawaii 5-0 fused with Star Trek
Type: Slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 21,042
Characters/Pairings: Tony/Gibbs, Steve/Danny, Ducky, Abby, Tim, Jenny, Cait, Ziva, Morrow, Chin, Kono, Gracie, Jameson, Joe, Kamekona, Max
Warnings: None
Summary: The Federation Starship Valor was one of the crowning jewels of the Fleet. Her Tactical Chief was a Bajoran with a penchant for blowing things up and asking questions later, her Security Chief was a human who'd followed his daughter halfway across the galaxy and now was relegated to serving drinks in Ten Forward, her newest officer was a Trill with a bright smile who teased the Captain far too much, and her Captain... well let's just say Gibbs wasn't a happy man.

Title: The Truth Serum
Author: xxxholiclover
Artist: chibifukurou
Crossover: Inception/3rd Rock from the Sun
Type: Gen and slash
Rating: R
Word Count: 15,361
Characters/Pairings: Arthur (Tommy)/Eames
Warnings: Non-graphic torture, use of truth serum
Summary: Arthur hadn't expected to be dosed with a truth serum on a routine extraction, but that's what happened. Now Eames, Ariadne and Arthur have to deal with all of Arthur's little secrets, namely the one about him being an alien. Just another day in the office, not.

Title: Chuck Versus the Intersected Doppelgänger
Author: cghardy
Artist: whogate
Crossover: Chuck/White Collar
Type: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 15,100
Characters/Pairings: Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, John Casey, Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, guest stars
Warnings: Violence
Summary: Peter's team and Team Bartowski have gotten together. The Ring has a money launder and while that's usually White Collar territory, Team B is also using it as a way to start the destruction of the Ring. Now, Neal has somehow acquired an Intersect. Intersect 2.0, one that should only have one copy. Chuck Bartowski. So where did Neal's come from?

Title: Graduation Day
Author: chibifukurou
Artist: chibi_lurrel
Crossover: My Chemical Romance/Monica Hughes' Invitation to the Game
Type: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 17,500
Characters/Pairings: Frank; Gerard; Mikey; Ray; Grace
Warnings: Dystopian subject matter, mental illness
Summary: All I wanted was a family of my own. Why did my right to have a wife and kids have to hinge on getting a job?

Title: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Author: psuedo_catalyst
Artist: chosenfire28
Crossover: Bandom (Young Veins)/The Social Network RPF
Type: Slash and gen
Rating: R
Word Count: 31,600
Characters/Pairings: Ryan Ross/Jesse Eisenberg
Warnings: None
Summary: Ryan Ross has a box of self-help books under his bed and a second imploded band in as many years. Jesse Eisenberg has a flourishing career and trouble dealing with being away from his cats. When they meet at an animal shelter, they are brought together by lost kittens and kept together by increasingly surreal telephone conversations.

Title: The Leap In Job
Author: ultra_fic
Artist: whogate
Crossover: Leverage/Quantum Leap
Type: Gen with some het
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 23,204
Characters/Pairings: Nathan Ford, Parker, Sam Beckett, Eliot Spencer, Alec Hardison, Al Calavicci, Sophie Devereaux, Nate/Sophie, Parker/Hardison & Parker/Eliot
Warnings: None
Summary: When Dr Sam Beckett makes his latest leap into infamous Robin Hood style thief Nathan Ford, he never could imagine how complicated things were about to get. Thankfully, he has Al to help him out, as always, but this isn't going to be a simple job. If Nate is such a Mastermind, why would Sam be needed for a heist? Maybe that's not what he's here for. When Parker runs away, it seems it might be more of an emotional problem that Sam is here to fix, in place of Nate who wouldn't know where to begin. Potential love triangles, complex cons, and a grifter with a crush on him? Even Sam Beckett wasn't quite ready for this leap!

