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Name: Supernatural Crossover Big Bang, sncross-bigbang
Date(s): 2009 - 2015
Moderator(s): chosenfire28, dhfreak, primreceded, sparrowshellcat
Founder: chosenfire28
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community: sncross-bigbang
URL: "sncross-bigbang". Archived from the original on 2021-05-26.
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The Supernatural Crossover Big Bang was a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom, that focused on crossovers. It ran for five rounds from 2009-2015, a sixth round was scheduled for 2016, but it looks as if it was never completed.



Title: The Exiles
Author: Morgan Briarwood / briarwood
Crossover: Supernatural/Angel
Type: Gen, though it can be read as UST if you swing that way :)
Word Count: 22,500
Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Kate Lockley
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None for recent episodes
Artist: karahalliwell
Summary: Two years ago, Kate Lockley was kicked out of LAPD because of her obsession with the things out there in the dark. Now she’s a deputy in a small California town and something she knows isn’t human has abducted a young woman. Kate tracks the thing to its lair but she’s not the only one hunting it. When she runs into John and Dean Winchester, she comes to realise that despite her experience fighting vampires, demons and zombies, she ain’t seen nothing yet.

Title: Free Until They Cut Me
Author: newredshoes
Crossover: Supernatural/Band of Brothers
Disclaimer: Eric Kripke made Supernatural, not me. While Band of Brothers is based on real persons and events, the men portrayed within are derived from actor performances in the HBO miniseries. No disrespect is intended and no ownership is being claimed.
Type: Gen
Word Count: 24,660
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, John, special guests; OFC, OMC; Babe Heffron, Guarnere, Grant, Liebgott, Luz, Skinny Sisk, Skip Muck, Doc Roe, Malarkey, Alley, Winters, Peacock, others (note: the BoB cast size is pretty much the inverse of SPN's; "sprawling" doesn't begin to do it justice)
Warnings: R for language, battle gore, period slang
Spoilers: None for SPN; for BoB, through Episode 5, "Crossroads"
Artist: miss_seashelle
Summary: The summer of 1944 is a respite for the paratroopers of Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. The unit has just returned to England from a month of combat in Normandy. Replacements fill the ranks, among them Private Dean Winchester. He left his own war on the home front, but attacks on the men of Easy prove that there's always something to hunt. Why are only Normandy vets being targeted? What’s behind all the attacks? And why has Dean abandoned his little brother, his father and his work for the Airborne anyway?

Title: Toxic
Author(s): violettestars
Crossover: Supernatural/BTVS/Angel
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripe, BTVS and Angel belong to Joss Whedon
Type: Ge/Het
Word Count:15,865
Characters/Pairings: DeanWinchester/Faith Lehane, Sam Winchester, Angel, Willow and various charcters from both verses.
Warnings: Rating R
Spoilers: SPN up to season 3, BTVS season 7 and Angel season 4
Artist: groundedsouls
Summary: Faith's on the prowl when she runs into an old friend. When she learns of the deal Dean made to save Sam she's determined to break it. With only a few hours to go will it be too little too late? Author’s Notes: I'd like to thank colourmod and stars91 for betaing. Also thank you groundedsouls for the wonderful art.

Title: This Above All
Author: SylvanWitch
Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: The ones you recognize aren't mine and never will be, more's the pity. Such plans I have for them.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 26,307
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Giles
Warnings: Graphic male/male sex, Strong language, Violence, Underage (Sam is 16)
Spoilers: None for Supernatural. Season 7 for Buffy.
Artist: la_conquistador
Summary: Sam had imagined a lot of things in the months between receiving the thick manila envelope of acceptance materials from Stanford and the day he moved into his freshman dorm. ... But nowhere in his fantasies did he figure creeping through a park in the dead of night to find the site of a brutal murder. And yet…

Sam's pursuit of "normal" is interrupted when a dormmate is murdered in a decidedly abnormal fashion. When he meets an older guy with a great accent and a really interesting day job while investigating the gruesome supernatural crime, Sam discovers that there's a whole other world of weird out there he'd never even imagined. Of course, since Sam is a Winchester, it all—and always—comes back to demons.

Title: Chasing Lu
Crossover: Supernatural/Constantine (movie)
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters featured in this fic, it's just a bit of fun, don't sue me!
Type: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 24, 635
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, John Constantine, Castiel, Lilith, Ruby, Papa Midnite, Angela Dodson, Chas Kramer, Ellen, Bobby, Beeman, Father Hennessy, Lu aka Lucifer.
Warnings: Strong Language, Consensual Incest, Sex, Violence, Gore, Death. Spoilers: Spoiler through Season 4
Artist: davincis_girl
Summary: The Winchester brothers are in LA, with another seal on the verge of breaking. Sam and Dean have to find out how a serious of demonic murders might point them on the right track and how Dean can finally realize his role.

Title: The End of the World as We Know It
Author(s): scoob2222
Crossover: Supernatural/CSI:NY
Disclaimer: CSI:NY and Supernatural do not belong to me.
Type: Het
Rating: R
Word Count: 16,253
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Anna, Sam/Ruby, Flack/Aiden, Angell/Adam, Danny/Lindsay, Mac/Stella, Bobby, Castiel
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: Supernatural Season 4, CSI:Ny Season 5
Artist: dhfreak
Summary: Aiden died at the hands of DJ Pratt, her body burned beyond recognition. Three years later, Don Flack is still grieving the loss of his one true love. No one is more surprised than he is when she shows up alive, desperate to get back the life she lost...of course she has to stay alive for that to happen.

Title: Memories Forgotten
Author(s): hunters_retreat
Crossover: Supernatural/Dollhouse
Disclaimer: Not mine, but I like shiny pretty ones :P
Type: Slash/Het
Word Count: 20,100
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, Dean/Caroline
Warnings: Incest, Dub-Con (Sex with Dolls), AU
Spoilers: none. AU SPN from the time Sam leaves for Stanford. AU Dollhouse before Paul sees Caroline.
Artist: chosenfire28
Summary: Everything changed int he Winchester family the day Sam went off to Stanford, leaving his father and brother behind to try his hand at normal. He had no idea how his choices had affected his family until the day he met Cain. Nothing in Sam's life will ever be the same again.

Title: Ghosts
Author(s): darkmagic_luvr
Crossover: Supernatural/Firefly
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Firefly. Any characters you don't recognize belong to me and should not be used without my permission.
Type: Het
Word Count: 40,000
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Inara Serra, Ruby, Mal Reynolds, Kaylee Frye, Simon Tam, Jayne Cobb, Shepherd Book, Zoë Alleyne Washburne, Hoban Washburne, River Tam, Jo Harvelle, Lilith. Sam Winchester/Inara Serra.
Warnings: sex, language, violence, death
Spoilers: through the Firefly series and up until 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' in Supernatural.
Artist: quiet_reble
Summary: Inara never wanted to die, and with the help of the Winchesters she hadn't for over 500 years. When an old friend and lover walks back into her life, she has to open her closet and face her skeletons, whether either of them want to.

Title: January Girl
Author: parenthetical
Crossover: Supernatural / Harry Potter
Disclaimer: Neither Supernatural nor the Harry Potter books belong to me!
Type: Het - PG-13
Word Count: 33,600
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester / Luna Lovegood
Warnings: None
Spoilers: For the later HP books; only for the earliest episodes of Supernatural
Artist: The wonderful darkmagic_luvr
Summary: With Sam trying out normal life at Stanford and his father working an undercover gig across the country, Dean is on his own and getting reckless. While investigating a series of mysterious deaths, he runs into a strange witch called Luna Lovegood, who is searching for what she calls a 'Horcrux'. (Seriously?) Suddenly Dean finds himself dealing with evil wizards, broomsticks, Bat-Bogey Hexes, Dementors, mirrors which order him to wear a pointy hat, and much more - all the while trying not to think too much about Luna's last name and whether it's accurate.

Title: Making Choices
Author: gestaltrose
Crossover: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of them.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 34,000 or so total
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Dean, Harry/Sam, Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Harry
Warnings: (starting in the second part)underage, incest, attempted rape, rape (described after the fact)
Spoilers: SN-none all pre-season, HP- AU mentions of cannon elements up to GOF
Artist: lightthesparks
Summary: Harry Potter was grudgingly taken to the States with his family, when they are killed and Harry is saved by John Winchester, his life changes forever. Harry is adopted, and now has two brothers. There are Death Eaters, hauntings, talking snakes, an old woman who Dumbledore respects, portkeys, a certain black dog, magic, demons, and boys trying to live and grow up. In the end, it’s all about family.

Title: Stutter and Stumble
Author: stangerine88
Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Disclaimer: Nothing remotely involving Supernatural or Harry Potter- the settings, characters or ideas- belongs to me. No copyright infringement intended.
Type: Slash (mentions of past gen) Harry/Dean
Word Count: 33,345
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Harry Potter, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Caleb, various Supernatural favourites.
Warnings: slash, minor character death, minor torture, angst- nothing too squicky, I promise.
Spoilers: All of the Harry Potter series, especially from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as well as all of Season One for Supernatural.
Author’s Notes: Thanks to my awesome betas: jarissy and gestaltrose who fixed everything my mind just couldn't seem to see. The two of you actually helped me learn something about my writing style and how to improve it. Thanks to ayan_desu for her amazing artwork and to ofthisangel for listening to me rant and whine and for the awesome title and summary but most importantly, for helping me throw Harry off a cliff one night.
Artist: ayan_desu
Summary: On October 31, 1981 Harry Potter's parents died in one tragic and unforgettable night at the hand of Voldemort. No one questioned it, there was no other possible suspects for such a crime. Twenty-three years later, Harry's beginning to find that maybe jumping to conclusions wasn't the brightest idea and he gets the feeling that maybe this John Winchester would agree.

Title: Hell and Fury
Author(s): goth_clark
Crossover: Supernatural/Hellblazer comics
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and John Constantine belongs to DC Comics. No infringement is intended and no profit is made.
Type: first time, angst, slash
Word Count: 16,800
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester, John Constantine, John Winchester, John Constantine/John Winchester
Warnings: Rated NC-17 for sex and some violence.
Spoilers: Supernatural up to end of season three and hints of season four. Hellblazer all issues.
Artist: angstpuppy
Summary: Sam tried everything to get his brother back from Hell. Including a Brit his father labeled dangerous and Bobby warned him about.

Title:My Brothers' Keepers
Authors: jaune_chat and brighteyed_jill
Crossover: Heroes
Disclaimer: We don't own these characters or universes. They belong to their creators. We just play in their sandbox.
Type: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 60,000(ish)
Characters/Pairings: Every combination of Nathan and Peter Petrelli and Sam and Dean Winchester
Warnings: Consensual incest, dubcon(ish), orgies, demons, demon-possession, violence, language, mind-control, angst, going straight to hell (literally), and non-chronological narrative structure.
Spoilers: Supernatural Season 4, pre "On the Head of a Pin," very vague Season 2 spoilers for Heroes.
Artist: just_chiara
Summary: Sam and Dean discover demons have been possessing people with special abilities that have nothing to do with magic. Peter draws a future that reunites him and Nathan with the Winchester brothers. Together they find out that specials—people whose powers come from an unusual inherited gene—are being targeted for possession by a woman who is on the verge of breaking one of the sixty-six seals.

Title: Carry My Smile With You
Author: blue_icy_rose
Crossover: High School Musical
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or High School Musical. They belong to Eric Kripke and Disney.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 21,500
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Ryan, Dean, Sharpay, Kelsi, OCs
Warnings: AU, slash
Spoilers: SPN: through 2x1, HSM: all 3 movies.
Artist: lightthesparks
Summary: A vision of Sam's leads him and Dean to discover a series of deaths at Juilliard. Posing as federal agents, they begin searching for the thing responsible. During the investigation, Sam meets Ryan Evans, a senior connected to the victim in Sam's vision and someone who knows what he wants - and what he wants is Sam. As he and Ryan grow closer, Sam can only hope that he and Dean solve the case - before Ryan becomes the next victim.

Title: Walk This Path of Dust and Ashes
Author(s): tassosss
Crossover: Supernatural/Jericho
Disclaimer: Not my shows, not my characters, just my story.
Type: Gen
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 47,670
Characters/Pairings: both Winchesters, Castiel, and Ruby; all the Greens, Hawkins, and most of Jericho
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: Supernatural Season 4, Jericho Season 1
Artisit: satyrnfive
Summary:The day after Ruby drags Castiel out of Hell, twenty-three bombs fall on twenty-three American cities, devastating the country in one fell swoop. Resources are suddenly in short supply, small emergencies turn into disasters, and outside of the town of Jericho's borders, it's every man for himself. As the town struggles to set up a defense force against road gangs amid domestic unrest, four refugees walk in from the fallout zone in the West.

