Captain Marvel - A (Fanmade) Trailer

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Title: Captain Marvel - A (Fanmade) Trailer
Creator: puffabilly
Date: February 19, 2014
Format: digital vid
Length: 1:28 min
Music: Action Trailer 1 by Taylor Lipari-Hassett
Genre: gen, fake trailer
Fandom: Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics, MCU)
URL: Captain Marvel - A (Fanmade) Trailer (YouTube)
Captain Marvel - A Trailer (Tumblr)

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Captain Marvel - A (Fanmade) Trailer is a fake trailer vid by puffabilly for a fake film for the character Carol Danvers who is currently known as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Comics.

As of January 12 2015, the video has more than 11,400 views. On the Tumblr post, it has over 1,500 notes.

Vidder's Notes

Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
Music: Action Trailer 1 by Taylor Lipari-Hassett - [1]
End title template: The Peoples Template by BlueFX
Thanks to Kari and Kates for doing test viewing. And to Kelly Sue DeConnick for writing Carol and being so kind to a nerd girl in Brisbane.
28/10 - Added Fanmade to the title since Woot - real movie coming 2018.


When S.H.I.E.L.D. officer Carol Danvers intercepts a rogue spaceship, she meets an alien soldier named Mar-Vell and begins turning into something not quite human herself.

Although in the MCU Carol is not [yet] a part of the universe, with the announcement of the upcoming 2018 film of Captain Marvel many fans started fancasting different actresses for Carol. In this video, Katee Sackhoff was chosen, which many fans of the vid agreed with.


"Incredible! She's my first choice for Carol Danvers!"[1]
"Woah. Amazing. And the FC of Sackhoff was perfect :D"[2]
"OMG Katee Sackhoff is the perfect Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel O.O"[3]
"Yes, please.

I would really like to see a Ms. Marvel / Captain Marvel origin story that isn’t so embedded in second wave feminism, so very 1970s, and yet is respectful of the explicitly feminist origins of the character. It would be easy for modern film making to fall into the One Strong Female Character in a Sea of Men trope, but that is so very much the antithesis of Carol’s orgin story at Woman Magazine, and her conflicts with J. J. Jameson and friendships with women. (It’s also the antithesis of most Carol writing up to the present day, up to and certainly including Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel with its core of female friendships.)

In short: Carol Danvers, the movie."[4]
"do not watch this because you will cry because it is not real"[5]
"I’ll take twelve tickets please… Oh, and some for my friends too. (Seriously clever, I had fun piecing it apart; how many sources can you name?)"[6]


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