Title: down where sound comes blunt and wan
Author: cydsa
Artist: adrianneb78239
Crossover: Supernatural/Hawaii 5-0
Type: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 18,400
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Sam; Danny/Steve
Warnings: Some violence and descriptions of murder victims. Sex of the incestuous type. Snark. Killer sharkmen.
Summary: There’s something ‘fishy’ about the murders being committed on the Big Island. Sam and Dean Winchester come over to Hawaii and offer Five-O their special brand of expertise. Spending time with the Winchesters forces Steve and Danny to finally face whatever it is that’s been brewing between them. Between hunting sharkmen killers and trying to figure out exactly who the Winchesters are, Five-O have their hands full. Of course, almost dying does wonders for a relationship.

Title: Every Star in the Sky Knows Your Name
Author: jaune_chat
Artist: slowsunrise
Crossover: Sherlock (BBC)/Firefly
Type: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15,147
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, River Tam, Simon Tam, Malcolm Reynolds, Inara Sera, rest of Serenity's crew.
Warnings: Violence, mental health issues, aftermath of surgery, minor blood
Summary: Mal's latest pair of passengers slowly reveals they have more of a connection to the crew than anyone would have thought, when Simon discovers that Sherlock and his sister had been in the same government program over a decade and a half apart. Sherlock's friend John, his rescuer and keeper, tells the crew the story of living a life on the run, something that is both less and more familiar than anyone expects.

Title: Where My Life Begins
Author: sadwal1538
Artist: evian_fork
Crossover: WWE/NHL
Type: Het
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,199
Characters/Pairings: Jonathan Toews/Eve Torres; Patrick Kane/Kelly Kelly
Warnings: None
Summary: After what they thought was a one night stand, Eve ends up pregnant. Jonathan plans and wants to be there with Eve throughout everything. Along the way things turn serious between them. Jonathan can see a future with Eve; just like Eve can see one with Jonathan. Can they make that happen?

Title: Maelstrom
Author: faithburke
Artist: chosenfire28
Crossover: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Type: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 25,000
Characters/Pairings: Full cast for both shows
Warnings: Offscreen character death
Summary: The Berrisford Agenda could have hidden a deeper twist

Title: On Our Own Terms
Author: jennytork Artist: satavaisa
Crossover: Supernatural/Doctor Who
Type: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 15,285
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester, the Doctor (10), Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Azazel, Mary Winchester, minor OCs
Warnings: Language, canon character death, a bit of gore but nothing as bad as shown on the shows.
Summary: With "If you walk out that door, don't you ever come back!" ringing in his ears, Sam Winchester heads to Stanford. Or at least, he plans to. But an encounter on the westbound bus leads to the revelation of a future so nightmarish that it might truly be called the end of the world. The stranger on the bus offers Sam a chance to change it, and to help people along the way. During a time when every family in America needs to touch base, Dean heads to Stanford to make certain Sam is ok. What he finds there is something he never expected. What happens when he and his father see Sam again will not only impact their lives, but has the potential to change the horrible future into something much more hopeful.

Title: Trying to Find Our Way Down a Road We Don't Know
Author: scandalbaby
Artist: equal_to_k
Crossover: Sherlock/Doctor Who
Type: Het
Rating: PG overall, some R
Word Count: 15,147
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/Amelia Pond, with Eleventh Doctor, Greg Lestrade, the Dream Lord, River Song and Mrs. Hudson in various parts.
Warnings: Non-explicit sexual content in part 4
Summary: Sherlock Holmes grew up watching over Amelia Pond, and he never once believed in her “raggedy doctor.” So what happens when, years later, she shows up on his doorstep with the very man in question right behind her?