Sam, Dean, Ruby, and Castiel thought they had found a haven from the dangers and desolation from the road, but what Sam thought was a random demon possession and extermination leads to murder, more demons, one of the last remaining seals, and a sinister plot for the town - if only they can figure out what before the friction between the townspeople erupts and tears Jericho apart.

Author’s Notes: A big thanks first of all to chosenfire28 for putting this whole thing on. You’ve been amazing. Second, huge thanks to satyrnfive for the amazing artwork. Definitely go check it out. Finally, thanks to kaylashay or help on early drafts and world’s best beta award to girl_wonder for helping me get this monster into shape.

Title: Until Proven Guilty
Author: kikiriki23
Crossover: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Disclaimer: The rights to both Supernatural and Law and Order belong to their respective owners.
Type: GEN, PG-13
Warnings: blood, gore, strong language, violence
Word Count: +/-25,000
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, pretty much the whole SVU dept.
Spoilers: up to 4.10 for Supernatural. None for L&O.
Artist: chosenfire28
Summary: A string of gruesome murders shocks Manhattan. Four teenage girls, eyes burned out of their skulls, no trace of whoever did it. With the media going nuts and the police all over the place, investigating seems impossible for the Winchesters...

Title: It's All About the Journey
Author(s): dapatty
Crossover: Supernatural/Life
Disclaimer: This is not my fruit basket and Impala. I'm just borrowing. No money, so no sue.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 18,051
Characters/Pairings: Charlie Crews/Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, Rachel Seybolt, Ted Earley, Bobby Singer, Roman Nevikov, Castiel
Warnings: M/M slash, incest, threesome, adult language, Zen wank, AU for the show Life.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Fair game up to Supernatural 4.12 "Criss Angel is a Doucebag" and AU past Life 2.13 "Re-Entry"
Artist: davincis_girl
Summary: After returning his niece to safety, the Winchesters have a steamy meetup with Charlie Crews, an ex-con LAPD Detective with a penchant for babbling, fruit, and Zen.

Title: Definitely not Shambhala (but it's good money)
Author: gottalovev
Crossover: Supernatural/Lost
Disclaimer: I do not own any of it, this is just for fun!
Type: I'd say this is a gen fic with slashy undertones, nothing racy (sadly!). PG-13 for violence and language.
Word Count: 21,5K words
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, characters seen in S5 of Lost, light Dean/Sayid
Warnings: Brief scene of torture, but not in a sexual context.
Spoilers: General Supernatural S4 spoilers, but for Lost it's spoilery until the episode 5-11 "Whatever Happened, Happened." Alternate AU from there. Creative license taken with the timelines to make everything fit together. If you'd like a primer on either Lost or Supernatural, I made one here (spoiler warning is the same).
Artist: the wonderful chosenfire28 who did so much for this challenge being mod AND artist!
Summary: Sam and Dean have until noon to decide if they'll accept Benjamin Linus' job offer. On paper, it seems pretty straightforward: a lot of money to take care of a demon and of a ghost named Jacob on a mysterious Island in the South Pacific. But why does the case file include background info on the Oceanic Six? Can Benjamin Linus be trusted?

Title: Spirit in the Night
Author: flareonfury
Crossover: One Tree Hill
Disclaimer: I do not own anything familiar to OTH or SPN, only thing I own is this story along with Lucy & Allison.
Type: Het
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 16,740
Characters/Pairings: Brooke/Sam, Lucas/Peyton, Bobby, Karen, Victoria/Richard, Dean, John, Yellow-Eyed-Demon, Lucy (OC), Allison (OC), with mentions of the others Warnings: Language. Teenage Pregnancy.
Spoilers: AU for OTH. Takes place in S1 of SPN.
Artist: faith1912
Summary: Brooke Davis lied to Lucas... She is pregnant. In order to protect herself from hurting anymore from Peyton and Lucas and with her parent's help, she goes to live with her uncle in South Dakota. It's there that she finds out the truth about her uncle's hobby and meets the infamous Wincester brothers. Will she fall in love with Sam Winchester or does she still love Lucas? And just what exactly does the YED want with her?

Title: The Long Way Down
Author(s): cajun_chick411
Crossover: Reaper
Disclaimer: I don't own SPN and I don't own Reaper!
Type: Gen
Word Count: 15,600~
Characters/Pairings: Sam Oliver/Crossroads Demon (briefly)
Warnings: As a rating, I would say PG-13
Spoilers: Season 1 of Reaper and Seasons 1-3 of SPN
Artist: davincis_girl
Summary: When Sam Oliver is killed on the job, his journey through hell introduces him to several interesting characters as he tries to figure out whether or not he really belongs. A series of vignettes that connect towards a common end.

Title:The Wild Hunt
Crossover: Supernatural/Smallville
Disclaimer: None of them are mine, though I wish I had Smallville's Chad the Goth.
Word Count: 19,400
Characters/Pairings: Chloe/Dean (If you squint real hard)
Warnings:pg for language
Spoilers: Up through Lazarus Rising for Supernatural. Smallville through Legion
Artist: chosenfire28
Summary:When an old high school friend contacts Chloe Sullivan about some odd happenings at his job, Chloe agrees to help out—never realizing that "helping" means wearing a corset. When Sam and Dean check out a disappearance at a Renaissance festival, they don't count on the help of a blonde who knows everything there is to know about paranormal—but not so much about supernatural. All Renaissance fairs ahve a little magic of their own. But when the magic at this fair goes terribly wrong, it's going to take the three of them combined to solve this case.

Title: Fortunate Son
Author: chemm80
Crossover: Sons of Anarchy
Disclaimer: The Winchesters and Jax belong to their respective creators, none of whom I are.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 17,380
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam/Jax
Warnings: Language and m/m sex.
Spoilers: Set mid season 1 Supernatural, so possible spoilers to there. Preseries SoA.
Artist: glitter_noire
Summary: John sends Sam and Dean to Charming, California chasing the ghost of serial rapist/killer. The town of Charming answers to one authority: the Sons of Anarchy, the local outlaw motorcycle club. The Sons are the key to finding the killer, and the key to the Sons is Jackson Teller. Author’s Notes: The title is, of course, from the Creedence Clearwater (John Fogerty) song of the same name. Copious thanks to sylvanwitch for the beta.

We came to realize that when you move your life off the social grid, you give up the safety that society provides. On the fringe, blood and bullets are the rule of law and if you’re a man with convictions, violence is inevitable. — John Thomas Teller

Title: Urs-A-Ka-Gan
Author(s): buyo105
Crossover: The Dark Tower
Disclaimer: All Supernatural characters, recognizable settings and or themes belong to Eric Kripke, the CW, and others. All The Dark Tower characters, recognizable settings and or themes belong to Stephen King. I am in no way earning money or other profit from this fanfic.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 15,005
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Sam, Jake Chambers, Aaron Deepnau, OFC
Warnings: Violence, language, wincest
Spoilers: For season 3
Artist: getyourguns
Summary: After Ohio the boys head to Maine to investigate a source of brutal attacks. When they arrive, though, they quickly realize that it's not going to be simple, and it's not something they've ever encountered before. With demons still on the loose and a giant homicidal bear slaying left and right, Sam and Dean find out that, not only does the weight of the world rest on their shoulders, but the weight of all worlds. It's up to them to find out just what's going on to keep the universe from collapsing, all the while struggling with their feelings for each other, and the time on Dean's deal ticks by faster and faster.

Title: Out of These Dark Places
Author: Furor Scribiendi
Crossover: The Sentinel
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural. Look to Kripke and Co. The same goes for The Sentinel. Paramount, UPN and Pet Fly own that too.
Type: Action-Adventure/Humour/Dark-ish
Word Count: 54,076 words/94 pages
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Blair Sandburg, Jim Ellison; Blair/OFC
Warnings: Violence, language, masturbation, Sam/Dean UST
Spoilers: A spoiler for Tall Tales at the start and a lead in to Mystery Spot at the end.
Artist: the awesome angstpuppy
Summary: Trying to hunt down the Trickster changes everything for Dean and Sam Winchester. Meanwhile in Cascade, Washington strange murders have Detectives Ellison and Sandburg stumped. Before it's all said and done, weird doesn't begin to describe what should have been a straightforward case for the detectives and a simple enough thing to deal with for the Winchester brothers.

Title: Bright White Light
Author: lilacsigil
Crossover: Supernatural/X-Files
Disclaimer: All recognisable characters are the property of their respective owners.
Type: Gen casefile, pre-series
Word Count: 35,000
Characters: Sam, Dean and John Winchester, Max Fenig, Fox Mulder
Warnings: Rated PG for injury to children
Spoilers: Premise of Supernatural; X-Files first season episode "Fallen Angel"
Artist: ashlan
Summary: In 1993, the Winchesters go looking for a creature that has already killed at least five people in and around a small town in Wisconsin. Over the last year, ten-year-old Sam has started to learn about hunting and is now an active participant in at least the early stages of a hunt. While he greatly enjoys learning the trade and being useful, he is beginning to understand the fear and danger that also go along with hunting - that which comes from outside the family, and that which comes from within.

As the hunt progresses, the Winchester boys meet up with Max Fenig, a UFO nut who may be seeking the same creature. Max seems to think that it's some kind of benevolent alien, despite Dean and Sam's protests. When John is taken out of the picture, Dean and Sam must protect both themselves and the monster's potential victims. Unfortunately, the creature has attracted the attention of everyone from UFO hunters to the Air Force to Special Agent Mulder of the FBI - but only Dean and Sam know what they're really facing. They can't save everyone, and they know to trust no-one.

Title: Things that Go Bump in the Night
Author: ficwize
Crossover: Supernatural/X-Men
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the property of their respective owners.
Type: Slash casefile, pre-series for Supernatural
Word Count: ~33,000
Characters: Dean Winchester and Remy LeBeau
Warnings: NC17 for sexual content, language and violence
Spoilers: None, if you're familiar with Supernatural. Random bits of Remy LeBeau's past and his powers. This story is not really set in any particular X story line.
Artist: alwaysawkward
Summary: Thirty-five minutes. That's all Dean needed for this job. As long as everything went according to plan, of course.

But this is New Orleans, and nothing ever goes to plan. When Dean is interrupted mid-job by a stranger who strongly resembles a demon, the Plan is blown to hell and back. Dean eventually must join forces with the mysterious Remy LeBeau to try and undo the damage that they have done. Of course, Remy makes no secret about the fact that he has a secondary motivation that causes him to race around New Orleans to try and capture a vengeful spirit.


Title: The Lamb
Author(s): ataventure
Artist: satavaisa
Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer aren’t my creations. Boy, do I wish they were!! Wouldn’t that be cool?! Anyway, Eric Kripke made Supernatural and Joss Whedon made Buffy and I’m just a crazy little fan with, clearly, too much time on her hands. The chapter titles of this fic all come from songs by Florence and the Machine, written and performed by Florence Welch.
Type: Gen with some Het.
Word Count: 49,595
Characters/Pairings: Buffy/Dean, Buffy/Castiel, Ruby/Sam + Bobby & Willow
Warnings: Character Death
Spoilers: Through Season 4 of Supernatural and all seasons of Buffy.
Summary: It’s all about sacrifices. What are we willing to sacrifice to save ourselves? What would we give up to save each other? What will our sacrifices do to our souls?

Buffy Summers has lost the will to slay. Living in the Nevada desert, she works as a waitress during the day and a bartender at night. She never sleeps, never lets her guard down, and never lets herself forget the people she sacrificed to save the world (again). After leading fifty young women to their deaths in Sunnydale, Buffy is tired of the same song and dance. She just wants to lead a normal life. Dean Winchester gave up his soul to save his brother. Trapped in the Pit, he lets the trapped souls and sadistic demons eat away at his memories, his morals, and his existence. He feels like he’s becoming one of them and, what’s more, he seems to be enjoying it. One day, out of the blue, he wakes up in a small dark box. Back on the surface again, confused as a person can be, he’s alive, kicking, and chock-full of dreams about The Pit.

