Brooklyn (Captain America zine)

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Title: Brooklyn
Publisher: Bad Influence Press
Editor(s): Aimee/brofisting
Date(s): 2015
Medium: print
Size: 5.25" x 8.125 inches
Fandom: Captain America
External Links: Brooklynzine Tumblr, Archived version; Home · BROOKLYN ZINE SHOP · Online Store Powered by Storenvy, Archived version; Free download
cover by Aimee/brofisting
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Brooklyn is a limited run 48 page art zine that focuses on the Steve/Bucky pairing from Captain America. The book was being professionally printed on 80lb silk paper with a 100lb cardstock cover at 5.25" x 8.125", saddle stitched. The zine sold for $8. Buttons and post cards were offered as additional Kickstarter rewards. The editor also organized a launch party for the zine at a Brooklyn bookstore.[1] A screengrab of art thumbnails is archived here.

See the 2016 interview Gold Foil and Bad Influences -- Aimee Fleck.


Lindsay (chaoslindsay)
Clare (jukebox-head)
Tea-Binge Studio / Marcelle (scribbleymark) & Anika (peacocksdance)
Sam (superhumandisasters)
Jess (stonelions)
Kate (illustratedkate)
Nur (choowy)
Gene (noogenesis)
Mo (cuddlingthecthulhu)
Sushu (potofsoup)
Holli (nonasuch)
Wensleydale (wensleydale)
Isabel (ithusi)
Audrey (nordreys)
Betsy (ink-demon)
Amanda (humourlesspoppycock)
Leo (leoniebunchdesigns)
Kendra (kendrawcandraw)
Jeremia (jeremiagoeswoah)
Marcela (dueliste)
Carol (datura-riot)
Llewellyn (caffeinetooth)
B-Rex (theopteryx)
Jes (caffeinated-zombie)
Karaii (karaii)
Lacey (dial-p-for-placey)
Mikey (speedduck)
Cherri (fluffyduckgardens)
Quinn (quinndunham)
Katie (d-d-dean)
Beverly (trimcoast)
Christine (dionysusmonster)
Mica (micaceous-art)
Kat (ocicatsy)
Tam (mistersusans)
Aimee (brofisting) Lindsay (ofdonut)
Sonia (sonialiao)
Sae (picapicae)


  1. Launch fest, Archived version