Title: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Author: deans_fetish
Artist: evian_fork
Crossover: Supernatural RPF/Criminal Minds
Type: Slash and het references
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 46,838
Characters/Pairings: Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Danneel, mentions of Jared/Genevieve, Christian Kane, Steve Carlson, Misha Collins/Victoria, mentions of baby West, Sandra McCoy, Jared/unsub, FBI Unit Chief - Derek Morgan, Senior SSA - David Rossi, Supervisory Special Agent - Aaron Hotchner , Emily Prentiss, Dr. Spenser Reid, SSA Media Liaison - Jenifer “JJ” Jareau, Technical Analyst - Penelope Garcia.
Warnings: Character Death, (Genevieve is murdered in this story - if you are a Gen fan you may not wish to read this fiction. PLEASE BE ADVISED!) Swearing, Severe Violence, Blood, Kidnapping, Hurt/Comfort, Torture, Drugging, Non-Con (rape), Angst, Schmoop.
Summary: A serial killer is targeting dark haired muscular male actors. When Jared is kidnapped and his wife brutally murdered in their home, it’s the men and women of the FBI’s BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit)’s job to figure out how to find him before Jared joins this mad man’s growing list of deceased victims.

Title: The Girls of Death
Author: merryghoul
Artist: hollymarchosias
Crossover: Torchwood/Sherlock/Luther
Type: Slash
Rating: R
Word Count: 15,855
Characters/Pairings: Alice Morgan/Suzie Costello, asexual!Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, fanon!Sebastian Moran, Greg Lestrade, Molly Hooper, OCs
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Summary: 2013. Jim Moriarty's crime ring has unravelled. As Sherlock is returning to London, Ronald Adair is killed by a sniper in his Park Lane home. The Adventure of the Empty House begins, but with DCI Suzie Cutler supervising Sherlock and John, there's bound to be twists.

Title: Not Seeing is Believing
Author: mizface
Artist: whogate
Crossover: Scarecrow & Mrs. King/Invisible Man (2000)
Type: Het and Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 16,027
Characters/Pairings: Lee “Scarecrow” Stetson/Amanda King Stetson, Darien Fawkes, Bobby Hobbes, Charlie Borden, Claire “Keep”, Eberts
Warnings: None
Summary: Lee and Amanda are performing a standard Agency house-cleaning assignment when they find information on a branch that has more than its share of secrets, including the $17 million QS project. Blocked by their own people, the couple decide their best bet on getting any real information is at the source. But will a trip to the California branch operating as the Department of Fish & Game shed any light, or will they continue to find more questions than answers?

Round 4

Title: So, Secret Agencies Run in the Family?
Author(s): cghardy
Artist: nickygabriel
Crossover: Avengers/Hellboy (both movieverse)
Type: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15,000
Characters/Pairings: Phil Coulson, John Myers, Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Loki, small appearances from other Avengers and Fury
Warnings: Violence, swearing, attempted murder, witchcraft (if you're offended)
Spoilers: If you've watched the Avengers movie and the two live Hellboy ones, you're good.
Summary: Coulson gets a report from SHIELD that Loki has appeared in a downtown park. He, along with a couple of others, get a surprise when they find out they're not the first agency down there. Around Loki is a small group of supernatural creatures, and the BPRD was alerted to the mess. One of the faces is someone Phil hasn't seen in years. His youngest brother, John Myers.

Title: The Intersects Versus Plan B(ryce)
Author(s): cghardy
Artist: crescent_gaia
Crossover: Chuck/Doctor Who/White Collar
Type: Mostly Gen with hints of het and poly
Rating: PG
Word Count: 15,100
Characters/Pairings: Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, John Casey, Bryce Larkin, Stephen Bartowski, The Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke and others
Warnings: Violence and swearing
Spoilers: Up to Season 2 of White Collar, Season 4 of Chuck and Season 6 of Doctor Who
Summary: Sequel to Chuck Versus the Intersected Doppelganger. Neal and Bryce both get another message from the woman claiming to be their mother. Bryce gets it a little late, coming home from a mission, but does go out to New York with Chuck and Sarah, where it's planned. Neal goes first and meets River Song and the Doctor, their parents. When Bryce does arrive, he starts attacking the Doctor. Figuring out what happened, The Doctor joins up with Team Bartowski and Neal and Peter, to get Bryce back and to stop Madame Kovarian once and for all.