Drawn together by an angel just following orders, Buffy and Dean are pushed to join forces and stop the Apocalypse, an event for which they are both responsible. They’re unlikely candidates for the job: irritable insomniacs, plagued by nightmares and ruined by alcoholism. And yet, they’ll jump back into the fray if it means saving the rest of humanity from the same fate.

Title: Dark Christmas
Authors: candygramme and dean_the_hunter
Artist: glitter_noire
Crossover: Supernatural/X-Files
Disclaimer: This is fiction. Alex Krycek belongs to Chris Carter and Dean Winchester to Eric Kripke. We merely borrow them to play with.
Type: Slash NC17
Word Count: 24,052
Character/Pairing: Dean Winchester/Alex Krycek, Fox Mulder
Spoilers: Season 2 of X-Files
Summary: Someone or something is killing people very messily. Fox Mulder and his partner Alex Krycek are completely baffled, but the young man in the black Impala seems to know a little more than he's letting on.

Title: Weep, Little Lion Man
Author(s): zeitheist
Artist: alwaysawkward
Crossover: Supernatural and Neil Gaiman's American Gods
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to its respective owners. This is a non-profit fanwork.
Type: Gen, some minor het
Word Count: 30,800 words
Characters/Pairings: Castiel gen. Contains some Dean/Bilquis and minor implied Castiel/Zorya Utrennyaya.
Warnings: Contains violence, disturbing imagery, and one explicit / disturbing sexual scene with possible implied dub-con.
Spoilers: None. AU from 5x16 onwards.
Summary: “Consider this a friendly warning,” she said, with a shark-tooth smile. “The Old Gods are dead, and the New Gods rule." Castiel searches for his Father across the myth-steeped American landscape, but there are some Gods who are determined to cut him off at the pass. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam are tracking a mysterious monster in Los Angeles, who they suspect has been killing men for at least two centuries...

Title: The Long and Winding Road
Author: dapatty
Artist: davincis_girl
Crossover: Spn/Life
Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form is this my fruit basket or Impala.
Type: Slash, wincest
Word Count: 26,849
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Charlie
Warnings: AU, Mild language, Zen mutterings, hurt/comfort, slight angst, rating is for explicit m/m sex and incest
Spoilers: Spn through 5.20 and general for Life
Summary: If the Winchesters start the Apocalypse, the least Charlie Crews can do is help fix it by trying to fix them. The path he’s on is aimed for Detroit and on the way he meets angels, devils, the Anti-Christ and a few old friends—some wearing trucker hats and a few tough women. All while trying to show up when he’s needed if just to talk or heal.

Title: Book of Enoch
Author: Erika aka chinae
Artist: satavaisa
Crossover: Highlander
Pairing(s): Adam as Methos, Duncan, Joe, Watchers, Bobby, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Michael, Lucifer
Summary: Death comes knocking.
Rating: slash and slight violence
Disclaimer: Davis-Panzer Productions owns Highlander. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Written as a script. Religious overtones.
Series compliant? No. This is a Crossover. Please consider it an AU.
Word Count: about 15K

Title: Vessels Are Made For Riding
Author: kitty_alex
Artist: alwaysawkward
Crossover: Supernatural/Psych
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I wish I did, but I don't. Everything belongs to its respective owners.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 15,345
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Shawn/Lassiter
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, brief character death, angst, strong language, and graphic images
Spoilers: This is set between 5.16 and 5.17 of Supernatural and after 4.16 of Pysch so spoilers for those episodes.
Summary: Shawn Spencer always thought he was a fake psychic until one day his favorite coroner turns out to be an angel of the Lord and wants Shawn to be the vessel of the archangel, Barachiel. Now Shawn’s life is filled with angels, demons, hunters, and a weird prophet who is drunk all the time, but to top it all off, if he doesn’t decide on whether or not to become Barachiel’s vessel quick, Beelzebub will be released onto the Earth. With complications abound, the world’s fate rests in Shawn’s hands. As Gus would say, “We’re doomed.”

Title: Fallen Angel
Author: happywriter06
Artist: dhfreak
Crossover: Devour
Disclaimer: Supernatural and Devour do not belong to me. I’m just borrowing elements of both for my own amusement.
Type: Case fic. Gen with some Het. AU.
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 15062
Characters: main – Dean, Sam, Jake. Minor – Sheriff North, Conrad, Dakota, Bobby, Marisol
Pairings: Jake/Dakota, Jake/Marisol (brief)
Warnings: Some language. Some sex. Death.
Spoilers: For SPN, AU from the end of S2 but with canon from S3-S5 thrown in. For Devour, the whole movie.
Summary: Sam thinks there's something to the recent murders in Ilchester, Maryland, the place where a priest killed eight nuns in 1972. That something turns out to be the demons let loose in Wyoming wanting a kid named Jake Grey. Dean and Sam just have to figure out why.

Title:Learning How to Fly
Author(s): faithburke
Artist: surevesta
Crossover: Supernatural/Stargate:Atlantis
Disclaimer: none of these folks belong to me
Type: Gen
Word Count: 44000+
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Jack O'Neill, John Sheppard, Evan Lorne, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagen, Elizabeth Weir, Rodney McKay, Radek Zelenka, Sam Winchester, OC's Warnings: This is pretty AU, swearing, angst
Spoilers: Everything for both shows is up for grabs.
Summary: Adult birds push their fledglings out of the nest to teach them to fly. John Winchester parents by a similar philosophy. Dean finds himself far from home and struggling to succeed.

Title: Bad Moon Rising
Author(s): cs_whitewolf
Artist: mattheal
Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Type: Gen.
Word Count: 15,000approx
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape
Warnings: Violence.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: John and Dean are on the hunt for a werewolf terrorizing the locals of an out of the way town in North Dakota. But when the hunt goes wrong and Dean ends up injured, they find themselves under the care of Messrs Lupin and Snape; two men who, in John’s opinion, seem to know more than they should about the goings on in town. Author’s Notes: Set pre-Supernatural and post-Harry Potter.

Title: o, discordia
Author(s): buyo105
Artist: sparklycockles
Crossover: The Dark Tower
Disclaimer: All Supernatural characters, recognizable settings and or themes belong to Eric Kripke, the CW, and others. All The Dark Tower characters, recognizable settings and or themes belong to Stephen King. I am in no way earning money or other profit from this fanfic.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 15,253
Characters/Pairings: Sam/OMC, Sam/Dean, implied Sam/Ruby and an OOC-except-not Randall Flag
Warnings: Language, sexual content
Spoilers: None, AU of season 4
Summary: Sequal to Urs-A-Ka-Gan, Dean is back from Hell when another beam breaks. The boys have no idea what it is that is causing the guardians to slowly die by they're determined to find out. They head to Washington after getting a tip from an old friend and it becomes clear that Sam and Dean's relationship isn't quite what it used to be, and is a long way from ever getting there. With an apocalypse on their hands they've now got to figure out how to stop the universes from ending, but before they can save their world and everyone elses, they've got to save themselves from each other.

Title: The Guy
Author(s): hunters_retreat
Artist: chosenfire28
Crossover: Supernatural/Die Hard 4
Disclaimer: Don't own anything. They'd blow up more things together if I did :p
Type: Slash
Word Count: 15,000
Characters/Pairings: McClane/Matt, Sam/Dean
Warnings: M/M sex, Incest, Language
Spoilers: All Die Hard Movies, SPN through season two
Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester were after another shape shifter, something neither brother was too happy about. Dean hated them on principle and Sam could never get rid of the image of his brother’s body lying dead on the floor, even if it hadn’t been his brother. Everything was going according to plan though until the shape shifter decided take on his next target; one Matt Farrell, computer hacker extraordinaire, and who happened to have his very own bad ass to call when things went bump in the night.

Title: Syndicated Sci-Fi Show
Author: claudiapriscus
Artist: davincis_girl
Crossover: Supernatural/ Stargate: SG-1
Disclaimer: You know the drill.
Type: Gen
Word Count: 34,000
Characters/Parings: the Winchesters, SG-1, no pairings, appearances from Castiel, Gabriel, Jacob Carter, General Hammond, Janet Fraiser. No pairings. Warnings: Bad language
Spoilers: "Changing Channels" (5x08) for Supernatural; Early season 7 (at least past Fragile Balance) for SG:1.
Summary: Sam and Dean have been lurching from show to show for days. They've been injured, humiliated, screwed with, and forced to live really bad writing. When they're finally plunked down in something a little calmer, if a little odd, they dare to hope they're being allowed a breather episode. After all, it seems to be a show about an expedition poking around some completely non-ominous ruins- like a fantasy version of a history channel special, the boys are sure it's bound to be nice and boring.

Title: A Little Help From A Friend
Author: firefox1490
Artist: liliaeth
Crossover: Joan of Arcadia, Supernatural, Criminal Minds
Disclaimer: Criminal Minds belongs to Jeff Davis and The Mark Gordon Company. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and Wonderland Sound and Vision. Joan of Arcadia belongs to Barbara Hall. This is a work of fiction, done for fun, no money gained.
Type: Gen
Word Count: 18,860
Characters/Pairings: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Joan, Will, Helen and Luke Girardi, Ryan Hunter, Full BAU Team
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Both seasons of Joan of Arcadia. Up to the end of season 4 of Criminal Minds. All of Supernatural just to be safe.
Summary: Everyone needs a little help from time to time. In this case the Winchester boys find help in their search for God the Winchesters find him in the most unusually normal place, Arcadia Maryland.

Title: Seasons of Wither
Author(s): lady_yashka
Artist: lightthesparks
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: I do not own either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural.
Type: Het
Word Count: 19,565
Characters/Pairings: Buffy/Michael, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby, Gabriel, Zachariah, Lucifer, Willow, Dawn, Faith, Xander, and Giles
Warnings: Character death
Spoilers: Spoilers through My Bloody Valentine. Some dialogue from various episodes is also used.
Summary:The war is over, and with the help of the slayers, the world is safe once more. Now, three months later the man Buffy only knew as the archangel Michael, is waking up.

Title: Sound of Madness
Author(s): dream_mancer
Artist: ataventure
Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: Eric Kripke owns Supernatural, and Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire slayer. I’m just making sandcastles in their sandboxes. The title comes from Shinedown’s Sound of Madness.
Type: Gen
Word Count: 16,588
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Buffy Summers, Bobby Singer, and brief appearances by the rest of the Scooby Gang.
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Up through 6.17 for BtVS, and mid-season 2 for SPN
Summary: While investigating the mysterious deaths of orderlies at an insane asylum, Dean and Sam overhear a young woman tell of a world of demons and monsters with surprising accuracy. After digging deeper, they discover that she’s not insane like her family claims, but her mind is trapped between two dimensions.

Title: Blood In The Water
Author: darkmagic_luvr
Artist: amindaya
Crossover: Supernatural/Dark Angel/Firefly
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters you see before you. They all belong to their respective owners. I do however, own any characters you don't recognize. Please don't use them without my permission.
Type: Het/Gen/(fem)Slash
Word Count: 34750
Characters/Pairings: Sam, River, Mal, Inara, Dean, Jayne, Mole, Bela, Max, Alec, Bobby, Zoe, Jo, Simon, Lydecker, Logan, OC, White, Joshua OC's. Sam/River, Max/Alec, Jo/Simon, Jo/Bela (hinted), Inara/Original Cindy (hinted)
Warnings: violence, strong language, sexual content, character death. The whole nine yards.
Spoilers: Spoilers for the Firefly/Serenity combo, through all current seasons of Supernatural (though set in season 3), and for the entire series of Dark Angel. Summary: After a series of dreams about a girl, and the chance encounter of a cowboy, Sam Winchester finds himself with a girlfriend he can‘t touch and information about his body he really didn‘t need to know. After giving up hope on talking any sort of sense to his brother, Dean Winchester finds himself in the company of a mercenary and a lizard man, wait, make that two mercenaries, a lizard man and a guy in a wheelchair with a God complex who has a thing for some dude named Max. Bobby Singer is a patient man, but if those two revved up teenagers don’t stop calling him a Stupid Ordinary, he’s gonna kick both their asses.

Title: By Pendragon's Sword the Dark Shall Fall.
Author(s): shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal).
Artist: swing_set13.
Crossover: Supernatural/The Dark is Rising.
Disclaimer: Neither Supernatural nor The Dark is Rising belong to me.
Type: Gen.
Word Count: 15,148.
Characters: SPN: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Ruby; TDIR: Will, Bran.
Warnings: Angst, AU.
Spoilers: Up to season four of Supernatural, and for anything involving Will and Bran in The Dark is Rising.
Summary: When Dean sees Bran and Will in a crappy little diner, he has no idea how important they're about to become to his life. And if he had to pick anyone to be extra special, it'd be the arrogant albino asshole, not the mild-mannered Will Stanton. Which shows how much he knows. Will's the Watchman of the Light, and he's not at all pleased with what he's seeing.

Title: Interconnected
Author(s): hunters_retreat
Artist: inanna_maat
Crossover: Supernatural/ SG-1
Disclaimer: I only play in the sand box.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 19,000
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, Jack/Daniel
Warnings: M/M sex. Language. Incest.
Spoilers: Season Two in an AU sort of way.
Summary: Five months ago Dean Winchester showed up on his brother’s doorstep, bleeding and carrying with him the tale of their father’s death. Sam patched him back together and they settled into the normal, quiet life that Sam had always dreamed about. Until the day Sam took Dean to meet his best friend Jess at her family barbecue. He never expected to find an Air Force General there, or to have a Colonel take an unhealthy interest in the man he introduces as his lover. But when a hunt goes bad and Jack and Daniel find themselves caught in the hunt, will they create a new series of allies? Or will Sam and Dean become wanted by the Air Force’s best and brightest as well?

Title: Bottle Caps and Shotgun Shells
Author(s): youaredriving
Artist: surevesta
Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Disclaimer: These brilliant universes were created by their respective owners and I'm just playing in the sandbox. No harm intended.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 16,834
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Harry Potter, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel, brief appearances of Lucifer
Warnings: Slight language, slashy moments, violence,
Spoilers: Just to be safe lets safe Season 5 of Supernatural and all of Harry Potter.
Summary: Being stuck in South Dakota while Dean, Bobby, and Cas did all the heavy lifting was not how Sam thought he would ended up experiencing the apocalypse. He didn't exactly expect to be spending his last days in a wheelchair, hiding from Lucifer and keeping secrets from the one friend he made in the sarcastic over protective bartender.

Title: Nightmares don’t always come at night
Author(s): spirited_lizard
Artist: keyweegirlie
Crossover: Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries
Disclaimer: Pure-blooded fiction
Type: Gen
Word Count: 15,996
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, Elena, Bonnie, Stefan, Damon, Vicki, Jenna
Warnings: PG-13 (mild language, violence)
Spoilers: Set in the beginning of Supernatural season 5 (no spoilers), and season 1 of The Vampire Diaries (spoilers up to 1.07).
Summary: When a case of missing persons brings Sam and Dean Winchester to little town Mystic Falls, Virginia, they realize that they might want to overthink everything they know about vampires. They meet High School girl Elena Gilbert and think she’s got something to hide. Sam and Dean investigate and what they discover is a hunter's worst nightmare.

Title: Midnight Of the Century
Author(s): glasslogic
Artist: briarwood
Crossover: Supernatural/Millennium
Disclaimer: All material is owned by its respective copyright holders and no profit is being made from this story.
Type: Slash, Het, Threesome, AU, Crossover
Word Count: 62k
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess/Dean
Warnings: NC-17, some sex, some bad language, death - but not any of the above chars
Spoilers: None for SPN I don't think since it's AU from before the series starts, a few for Millennium
Summary:  Sam hasn’t spoken to Dean in years. He went to Stanford Law and graduated, now he is studying for the Bar and planning a wedding for the spring. He sees Dean’s fetch on Christmas in a churchyard while attending service with his fiancee' Jess and her family. Fetches are death omens for those who will die in the coming year. Suddenly, Sam finds himself on the road, looking for his wayfaring brother and trying to figure out a way for him to avoid his fate.

Title: Mercy Be Revealed
Author: jacyevans
Artist: darkmagic_luvr
Crossover: Supernatural/Castle
Disclaimer: I don't own any of it. I'm just playing in other people's sandboxes.
Type: Het
Word Count: 30,867
Pairing: Sam/Alexis
Warnings: AU after end of 5x2 of Supernatural, Abuse, bending and twisting of events in episodes 5x3 onwards to my own use and will
Spoilers: Very slight spoilers for Season 2 of Castle; Spoilers for Season 5 of Supernatural
Summary: Alexis Castle has never done anything spontaneous or purposely dangerous. That changes when she runs into Sam Winchester for the first time in five years in Garber, Oklahoma. Her entire life turns upside down as she is thrust into a world she never knew existed - one where monsters are real and Lucifer walks the earth. Her father always told her that life should be an adventure, but Alexis never imagined she would be fighting for her life at what might be the end of the world.

Title: Amorphous
Author: gladdecease
Artist: angelicfoodcake
Crossover: Supernatural/Good Omens
Disclaimer: In a Venn Diagram of "Good Omens writers" and "Supernatural producers", there is nothing in the intersection, and certainly not me.
Type: Gen
Word Count: 15,426
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Becky, Zachariah (briefly), Chuck (briefly) of Supernatural. Aziraphale, Adam (briefly) of Good Omens. Crowley of both.
Warnings: Abstract reference to muddy violence. Strong language.
Spoilers: Vaguely, for The Book. References to "Abandon All Hope" and "The Devil You Know".
Summary: Something has been following Dean. In their efforts to find out what and how to stop it, the Winchester brothers learn more about the turncoat demon Crowley than they'd ever expected.

Title: She's Walking to the End of the Line
Author(s): kerrykhat
Artist: karahalliwell
Crossover: Veronica Mars/Supernatural
Disclaimer: "Veronica Mars" and all related characters are property of Rob Thomas and the CW. "Supernatural" and all related characters are property of Erik Kripke and the CW. No infringement intended.
Type: Gen
Word Count: ~16,300
Characters/Pairings: Veronica Mars, Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester, Keith Mars, Logan Echolls
Warnings: Character death
Spoilers: Season 3 for Veronica Mars, the pilot episode for Supernatural.
Summary: Hoping to escape the ghosts of her high school, Veronica Mars escapes to Stanford University, becoming friends with Jessica Moore, and in turn, Sam Winchester. All is normal until one fateful night in early November when everything falls apart.

Title: Trust Doesn't Rust
Author(s): Morgan Briarwood / briarwood
Artist: briarwood
Crossover: Supernatural/Jennifer's Bodyv Type: Het (but not ship), Crossover, AU
Word Count: 46,200
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Lucifer, Needy Lesnicki, Jennifer Check. Sam/Needy is the het pairing.
Warnings: Graphic violence (not rape, though rape is mentioned, briefly, in the story); implied Sam/Dean, but no more than is canon; implied Jennifer/Needy, again no more than is canon.
Spoilers: Supernatural - AU from 5.03 Free To Be You And Me so no spoilers beyond that; Jennifer's Body - post movie so spoilers for the whole thing.
Summary: For Anita “Needy” Lesnicki, life really sucks. Six months ago she was your average high school girl. That was before her best friend Jennifer turned into a demon and ate Needy's boyfriend at the prom. Now Needy has escaped from a nuthouse, she’s wanted for murder (they totally deserved it), she’s got some kind of demonic infection and she’s on the run with no money, no car and nothing to wear but a bright orange prison jump suit. She’s pretty sure her life sucks the worst. But then she runs into Sam Winchester, ex-demon-blood junkie, ex-hero and ex-antichrist. His story (the Apocalypse, seriously?) makes the last few months of Needy’s life seem like a trip to Disneyland. Meanwhile, Dean Winchester is trying to figure out just what kind of supernatural creature slaughtered the members of a successful a rock band, unaware that the trail will lead him right where he doesn’t want to go: back to his estranged brother.

Title: Pagans, Outlaws, and Bandidos, Oh My!
Author: sylvanwitch
Artist: getyourguns
Crossover: Supernatural/Sons of Anarchy
Disclaimer: The characters you recognize are not mine; the ones you don't recognize are.
Type: Post-apocalypse action-adventure extravaganza
Word Count: 63,887
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Jax
Warnings: Graphic violence, Graphic language, graphic sex (NC-17)
Spoilers: This story is AU, but to be safe, you should plan to be spoiled through early S5.
Summary: This is a sequel to Hells Angels Ain't Just a Rival MC. It follows the post-apocalyptic adventures of our two heroes. What do you do when the world doesn't end? If you're Dean Winchester, you rise from the dead with the marks of the last battle crippling you and the screams of your brother echoing in your head. If you're Jax Teller, President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, you rule Charming, California, last bastion of the civilized world, the only way you know how: With your lover in your bed and your crew at your back.

Title: Timeless Webs
Author: amanofmydreams
Artists: alex494 and matthes
Crossover: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Supernatural or Dark Angel. This story is for entertainment purposes.
Type: Gen, Mystery, Horror, Action/Adventure, Humour
Word Count: 75,000+
Characters/Pairings: Dean;Sam; Bobby;Alec;Max;Joshua;Mole;Gem;Dix;Ames White; Logan;OMC's;OFC's /Max/Sam (slight mostly friendship but growing)
Warnings: R for language and violence
Spoilers: First show of Supernatural, that is all. Nothing crime related has happen to Dean or Sam yet. A few months after the last show of Dark Angel, any show is open for DA.
Summary: Dean Winchester's face was on TV, and they were saying he wasn't human. This was something the boys had to look into. When they arrive they find things aren't what they thought it would be. The rumours are correct and there are super powered humans at Seattle, so is White and the Familiar Cult who have turned their attention towards the boys. Demons, evil plots and much more lay within.

Title: A Grand Sneer
Author: moragmacpherson
Artist: angelicfoodcake
Crossover: Supernatural/Discworld
Disclaimer: Supernatural is the property of Eric Kripke, the CW, and their associated corporate entities. Discworld belongs to Sir Terry Pratchett. No infringement is intended.
Type: Gen
Word Count: 35,579
Characters/Pairings:Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, ensemble Discworld cast.
Warnings: Strong language
Spoilers: Through "Sam, Interrupted," (5.11) for Supernatural, through Unseen Academicals for Discworld
Summary: While hunting in a library, Dean slips into L-space and runs all the way to the Discworld. Getting home is going to take a little more effort.

Title: What is the Distance Between a Bullet and a Gun
Author(s): sailorhathor
Artist: second_encore
Crossover: Supernatural/Paranormal Activity/Surprise Fandom
Disclaimer: The universes in which I'm playing were created by other people; I don't own them.
Type: Gen
Word Count: 20,434
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Micah, Katie, Micah/Katie, Mystery Characters (Story Spoiler)
Warnings: Bad language. Violence. Attempted non-con. Burning of an animal. Character death. Told in transcription/script style.
Spoilers: Spoilers for SPN up to 5.04 "The End" and all of Paranormal Activity.
Summary: Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat have been terrorized by a demon in their home for the last twenty days. In step Dean and Sam Winchester and the angel on their shoulder, Castiel, to solve the problem. But what they find is that Katie's past is linked to theirs in ways they never anticipated, and the demon they are dealing with has some very powerful friends.


Title: Secrets in Shadow
Author: roselani24
Artist: loki_scribe
Crossover: Supernatural/White Collar
Type: Gen
Word Count: 31,845
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Peter Burke, brief sighting of John Winchester and mentions of Sam Winchester
Warnings: Violence and mild gore
Summary: Two missing girls. One murder. NYPD Detective Peter burke is sent undercover at Gettysburg College to solve the case. He wasn't expecting to meet a young hunter named Dean or for his world to be turned upside down. Pre-series for both shows.

Title: A Single Blade of Grass
Author: glasslogic
Artist: caz275
Crossover: Supernatural/Millenium
Type: Slash, Het, Threesome
Word Count: 31,000
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Jess Moore, Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, Dean Winchester/Jess Moore, Sam/Jess/Dean
Warnings: NC-17, some sex, some bad language
Summary: It has been two months since Sam and Jessica followed a visioning rescued Dean from certain death, and the physical wounds have mostly healed. But lingering questions still trouble the new relationship they have forged and two months is six weeks more of doing nothing than Dean can handle gracefully. What should be an easy recovery of stolen items in South Carolina looks to be the perfect opportunity to try their new dynamic in the field, but things that look easy are often deceptive. Between cursed jewelry, madness, and the involvement of a shadowy organization they have been warned repeatedly to avoid, the repercussions they face are nothing like they could have ever imagined.