Title: And If That's All There Is (It Ain't So Bad)
Author(s): saltandbyrne
Artist: liliaeth
Crossover: Supernatural/Grimm
Type: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~18.7k
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Sarah Blake, Anna, Adam, Michael, Lucifer, Nick Burkhardt, Rosalee, OCs
Warnings: angst, show-level violence and gore, minor character death, drunk Dean, brief Dean/OMC dub-con kissing, come marking, public sex, handjobs, rimming, spanking, rough sex.
Spoilers: None
Summary: The gates to heaven and hell are closed for good, and Dean is spinning out of control. As he drinks his way across the country, putting down low-level monsters with the reluctant help of his brother, Dean feels himself losing everything he once knew. When a hunt in Olympia doesn't go the way anyone expected, Dean encounters Castiel, a different kind of hunter who opens Dean's eyes to a world of possibility.

Title: Eyes Wide Open
Author: scoobydumblonde/idra
Artist: sadwal1538
Crossover: WWE/Numb3rs
Type: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15,405
Characters/Pairings: Evan Bourne, Colby Granger, Kelly Kelly, David Sinclair, Meghan Reeves, Don Eppes, Ian Edgerton
Warnings: n/a
Spoilers: none
Summary: Evan's getting death threats. The FBI puts him into protective custody and Colby takes him away from everything to help keep him protected.

Title: Here a Vamp, There a Vamp
Author(s): spikes_heart/liliaeth
Artist: liliaeth
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural
Type: Het, pre-slash
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 63,000
Characters/Pairings: Spike/Buffy, Dawn/Xander, Dean/Benny pre-slash, Dean/Castiel pre-slash, Sam, Charlie Bradbury, Naomi
Warnings: Mention of dub/con due to fraud. Not graphic.
Spoilers: The entire series for both shows.
Summary: Spike takes Buffy and Dawn for a little pleasure trip to New Orleans. A sort of intervention for Dawn to get her out of the Council’s library after a heartbreaking discovery. Somehow this all leads to a big mess when a certain southern fry cook spots the white haired vampire. Canon for all of BtVS, Not comics compliant. SPN leaves canon behind sometime after the episode Taxi Driver, definite tweaking of a certain guest character.

Title: The Tale Of The Unexpected Departure And The Surprise Arrival
Author(s): Ragna (scandalbaby)
Artist: casper_san
Crossover: Elementary/Sherlock
Type: Het
Rating: PG
Word Count: 15,049
Characters/Pairings: Elementary!Sherlock Holmes/BBC!Irene Adler, Greg Lestrade/Joan Watson, BBC!Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, Tobias Gregson, Alfredo Llamosa, Marcus Bell, Miss Hudson
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Holmes and Irene are thrown for a loop when the United States government decides that Irene Adler being in the United States is too much of a security risk. The decision to deport her back to London is expedited for the fact that Irene is pregnant with twins, and the government does not want her children born on US soil. Holmes decides to move back to London to be with her and their children, and they are once again surprised that evening, this time by by Joan's decision to move there as well, partly to start a new career as a pathologist at St. Bart's alongside Molly and partly to be closer to her long distance boyfriend. But complications ensue when, upon her arrival in London and in the presence of Sherlock and John, Irene goes into labor. Despite their best efforts, there is no way for Holmes to arrive in time for the birth of his children, leaving his cousin to be there in his stead. Sherlock gets four broken fingers and an end to his fight with his girlfriend Molly as a result, and when Holmes finally does arrive later in the evening he gets a most welcome surprise.