Title: Lies of the Rebel
Author: mary_greenman
Artist: satavaisa
Crossover: The Vampire Diaries/Supernatural
Type: Gen
Word Count: 17,092
Characters/Pairings: Sam and Dean Winchester, Liz Forbes, Father and Grandfather Forbes, Zach Salvatore, Jenna Sommers, Logan Fells, Caroline Forbes with minor appearances by the main TVD cast
Warnings: Musings of an angry/confused 13 year-old boy
Summary: Afte a near-death accident one Christmas eve, Dean and Sam are dropped off in Mystic Falls. Dean finds himself taking on responsibilities otherwise neglected in favor of other crises happening in town. Along the way, he is joined by five-year-old Caroline Forbes, and an amused Zach Salvatore but all things must come to an end.

This is the year Dean learns the true burdens of being a hunter. This is the year that sets into motion, the 26 year-old man we saw in season one and it all started one Christmas eve with a disappointed glare in the eyes of his father.

Title: Dip & Blow
Author: princess_aleera
Crossover: Supernatural/Legally Blonde fusion
Type: Mostly slash, mentions of het pairings
Word Count: 30,000
Characters/Pairings: Gabriel/Bela Talbot, Sam Winchester/Gabriel (main), Dean Winchester/Castiel, Bela Talbot/Lucifer, mentions of other pairings
Warnings: Strong language, whiny!Gabriel, sexual innuendos, pretend!boyfriends, brief dub/non-con (additional in later chapters), awkwardness. A lot of candy.
Summary: When Bela rejects Gabriel's proposal for marriage because he's not 'serious' enough, he knows he needs to change. The perfect opportunity arises when he learns she's going to Stanford Law after graduation, and by help from his best friend Crowley, Gabriel enrolls as well. His plan backfires spectacularly; he's failing his classes, nobody likes him, and not only won't Bela take him back, she's engaged to another man. Only Sam the TA, Castiel the pastry chef, and Crowley the best friend, can make the school year less than a total disaster.

Title: Thicker Than Water
Author: skylar0grace
Artist: kaddywhak
Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type: Het
Word Count: 23,000
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, (Dean/Buffy), Buffy Summers, Sam Winchester, Dawn Summers
Warnings: Violence, adult situations, suggestions of incest.
Summary: Dean and Sam discover that they have a sister, Buffy, who was abducted at birth and her disappearance covered up. Surprises keep coming though when they find out that she's also a Slayer, a mythical warrior with a destiny, and travel to Cleveland, the only known collective of Slayers. Trouble is, the Slayers are also in trouble and with the fate of the world in the balance, things can't possibly get worse. Unless you count the fact that Dean seems to be falling in love with Buffy...

Title: Unique
Author: claudiapriscus
Artist: attempt_unique
Crossover: Supernatural/Dexter
Type: Gen
Word Count: 32,000
Characters/Pairings: Dexter Morgan, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Gabriel
Warnings: Murder and mayhem, bad language
Summary: It's been a crazy week for Miami Metro: Three teenage girls found with their throats torn out. A fourth is missing. And then there's the rash of decapitations. There's no link between any of them save for a common crime scene, and nothing's adding up. It's been a good week for Dexter - a break from the ennui of the routine of his perfect suburban life. Besides, he's a little better at putting two and two together than his colleagues are and the total of this latest spate of weirdness keeps coming up Dean Winchester. It's a prize Dexter can hardly resist: a notorious mass murder who has eluded the law time and time again - to say nothing of convincingly faking his death several times. Dexter intends to fix that. It'll stick this time: he'll see to it.

There's just one problem, and it's about to bite Dexter in the ass: Nothing is ever simple when it comes to the Winchesters.

Title: The Righteous Man in the Shallow Grave
Author: bellatemple
Artist: lightthesparks
Crossover: Supernatural/Bones
Type: Gen
Word Count: 27,030
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Ruby, Tessa, Death, Bones ensemble. Canon Hodgins/Angela
Warnings: Grisly imagery, strong language, some nudity
Summary: When an unidentified body is found in an illegal grave in a field in Pontiac, Illinois, the body gets shipped to the Medico-Legal Lab at the Jeffersonian for identification, and Death calls Tessa in with a warning: "The righteous man has broken, and the angels have breached Hell's gates."

Cover art by xsilverdreamsx for Life is the Little Shadow

Title: Life is the Little Shadow
Author: cydsa
Artist: xsilverdreamsx
Crossover: Supernatural/American Idol RPF
Type: Slash
Word Count: 19,645
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel, Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Warnings: Snakes
Summary: Sam and Dean head to the Ozarks in Arkansas to deal with an ancient Cherokee monster that is targeting the members of one family. Once they get to Mammoth Spring, they meet Kris, who just wants to be a musician and meet Adam Lambert. Not necessarily in that order. Then Castiel shows up and tells them that the warrior they need to kill the monster is not one of them.

Title: You Get Angry (I Turn Black and Blue)
Author: paracaerouvoar
Artist: deadflowers5
Crossover: Supernatural/Leverage
Type: Slash
Word Count: 16,000
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Eliot Spencer
Warnings: Abuse, alcoholism, non permanent character death, graphic sex, AU
Summary: Eliot loves Dean, he really does, but if love hurts this bad, then he figures he’s really better off without it… A collection of moments during one year of Eliot’s life. He meets Dean, falls head over heels, goes to hell, comes back and realises that just because you love someone, doesn’t mean it’s enough to make them stop hurting you, or stop you from hurting them. Sometimes, you just have to take the memories, and get out while you can.

Title: You Really Oughta Know
Author: sylvanwitch
Artist: crunchy_crunck
Crossover: Supernatural/Sons of Anarchy
Type: Slash
Word Count: 42,131
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Jax Teller
Warnings: Strong language, violence, graphic sexual situations
Summary: Now that things have settled down in Charming, California, life should be sweet, right? The Apocalypse is over, the Devil is dead, the Freaks have disappeared, and the Scavenger army has been sent packing with their mangy tails between their legs. Jax Teller is King of the World, meeting delegates from surviving southwestern cities in a summit that might just establish a new world order. And Dean, well, he's doing his best to get a grip on the latest questionable gift God's given him, namely healing powers. So what's the problem? They've survived the ultimate in biblical evil, ravaging hordes of the ravenous undead, and maniacal end-times apostles out to destroy their happy home. Diplomacy and domesticity are easy, aren't they? If you have to ask...

Title: I'll Lay Your Soul to Waste
Author: jujuberry136
Artist: miki_moo
Crossover: Supernatural/Criminal Minds
Type: Gen
Word Count: 20,491
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Emily Prentiss, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Bobby Singer, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, and David Rossi
Warnings: Violence, strong language, character death
Summary: People are dying in New Hampshire, but Emily Prentiss thinks it’s a regular case until she spots Sam Winchester skulking near one of her interviews. When she calls his stupid-ass brother to yell at him for not giving her a heads up that they’re in town, Dean tells her Sam’s been dead for months. Dean’s out of the suburbs and on the road immediately because while he may have worked with the BAU before, there’s no way they’ll be able to deal with this – he’s not sure he is either.

Title: The Eighth Day
Author: darkmagic_luvr
Artist: csichick_2
Crossover: Supernatural/Firefly/BSG
Type: Het, Gen, bit of Slash near the end
Word Count: 15,182
Characters/Pairings: Sam "Sasquatch" Winchester/River "Little Mouse" Tam, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Simon Tam, Dean Winchester, "Crowley"
Warnings: Some sexual content, artistic abuse of the Raptor interior
Summary: There was something about spending five days stuck in an enclosed space with someone he didn’t know that just kind of bugged Sam. Maybe it was because the girl he was stuck with (but she wasn’t a girl, was she? That was just part of the problem…) was a little too weird, even for him (who was just trying to be normal, bitch was ruining that for him too); or maybe it was because that the five day mission they were on was turning into a six day mission…and then a seven day mission; they were burning from the inside out, left in the darkness of space, forever lost.

Title: Out of Time
Author: tinypinkmouse
Artist: karahalliwell
Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Type: Gen
Word Count: 15,179
Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter, John Winchester, Bobby Singer
Warnings: Language, nudity, blood, implied character death, implied suicide
Summary: John was only trying to stop a demon from being summoned. Now somehow he's saddled with this strange kid who just might be something that needs to be killed. Stuck in a strange world, injured, helpless and without a penny to his name, Harry doesn't have much choice when it comes to accepting whatever help he's offered. Even if that help comes from one overly suspicious John Winchester, who Harry thinks might already have a bullet with his name on it. Harry will do all he can to avoid that confrontation long enough to find a way to get home, that's all that really matters anyway.

Title: The Bobby Singer Chronicles: Hostile Territory
Author: dolimir_k
Artist: desree_rd
Crossover: Supernatural/Aliens
Type: Gen
Word Count: 35,564
Characters/Pairings: Bobby Singer, Victor Hendricksen, James Murphy, Ellen Blake, Ash Morgan, Katherine Holmes, Luthor Holmes, Deacon Hall, Gordon Walker, Carlton Creedy, Joshua Daniels, Stanley Kubrick, Bela Talbot, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Andy Gallagher, Max Miller, Jo and Sarah
Warnings: Graphic violence, strong language, wheelchairs, emotional content
Summary:"I’m not really much of an expert, but I can tell you what I know.” He cleared his throat nervously again. “My ship, the Sioux Falls, received a distress signal. We weren’t really equipped for any sort of rescue operation, but the Company sent a signal to wake us from cryofreeze so we could investigate and evaluate the situation. The signal appeared to be coming from KAZ-25…”

“What? Wait!” Corporal Jim Murphy sat up at attention, a look of horror on his face. “Say that again.”


“Sheeeeeeet,” the drop-ship pilot, Bill Harvelle, swore softly.

“Was that…” Ellen started to ask.

“What?” Kubrick demanded.

“That’s where Winchester’s widow lives, sir,” Murphy explained softly.

Title: After the Silence Has Returned
Author: telaryn
Artist: nyxocity
Crossover: Supernatural/Leverage/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type: Gen, het, and slash
Word Count: 46,000
Characters/Pairings: Faith/Dean Winchester, Faith/Eliot Spencer, Faith/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Eliot Spencer, Faith/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Crowley, Samuel Campbell, Meg, and assorted demons and hunters.
Warnings: Sex and violence
Summary: A slightly AU look at SPN Season 6 - a world where Dean is married to Faith the Vampire Slayer, although Sam is still very much a physical and emotional part of the relationship. Eliot is drawn into their lives during the year that Sam and Dean are apart - hired by Bobby to act as Dean's protector, and make sure that he has the option of remaining out of the supernatural world.

Unbeknownst to all of them, The King of Hell – master manipulator – has plans for the long game that don’t involve Sam and Dean remaining apart, and that don’t involve Faith remaining sane.

What Crowley hasn't considered in all his scheming is the very personal interest of a very powerful third party, who also knows that Sam’s soul is closer than His Majesty knows, and the price for not returning it to Sam’s body in time is going to be higher than anyone realizes.

Title: Remember breathing
Author: demonic_fish
Artist: reapertownusa
Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type: Slash
Word Count: 23,236
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Spike, Spike/Faith, Dean Winchester/Spike/Faith, Rupert Giles
Warnings: Language and forced drug use
Summary: During Season 3 Sam is scrambling to find a way to get Dean out of his deal when he hears through the grapewine about a hunter named Spike who claims to have been to Hell and returned. When he drags Dean along to meet the guy it doesn't go like anyone expected.

Title: Skies on Fire: Evil Walks
Author: landiana24
Artist: sarah_jones
Crossover: Supernatural/Smallville/Veronica Mars
Type: Het
Word Count: 19,106
Characters/Pairings: Veronica Mars/Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester/Chloe Sullivan
Warnings: Strong language and minor character death.
Summary: Veronica Mars needs a project after she is removed from an investigation at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the wake of her husband's murder. The case of Dean Winchester seems too easy to resist - follow the course of the case and fill in the blanks. This sends Veronica spiralling deeper into the world of the supernatural, something intrinsically linked into her own life in ways she could not have imagined before. When a friend falls ill to a mysterious affliction, Chloe Sullivan does what she does best and investigates. This quickly sends her tumbling into Sam Wichester's orbit and more than she coul have bargained for. The two women become increasingly connected to the two Winchester brothers, in cases which are interconnected and have implications much wider than either could have anticipated.

Title: But What We Make
Author: hunters_retreat
Artist: surevesta
Crossover: Supernatural/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Type: Slash with mentions of het
Word Count: 39,000
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, John Connor/Derek Reese, mentions of John Winchester/Sarah Connor and Jess/Sam Winchester
Warnings: Incest and underage sexual relations
Summary: John Connor sent a simple message across time. His choice changed the history of the world, but it wasn't the only thing he sent across time. For Sarah Connor, he sent a son. For John Winchester he created the perfect partner. For three brothers, Dean, Sam, and JC, he brought a hope that the future could be changed. Because the Winchester boys knew the truth. If there was no fate but what they made, they were gonna go down swinging.

Title: When They Come For Me
Author: dream_mancer
Artist: dollarformyname
Crossover: Supernatural/Angel
Type: Gen, but with canon het pairings
Word Count: 29,200
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester, Connor Reilly, Dean Winchester, Jessica Moore, other minor Supernatural and Angel characters mentioned
Warnings: None
Summary: Sam Winchester has everything he's ever wanted: a wonderful girlfriend named Jessica Moore and a normal life away from hunting at Stanford University. When his best friend, Connor Reilly, comes back from a trip to L.A. acting different, Sam begins to worry. At the same time, demonic activity picks up around the campus, and he reluctantly takes up hunting once more, shocked to find Connor doing the same thing.

Sam and Connor make a pact that they will hunt, but only when it will not endanger the fresh starts they have been blessed with. Everything goes smoothly until Dean Winchester shows up the weekend before Sam's law school interview claiming their father is missing. Tasking Connor to stay with Jess, Sam goes with Dean to hunt a Woman in White, not knowing his life will be vastly different when he returns.

Title: Walk among the Cobras
Author: spirited_lizard
Artist: caulk
Crossover: Supernatural/The Walking Dead
Type: Gen
Word Count: 15,023
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Deryl Dixon, Merle Dixon
Warnings: Violence, gore, language, and character death
Summary: Atlanta, Georgia. February 2011. It had been several months since the disease spread all over the country. The handful of people who haven’t been infected with the virus, yet, are hiding from the world.

Sam and Dean Winchester investigate the case of what they first think are their ordinary monsters, but what they find, is something else entirely, and will destroy everything they have been working for.

Title: Quenta Ando Rauco
Author: ramblin_rosie
Artist: odysseaia
Crossover: Supernatural/The Silmarillion
Type: Gen
Word Count: 18,954
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Ash, Andy, Jake, Ava, Ellen Harvelle, Azazel
Warnings: Language and canon-compliant character death
Summary: You are tracking a Chevy Impala with two young hunters, I believe. They passed this way, the day before yesterday; and they met someone that they did not expect. Does that comfort you?

Title: Possession
Author: sparrowshellcat
Artist: darkmagic_luvr
Crossover: Supernatural/Firefly
Type: Slash and het
Word Count: 28,547
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Jayne Cobb, Sam Winchester/River Tam, Sam Winchester/River Tam/Jayne Cobb, Dean Winchester/Mal Reynolds
Warnings: Sexual content and psychological torture
Summary: While investigating a series of bizarre urban legends come to life, Sam and Dean encounter a creature with the ability to switch people in space - and apparently time. When the thing displaces them this time, Dean gets switched with a different person, and the beast disappears without a trace. That leaves Sam to try and find a way to switch his brother and this Jayne Cobb man back, and Dean to try and get off this gorram boat.

Until Sam finally finds a way to switch - only it switches the wrong people, and the Winchester brothers find themselves waking up in the wrong beds with the wrong people. And someone very familiar seems to know that Sam has switched - and decides to try and finish what Yellow-Eyes started on.

Title: Wearing Thin
Author: lifelesslyndsey
Artist: mary_greenman
Crossover: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Type: Het and slash
Word Count: 40,000 Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter/Gabriel, hints of Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Luna Lovegood
Warnings: Sex and candy, violence, gore, swearing, slash, and incest
Summary: Gabriel is a proud angel, one of the proudest, since pride is a sin. So when his grace takes a hit, it takes a lot out of him to go crawling to the Winchesters for help. And even more to go crawling to the last person he ever wants to see. His One True Vessel. But maybe finding that one person made especially for you won't be so bad. Especially if it's Harry Potter.

Title: Tears and Laughter
Author: secondalto
Artist: davincis_girl

Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type: Het
Word Count: 15,084
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Tara Maclay Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Rupert Giles, other minor roles
Warnings: Sex, some language, and violence
Summary: A reunion, a problem and an eventual solution.

Title: Come on the Rising Wind
Author: chemm80
Artist: keyweegirlie
Crossover: Supernatural/Sons of Anarchy
Type: Slash
Word Count: 18,270
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/Jax Teller, Dean Winchester, various SAMCRO members
Warnings: NC-17 for graphic sex and violence
Summary: Fresh off their escape from the FBI in Arkansas, Sam’s visions draw the Winchesters to Charming, California and into the dangerous world of Jackson Teller. They’ve come to save Jax from the fate Sam has foreseen, but nothing is ever that simple.

Jax is keeping secrets from his brothers, Sam isn’t seeing everything as clearly as he thinks, and Dean just wants to go to Vegas. Turns out, the trick is getting everyone out alive.

Title: What Apocalypse?
Author: disturbinglynic
Artist: sucksucksmile
Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type: Het and slash
Word Count: 15,066
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel, Buffy Summers/Spike, Sam Winchester/Gabriel, Xander Harris/Anya Jenkins, Willow Rosenberg/Tara Maclay, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Bobby Singer, Rupert Giles, Warren Mears
Warnings: Crack
Summary: Lucifer is free from the cage. Cas convinces Dean to go to Sunnydale because it's on the hellmouth, and a woman he met in heaven needs their help. Can Dean survive being around that many people? Will he ever get over his love of Cas? Is Sam really sleeping with Gabriel? Is Buffy really sleeping with a vampire? Does their group of people really have that interesting a dating history? And oh, there's an apocalypse or something going on. Can they stop it?

Title: It's In Our Blood
Author: angelbuffy
Artist: skylar0grace
Crossover: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type: Het
Word Count: 34,934
Characters/Pairings: Buffy Summers/Dean Winchester, Faith/Sam Winchester
Warnings: Sex, violence, and language
Summary: A random case changed the lives of four people. Two slayers, and two brothers who have devoted their lives to the same agenda. Joining forces isn't easy, especially for Dean and Buffy. It isn't easy opening up to one another; life and personalities clashing with their obvious physical attraction toward one another. It creates a whirlwind of passion and revelations. They soon find out though, that the one thing that brought them together is the same thing that devastatingly rips them apart.

Title: Covered in skin
Author: creepylicious
Artist: dollarformyname
Crossover: Supernatural/Bandom
Type: Gen, het, and slash
Word Count: 26,479
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mikey, Gerard Way, Bob Bryar, Emilie Autumn, William Beckett, Jared and Shannon Leto
Warnings: Violence, sex, non-explicit mentions of child abuse and rape
Summary:: There are a few things on Dean's plate: finding Dad, finding Pastor Jim who disappeared, finding out why his brother has freaky Jedi powers (that don't freak Dean out at all), why a bunch of hunters died in a fire, finding out the Ways' secret agenda (because the boys are suspicious as hell) and then there is the thing with his own dreams. - which he isn't admitting of having in the first place.

Season 1 AU.

“Okay. So he is not a siren and he is not bewitching Sam or you or whatever it is you’re thinking. He’s ours. He’s family.” “Not by blood,” Dean interrupts. “What does it matter?” Gerard answers. He takes a sip of coffee and sighs. He starts to feel like a real person again. Dean makes a noise. “You make porn noses when you drink coffee,” he says and Gerard laughs. He just can’t help himself.

Title: Aiding and Abetting
Author: phate_phoenix
Artist: switch842
Crossover: Supernatural/White Collar
Type: Slash
Word Count: 33,135
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Neal Caffrey, Castiel/Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke, Mozzie
Warnings: Blood, mentions of spousal abuse (none of the main or minor characters)
Summary: The Winchesters are forces of change, often for the worse, and Neal Caffrey knows this better than most. Still, when Sam and Dean show up in his home twenty years after Neal fakes his death to get out of the hunting life, he can’t turn them away. Not even when their latest hunt puts him directly at odds with Peter and the rest of the FBI. Because, sometimes, change can be good.

Title: Unlikely [arch]Angel
Author: trinipedia
Artist: ambrosia4all
Crossover: Supernatural/CW RPS
Type: Slash
Word Count: 15,00
Characters/Pairings: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, Chad Michael Murray/Sophia Bush, implied Gabriel/Castiel, Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, Lucifer Michael
Warnings: Chad?
Summary: After the somewhat-selfish archangel Gabriel meets his untimely demise at the hand of his brother Lucifer, he gains an audience with the new sheriff in town, Castiel. Gabriel's entrance to Heaven should be forbidden, but taking into account the circumstances of his death Castiel offers him a rather unusual arrangement. He will be allowed to return to Earth on a mission. If he succeeds, then both his wings and his place as an archangel will be restored...but no one said it was going to be easy.

Title: Sour Cherry Pie Life
Author: faithburke
Artist: votaku
Crossover: Supernatural/Criminal Minds
Type: Gen with background het
Word Count: 19,000
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Lisa Braeden, Ben Braeden, Criminal Minds ensemble, surprise guests
Warnings: Fore, mentions of child molestation and suicide
Summary: Dean has retired to the civilian life. Too bad no one told the serial killer currently stalking teenagers in Indiana.


Title: Flame of Vengeance
Author(s): caz2y5
Artist: dazedrose
Crossover:Supernatural x Ghostrider x Western
Word Count: 28,444
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Warnings:Graphic description of gore and being burnt alive.
(mostly to do with changing into the rider), strong language, Character Death (but don't let that fool you), badly written Mexican stand offs, 1 non con kiss (its to seal a deal), there is one het sex scenebut its with Anna so it doesn't count. Also there is a kiss between the rider and Castiel. M/M sex. Spoilers: see above Summary:Fire consumes everything. The ones you love, your life and your soul. Dean Winchester is meant to be the devil's red right hand but instead he's running from his fate. Running from anything that can burn and leaving nothing but ash and death behind him. Then one day he meets Castiel and he discovers that there are more than just demons trying to kill him. To survive he must come to terms with what he is and face his darkest fear.

With special guest appearances by Coyote, Impala, Archangels, Crowley, and Anna. Descriptions of the open plains and Mesas of the wild west. Ghostrider riding a flaming horse, calls for vengeance, a penance stare, a lot of fire and burnt demons. It calls on a mix of detail from the comics and the movies (sorry but there is no Nicholas Cage in this one.)

Title: I'll Shake Hands With You In Hell
Author(s): twisting_vine_x
Artist: trickster88
Crossover: Sherlock
Word Count: 55,000
Characters/Pairings: John/Sherlock, Dean/Castiel, Sam, Mycroft
Warnings: Explicit sex, alcohol abuse, graphic violence, angst, language, suicidal thoughts, gore, implied torture, dark themes.
Spoilers: Post-Reichenbach, and goes AU after SPN 7.19.
Author’s Notes: Original story idea from the wonderful lunasky3 . ♥
Summary: Less than two months after what the press have deemed ‘The Reichenbach Suicide’, John Watson makes a deal that condemns his soul to Hell for eternity. At the same time, Team Free Will – still struggling to send the leviathans back to Purgatory – stumbles upon a clue that leads them across the ocean, and straight into the path of two men who are desperately seeking a way to prevent Hell from collecting its due.

The result – an intersection of these two separate worlds, and the teaming up of some unlikely allies – is the story of how John Watson’s life collides with the world of demons and monsters, and of how he and Sherlock are given one final chance to make things right between them, even as a dangerous web begins to tighten its hold around London, and John’s clock starts to steadily tick down the days to his last night on Earth.

Title: These Unbroken Threads
Author: shadownashira
Artist: votaku
Crossover: Supernatural/Stargate SG-1
Word Count: 17200
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Jack O’Neill, clone!Jack, Castiel, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Teal’c, the SGC crew, Azazel, Pastor Jim, Bobby, other Supernatural characters briefly mentioned
Warnings: Profanity, brief mention of acts by a serial killer, one-liner mention of suicide (of an OC), usual level of violence for both shows
Spoilers: General progression of events through Stargate canon, general plot of Supernatural up to Season 5
Summary: John Winchester gets a nasty wake-up call one day that forces him to re-evaluate how he’s raising his sons. At the same time, Jack O'Neill, an old friend of his, tracks the man down to demand answers. After revelations are had by both sides, Jack offers him an alternative option to their hunting lifestyle, and so the Winchesters move to Colorado Springs to hide and play the waiting game with Yellow Eyes. Somehow gaining a clone as their best friend, Dean and Sam grow up knowing the best and brightest of the SGC while keeping themselves in the hunting loop. Eventually, destiny catches up with them as the forces of Heaven and Hell search for their missing players in the Apocalypse.