Title: The Past Increases, The Future Recedes
Author(s): Ragna (scandalbaby)
Artist: banbury
Crossover: Star Trek Into Darkness/Sherlock
Type: Gen with mentions of future Het
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 24,050
Characters/Pairings: Khan Noonien Singh, James T. Kirk, Spock, Nyota Uhura, Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Carol Marcus, Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, Greg Lestrade, Sally Donovan, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson; mentions of future Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper and hints of James T. Kirk/Carol Marcus.
Warnings: Non-explicit character death
Spoilers: None, I suppose, since the movie's out of theaters now
Summary: Six years after the events that resulted in Admiral Marcus's death and Khan's return to a cryogenic state, a shadowy organization in Starfleet who wants to continue Admiral Marcus's work in a militarized Starfleet wake Khan up as he is being transported to a prison planet. He escapes, and it is up to the crew of the newly returned Enterprise to track him down and recapture him. Kirk accepts the mission, taking McCoy, Uhura, Scotty, Carol and Spock to go investigate the abandoned hangar where Admiral Marcus had the battle ship built. Khan is there, and he's been working on his own agenda, building a transwarp device that would allow him to travel through time as well as space. To protect himself, Khan jumps to 21st century London, and Kirk and his crew quickly follow. They convince a newly returned Sherlock and some of his friends of who they really are, thanks to Carol being a descendant of Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper and having detailed knowledge of those two particular ancestors, but before they can get Khan and get back home Khan kidnaps John Watson. Now the play for power has begun.

Title: Broken Soul is Bleeding
Author: backrose_17
Artist: hollymarchosias
Crossover: Torchwood/The Avengers
Type: Slash, female slash and het
Rating: R
Word Count: 39078
Characters/Pairings: Tony Stark/Ianto Jones, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanov/Pepper Potts, Jasper Sitwell/Toshiko Sato, Jack Harkness/Alternate Ianto Jones, mentions of Rhys/Suzie and Owen/Diane
Warnings: Mention off screen character death
Spoilers: Season One of Torchwood
Summary: After the events of Countrycide Ianto comes to the realisation that Torchwood was no longer the place for him. As he struggles to find a new life for himself Ianto is approached by Nick Fury and unexpectedly finds himself working for SHIELD. Given his past experience in working with ‘difficult’ alpha-males, he is assigned as Tony Stark's new handler; does Tony have the compassion and willingness to help heal someone whose as broken as him?

Title:This Tree With All Its Broken Branches
Author(s): morganoconner
Artist: equal_to_k
Crossover: Avengers/Teen Wolf
Type: Family-oriented gen with some background slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 23,500
Characters/Pairings: Clint & Derek, Clint/Coulson, Derek, Stiles (some Derek/Stiles pre-slash). The rest of the Avengers and Teen Wolf casts are there as well, but don't feature as prominently.
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: As far as Clint is concerned, Clinton Hale died in the fire that killed most of his family seven years ago. After following his two remaining siblings to New York in secret to ensure they were safe, he took a new name and became an Omega, a lone wolf. The guilt he felt for his part in the blaze wouldn't allow him to do anything else, and as a wolf without a pack, he probably would have died the messy death he deserved if Phil Coulson hadn't found him. Now, years later, he gets word that his sister is dead and his brother is back in California, starting a new pack. Guilt, curiosity, and a loyalty he’s never been able to shake have him making his way back to Beacon Hills, where he will be confronted by the family he left behind and the answers to questions he never knew to ask.

Title: The Growing curve
Author(s): jjjanimefan
Artist:not claimed
Crossover: Bandom: Panic at the disco/Glee
Type: (Gen, Het, or Slash) slash
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: ~17500
Characters/Pairings: Finn Hudson/Brendon Urie
Warnings:, some swearing, reference to sexual situations, random song lyrics
Spoilers: Glee season 1-2
Summary:Due to a twist of fate, Finn Hudson ends up as a tech on baby Panic's first tour. Brendon decides he has another victim for piggyback rides and Disney movies and Finn is used to Sue Sylvester type chaos so he fits right in. He's also developing some feelings for his hyperactive frontman, but is determined to put them aside, because Brendon is famous and talented, while he's just a tech on his tour. It's not until those feelings start becoming mutual that the real problems start. So Finn is running away, Brendon isn't sure what he wants and everyone just wants them to stop with the drama already.