Title: Into This Wild Abyss
Author: jacyevans
Artist: mizz_destiny
Crossover: Supernatural/His Dark Materials
Type: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 18,000
Characters: Sam and Dean, with appearances by Bobby, Death, Tessa, Castiel, and Lyra Belacqua
Spoilers: Spoilers through S6 of Supernatural (though some scenes have been taken out of context). No major spoilers for the His Dark Materials series.
Summary: A year after Sam jumps into the cage, Dean finds him alive, but missing an integral piece of himself - his daemon, Astrid. Dean knows she isn't lost, and he and his own daemon, Saskia, embark on a quest to find a way to bring her home. Their search brings them to Lyra Belacqua, a mysterious hunter who tells them that the only way to find Astrid is to speak with Death. Death offers Dean an ultimatum: become Death for a day, and he will do everything in his power to bring Astrid back. However, this means doing the unthinkable - Dean must leave Saskia behind.

Title: Fanning the Flames
Artist: sarah_jones
Crossover: SPN/Criminal Minds
Word Count: ~20,000
Characters/Pairings: The BAU, Dean, Sam, Becky, Agent Morris, Demian/Barnes
Warnings: Mild swearing. Some off-screen violent deaths of OCs no worse than either show. Off-screen minor character death.
Spoilers: This is set post season 7 for Supernatural (though doesn't contain spoilers past 7.08 "Time for a Wedding".)
This is probably mid season 7 for Criminal Minds but doesn't contain specific spoilers for any episodes. You can probably read it if you're not familiar with CM but it is based heavily around the team and their investigative work.

Summary: Someone or something is going after fans of the Supernatural books. The BAU think it's a religious nut. Dean and Sam think it might be a restless spirit. Only one team is right.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to twisted_slinky for the beta, to sarah_jones for the art and to chosenfire28 for running this thing! =)

Title: The Truth Lies Beneath
Author: mangacat201
Artist: threnodyjones
Crossover: Lie to Me
Disclaimer: I own neither Supernatural nor Lie to Me and don’t make a claim to their creative or economic profit. Just shoveling from one sandbox into the other for a bit, I’ll give them back after playing. Promise.
Type: Gen
Word Count: 15240
Warnings/Spoilers: Supernatural missing year AU, set right after Swan Song, Lie to Me canon. Minor violence
Summary: Dean Winchester is one of the most notorious criminals that ever graced the FBI’s most wanted list. Now he’s back from the dead (again) and in custody, facing trial for his pretty exceptional list of crimes. It’s up to the experts of the prestigious Lightman Group to unravel the mystery and find out whether Dean is criminally insane or a stone-cold psychopath. Or something else entirely...

Title: Formed of Dust
Author(s): cherie_morte
Artist: machidieles
Crossover: Supernatural X His Dark Materials
Word Count: 16,523
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, some Dean/Lisa
Warnings: Mild sexuality (non-explicit underage in which Sam is 16), Non-explicit Dean/soulless!Sam, mild violence, and language.
Spoilers: Up so Season 6, I guess.
Summary: His Dark Materials Fusion: Ever since Sam was a little kid he's been different, whether it was his male daemon or the mysterious Dust only Sam could see. Now he's trapped in the underworld after saving the planet, separated from his brother, his daemon, and even his body. Dean and his wolf daemon Trixin try to take care of Xantherios, Sam's dying raven daemon, but they're both starting to give up hope. When Sam returns, cold and seemingly indifferent to both his brother and his own daemon, they think they've lost him forever. At least until Castiel arrives and tells Dean that the secret to saving Sam from Hell and reconnecting soul and body lies in the Dust Dean only ever half believed in. Desperate to save his brother, Dean faces an unimaginable horror to enter the underworld and bring Sam back.

Title: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Author: slowsunrise
Artist: trickster88
Crossover: Due Date fusion
Word Count: 21,800
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, background Dean/Cas
Warnings: The most disastrous roadtrip ever, language, sexual content
Spoilers: The characters from Supernatural and the plot is practically all the movie.
Summary:Sam is going home for his brother's wedding, but thanks to an annoying short-runt stranger, he is put on a no-fly list. His wallet, passport and bag are however still on the plane. With only a few days until the big day, Sam needs to face fate because the only way to make it to LA in time? A road trip with Gabriel, the very man who caused all the trouble in the first place.

Title: down where sound comes blunt and wan
Author(s): cydsa
Artist: adrianneb78239
Crossover: Supernatural/Hawaii Five-O
Type: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 18400
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Sam; Danny/Steve
Warnings: Some violence and descriptions of murder victims. Sex of the incestuous type. Snark. Killer sharkmen.
Spoilers: None really – probably references to Season 2 of Hawaii Five-0 & Season 7 of Supernatural
Summary: There’s something ‘fishy’ about the murders being committed on the Big Island. Sam and Dean Winchester come over to Hawaii and offer Five-O their special brand of expertise. Spending time with the Winchesters forces Steve and Danny to finally face whatever it is that’s been brewing between them. Between hunting sharkmen killers and trying to figure out exactly who the Winchesters are, Five-O have their hands full. Of course, almost dying does wonders for a relationship.

Title: Family Ties
Author(s): faithburke
Artist: liliaeth h
Crossover: Supernatural/Joan of Arcadia
Word Count: 27700
Characters/Pairings: Dean and Sam Winchester, entire Girardi family
Warnings: Major character death in first chapter
Spoilers:Through season five of Supernatural, entire show for Joan of Arcadia
Summary: Will and Helen Girardi take in two boys named Dean and Sam Winchester as foster children

Title: Burn it to the Ground
Author: delanach
Artist: deadflowers5
Crossover: Queer as Folk US
Word Count: 15,100
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, Sam/Brian, mild Dean/Justin, Emmett, Michael, Ted
Warnings: Mentions of violent death.
Spoilers: None for either show.
Summary: Something is stalking the party goers of Babylon, the club the QAF boys hang out at, and major players are turning up dead under strange circumstances. Sam and Dean head to Pittsburgh to investigate, but they end up finding more than the angry spirit that ends up being the cause. Sam finds Brian, revealing a side of himself that his brother didn’t know about. Dean is confused by how it all makes him feel and is befriended by Emmett, who helps him through his crisis. But once the Winchesters leave town, will they find their own happy ending?

Title: Can't Lose What You Never Had
Author: tesserae_
Artist: amberdreams
Crossover: SPN/Stargate Atlantis (Vegas AU)
Word Count: ~24k
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/John Sheppard, Bobby Singer, Teyla Emmagan
Warnings: strong language
Spoilers: through SPN 7.06
Summary: Dean thinks he’s hunting some kind of vampire right up to the minute the fighter jets come screaming over the hill and the creature’s trailer disappears in a ball of fire. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning of the case: one killer may be dead, but something is still leaving inexplicable corpses around Las Vegas. Hunting alone after Sam stormed off in the aftermath of Slash Fiction, Dean finds himself needing to ask the half-dead ex-cop he hauled out of the desert for help.

Title: Heart and Soul
Author(s): rattyjol
Artist: slowsunrise
Crossover: Supernatural/Sherlock BBC
Word Count: 26,044
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Harry Watson, Clara Warner, Gabriel, Mycroft Holmes, Moriarty, Bobby Singer, Rufus Turner, Mrs. Hudson, Crowley, Molly Hooper, Death, Seb Moran, Greg Lestrade, Sally Donovan;; Harry/Clara
Warnings: Minor character death, blood, bad language, non-graphic f/f snogging.
Spoilers: Set between s5 and s6 for Supernatural with some spoilers up to the beginning of s6; AU after 1x02 of Sherlock without any major spoilers Summary: Someone is going on a mass murder spree in Central London, and Sherlock Holmes wants in on the case. But when a jug of mysterious oil is dropped on his doorstep he forgets all about it, leaving John—who is a perfectly normal bloke, no really he is—to call in his sister and her partner, who, ah, specialize in this sort of thing. But it turns out it's not just demons who are loose in London; there are angels here too, and they're Heavenbent on restarting the Apocalypse. So we've got four people and a skull (and an archangel, thank you very much) against the massed forces of Heaven and Hell. This should go nicely. Here we go again. Author’s Notes: Many thanks go out to treva_fountain who stayed up to five in the morning with me on more than one occasion to hash out the plot, and also had the original idea of (fic spoilers!) **Mycroft being an angel**, which I shamelessly stole borrowed. Also thanks to jaune_chat who made sure everything made sense and also pointed out some embarrassing typos. (Yes, of course Lestrade carries file foxes, why do you ask?)

Note that in my headcanon, the demon blood was a placebo that Ruby gave Sam to keep him reliant on her. The powers stemmed purely from his original dose as an infant. This will become important later.

Title: Blazing Saddles
Author(s): hobnailedboots
Artist: the wonderful votaku
Crossover: SPN/SPN RPF
Word Count: ~17k
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Misha/Castiel, Vicki/Misha
Warnings: Mentions of self-harm (i.e. Sam's Lucifer-coping mechanism), some portrayal of mental illness (again, Sam and Lucifer), meta Spoilers: Up to 7.10 or thereabouts
Summary: Misha wakes up in his very own French Mistake. When Sam and Dean meet him (at some point after 7.10) they think he's something evil: a Leviathan, perhaps. He's taken to what remains of Bobby's house, where they interrogate him. At that point, Castiel appears inside Misha's head. With Misha's intimate knowledge of the characters, the Winchesters refusing to talk anything out, and the hordes of flesh-eating Leviathans determined to take over the world (not to mention Hallucifer and Crowley) it promises to be a bumpy ride. Oh, also, there is porn.

Title: Discovering Home
Crossover: Firefly
Word Count: 15,700
Characters/Pairings: Sam Winchester/River Tam, Simon Tam, Dean Winchester, Anna, Castiel, Bobby, rest of Serenity’s crew.
Warnings: Violence, some gore, mentions of mental illness
Spoilers: S2 Supernatural storyline, some characters introduced in S4 and S5. Set post Serenity-movie for Firefly.
Summary: Simon and River accidentally end up on the hunter ship Impala, where River discovers new talents, new purpose, and maybe someone she just might like. Simon only finds a brand new set of worries when he realizes River has grown up in an entirely different way than he ever could have guessed.

Title: The Ribbon Lost (Her Pale Gold Hair Falls Down)
Artist: evian_fork
Crossover: So Weird
Word Count: 28,166
Characters/Pairings: Jo Harvelle/Fi Phillips
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Seasons 1&2 of So Weird, and through the beginning of season 4 for Supernatural.
Summary: Fi was a hunter before she started hunting, born to the life even if she wasn't raised in it—a true professional in a way her father never was. Jo's been waiting her whole life to follow in her father's footsteps. When they team up for a case, Fi recognizes right away how well they work together; for Jo, it takes a little longer.

Title: Skies on Fire: Inject the Venom
Author(s): landiana24
Artist: sarah_jones
Crossover: Supernatural/Veronica Mars/Smallville
Word Count: 16620
Characters/Pairings: Veronica/Dean, Sam/Chloe, Castiel
Warnings: Violence, reference to character deaths, swearing
Spoilers: up to end of Season 5 Supernatural, end of Season
Summary: Sequel to my fic for last year's big bang Skies on Fire: Evil Walks. Now that Veronica and Chloe have found the Winchesters, they embark on a path of discovery as they are pulled further and further into the world of the supernatural. It's a fight against time to discover how Logan Mars has managed to return from the grave, why there are mysterious symbols on dead and why bodies of high profile victims are missing. Demonic activity abounds as the mismatch team try to figure out how missing mutilated bodies, demonic possession and high profile murders have to do with each other.

As the pieces stack up the Winchesters, Chloe and Veronica find themselves fighting against the odds and multiple demons to find the truth.

Author’s Notes: The biggest thank you to my beta extraordinaire and wonderful artist sarah_jones for all of her help on this fic and her amazing artwork

Title: Promishes Were Never Made to Be Kept
Author(s): aaronlisa
Artist: creepylicious
Crossover: Supernatural / Dollhouse
Word Count: 16207
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Echo, Alpha, Boyd Langton, Adelle DeWitt, Laurence Dominic, Castiel, Bobby Singer, Crowley, Samuel Campbell, Meg, with mentions of other canon charcters.
Warnings: off-screen implied non-con/dub-con (in the sense that Dean is an active and goes on engagements), language, potential consent issues, minor violence
Spoilers: To be safe, the entire series for both shows.
Summary: Despite winning his desperate battle to avoid his destiny of being an angelic vessel, after Lucifer is consigned to his cage along with Michael, Sam and Adam, Dean is forced into a different sort of cage by someone he thought he could trust. With his freedom and his sense of self stolen from, Dean becomes an active with the code name of Romeo in the LA dollhouse where he becomes yet another pawn on a chessboard that he has no control over. While Castiel and Crowley work together to find the portal to purgatory, Dean's fate is quickly becoming entwined with that of Echo's. Two potential apocalypses are on the verge to collide as certain individuals within the dollhouse work to discover Dean's true identity and Dean's former friends and enemies work together to unwittingly bring about another kind of apocalypse. Will Dean be able to find himself in time to escape this new destiny thrust upon him or will he remain a pawn?

Title: Night of the Hunter
Author: ohmynostalgia
Artist: sammycolt24
Crossover: Jurassic Park
Words: 33,000
Type: Largely gen with slashy flirting/kissing, mentioning of het relationships.
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, past Castiel/Rachel, Chuck/Becky, Sam/Ruby, brief Jess/Michael, Jess/OMC, kid!Anna, kid!Balthazar, Lucifer, Bobby.
Warnings: (some are whited out for the story spoilers they contain) Strong language, dinosaurs eating people, dinosaur violence sometimes involving children, contemplation/attempting self-sacrifice involving dinosaurs, a grown man cutting away a young teenage girl's shirt to reveal a wound.
Spoilers: None for Supernatural, but I guess the entire thing is one big Jurassic Park spoiler.
Summary: Paleontologists Dean and Sam Winchester have been offered a once in a lifetime chance to accompany Chuck Shurley, an eccentric man who funds their paleontological dig, to his resort island. Once on the island, they meet Chuck's son, Castiel, his grand children, Anna and Balthazar, and his nephew, Gabriel. The island's guests are introduced to the wonders of genetic engineering, resulting in real, live dinosaurs - ones they can touch, and see. Though Gabriel is the only outspoken about the dangers, the others attempt to reconcile their fears with their own awe - and the desire to believe that real, live dinosaurs are safe. Before they can come to their own conclusions, a hurricane knocks out the island's power, leaving the island's occupants helpless, separated from the rest of the world and each other. The ones stranded outside the security of the control center have to evade the now free, and violent, dinosaurs while attempting to make it back to safety, while the ones back within the control center need to find a way to restore power, get help, and keep themselves alive.

Title: Hunter and Hunted
Author: mizface
Artist: caluk
Crossover: Brimstone/Supernatural
Word Count: 22,987
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Ruby, Castiel, Ezekiel Stone, the Devil
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Set in season 4 of SPN (between Yellow Fever and It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester). Vague spoilers for events in s4 and s5. For Brimstone, set post-show, spoilers for It's a Helluva Life.
Summary: Sam and Dean are on a hunt when they see a demon taken out by what appears to be an ordinary gun. Is it a hunter they've never heard of, or is something more sinister going on? Meanwhile, Ezekiel Stone has been given a new set of targets - a man recently escaped from Hell, and his brother, who may or may not be an escapee as well. Are they part of the 113, or does the Devil have another agenda?

Title: But Water Is Wider
Author: misachan
Artist: sgmajorshipper
Crossover: Supernatural/White Collar
Word Count: 32,800
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Peter/Elizabeth, Neal, Sam, Jones, Diana
Warnings: Hellhound-related violence, some language
Spoilers: Set S5 for SPN, S2 for White Collar
Summary: Dean knows they've had hunts go worse than this, but right now he's having trouble thinking of any. What should have been a simple haunted painting salt-and-burn gets sticky when the head of the theft ring they've conned their way into turns out to be on the FBI payroll. With Sam stuck in custody Dean calls in Castiel, hoping some angel mojo might lead to a quick escape and Cas quickly finds enough bubbling beneath the surface to attract his attention - like hellhounds prowling the halls of FBI headquarters. Sam also finds the day full of surprises: when Agent Burke starts the interrogation the only questions he has involve a thick file all about Sam and Dean, a fire in a Colorado police precinct and how Victor Hendrickson really died.

Neal knows he should have slipped his tracker and run off days ago, when he first heard the howls. Now he's scrambling to keep his old crossroads mistake from bringing everyone down with him, and it's not long before Peter, Dean, Sam, Cas, Jones and Diana all find themselves caught in the web, and Elizabeth finds herself with a choice: rejoin the family she's left behind or save the one she's built.

When hellhounds come baying for blood, even angels have nowhere to hide.

Title: Over the Hills and Far Away
Author: operationhades
Artist: evian_fork
Crossover: X-Men
Word Count: 38K~
Characters/Pairings: No pairings; Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester (some SPN Cast, Bobby, Jim, etc) and most of X-Men Cast.
Warnings: few swear words a few chapters in, but nothing too bad.
Spoilers: Up to Season 2 SPN (sort of a canon AU) & none for X-Men (unless you think Gambit is a spoiler)
Summary: Sam was a fourteen year old mutant when he walked in on an injured Dean staring up at the barrel of a gun held by John Winchester. And after that, with Sam at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Dean throwing John, every other hunter in the country, and a pissed Yellow Eyed Demon of their trail, things only get progressively worse.

Author’s Notes: Much obliged to my beta, novakev , and of course, my artist. 8D

Comics page by davincis_girl illustrating a scene from the fic Gone With the Wendigo

Title: Gone With the Wendigo
Author(s): bellatemple
Artist: davincis_girl
Crossover: Supernatural/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Word Count: ~26,000
Characters/Pairings: Gen. Dean, Sam, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack
Warnings: language, alcoholism, excessive physical comedy and puns
Spoilers: through about mid-season seven for SPN, mid-season two for MLP
Summary: Sam and Dean go into the New Hampshire wilderness to investigate a new case: whole groups of hikers are getting trapped in freak blizzards and then encased in solid ice. When a blizzard hits them on the trail, they take shelter in a nearby cave for the night, only to awake to find themselves transformed into brightly colored ponies and trapped in a whole new world where zebras speak in rhyme, ponies run apple orchards, good times and positive thinking are encouraged, and friendship? Friendship is magic.

Title: There is Nothing Without Time
Author(s): filenotch
Artist: amyeyl
Crossover: Highlander
Word Count: ~25,000
Characters/Pairings: Methos, Duncan MacLeod, Ahriman, Bobby Singer, Castiel; Methos/Duncan
Warnings: It's Supernatural. It's Highlander. People die, and it isn't always pretty.
Spoilers: Sits within Highlander canon, SPN up through the beginning of Season 4.
Summary: It split open at the blade, opening like the iris of a cat, the edges of the figure blurring into the swirl at the outside, a vortex that Methos fell into with the force of his sword thrust, a ring of laughter in his ears. "I banish you!" Methos finds himself in a world where Immortals never existed, one where all the myths in all the books he's ever read are real. The demon Ahriman has followed him; and Castiel, the living embodiment of all those myths, wants it sent back, and Methos with it.

But how do you vanquish an enemy in a dimension where neither of you exists? The answer lies somewhere beneath the weight of knowledge Methos carries with him, somewhere in the memories of every Immortal that ever lived, but it will take Castiel to find the one that holds the key: the memories of Duncan MacLeod. Castiel will force Methos to face down that death—and in return, Methos will show Castiel that there is something very different between knowing and understanding."

Title: The Dawn Chronicles
Author(s): tenshinrtaiga
Artist: jadaryl
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series/Supernatural
Word Count: 15,970
Characters/Pairings: Dawn Summers, Connor Angel-Reilly, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester. Extremely mild Dawn/Dean.
Warnings: Non-main character death
Spoilers: Buffy Season 7, Angel Season 5, Supernatural Season 1
Summary: When Buffy dies and Dawn inherits her sister’s Slayer powers, Dawn doesn’t know what to do. She only knows one thing: she can’t stay at the International Watchers Council anymore. An unlikely friend in the shape of Angel's son Connor comes to the rescue, training her and teaching her how to handle her powers and just when she thinks she has everything under control, a new Slayer is murdered. Now Dawn’s left trying to figure out what happened and how exactly the Winchester boys fit in.

Title: ripples in the river of time
Author: placeofinsanity (miss_drea_fic)
Artist: iamaslashaddict
Crossover: Firefly
Disclaimer: Kripke, Gamble, Singer and Whedon own it all, I'm only playing in the sandbox.
Type: Slash
Word Count: 17,500+
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Mal, Dean/Sam, Sam/Mal, Dean/Mal/Sam, Castiel, Crowley/Badger, Gabriel, Bobby, the Serenity Crew
Warnings: minor character death (off screen)
Spoilers: Spoilers up to season 4 of Supernatural, and all of Firefly/Serenity.
Summary: Set just after the end of Season 3, pre-Season 4. And just after “Serenity”. Castiel pulls Dean out of Hell, expecting the elder Winchester to become the pawn he’s supposed to. Instead, Dean wakes up on Serenity with no memories. Sam moves heaven and earth to find him.

Title: A Cage Full of Heroes
Author: San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie)
Artist: quickreaver
Crossover: SPN/Hogan's Heroes
Word Count: ~20,000
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, Hogan, Kinch, LeBeau, Newkirk, Carter, Wilson, Klink, Schultz, Hochstetter, mentions of Hallucifer; gen
Warnings: Non-graphic discussions of Hell trauma, allusions to Holocaust events
Spoilers: General for Season 7, through "Slice Girls."
Summary: Col. Robert Hogan and his international team of POWs-turned-spies have had tough assignments before. They've done the impossible time and again. But this unexpected job might be the toughest of all: keeping Sam and Dean Winchester alive.

Title: The Lightning Strike
Author(s): hezio2 aka noturbaby
Artist: twisted_slinky
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: Not my characters - full disclaimer with master post
Type: (Gen, Het, or Slash) Gen with a healthy dose of Het
Word Count: 69000 (8000+ each chapter)
Characters/Pairings: Buffy/Dean
Warnings: none
Spoilers: If you've seen Supernatural through season 2 and Buffy through season 6, you're good Summary:When Buffy jumps into the portal in “The Gift”, she lands on a lonely stretch of Texas highway during a thunderstorm right in front of the Dean's Impala. She has no memory of who she is or where she's from. Feeling abandoned by both Sam and John, Dean decides to take care of her and help her find her way home. Falling for each other was not part of the plan. Neither was Willow's spell.

Set (mostly) pre-series Supernatural and between seasons 5 and 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Title: Tales of men
Author(s): creepylicious
Artist: chosenfire28
Crossover: Bandom/VD
Word Count: 16.050
Characters/Pairings: Bob Bryar/Emilie Autumn, past Gerard/Dean/William, various implied
Warnings: off screen violence, mentions of sex with minors
Spoilers: SPN Season one (AU-ish), VD Season three
Summary: A story about how ,while their siblings are at Bryar's and Emilie's looking for ways to fight the apocalypse and babysitting an Angel of the lord and a shapeshifter, Gerard and Dean go on a monster-hunting road-trip and meet Damon.

“Run along,” Dean repeats.

Damon grins, but starts walking away from the scorched grass and blood and them. Gerard crushes the butt of his cigarette under the heel of his boot and lights a third one. “

Fucking H.P. Lovecraft,” he says, exhaling smoke.

Title: Zombie Apocalypse At The Buy More Or It's All Morgan's Fault
Author(s): ladyoneill (Lara)
Artist: slowsunrise
Crossover: Chuck
Word Count: 16,518
Characters/Pairings: Chuck/Sarah, Dean/Castiel; Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Dean, Sam, Castiel
Warnings: Language, PG13
Spoilers: Post Season 7 SPN (but written before that so my own version), Chuck Season 4ish (Sarah and Chuck are together but Chuck doesn't own the Buy More yet)
Summary: On a simple ghost hunt in L.A., Dean's EMF detector bites the dust. As walkmen aren't just readily available, he and Sam head to the Burbank Buy More where Sam runs into his old college friend, Chuck, and Chuck and Morgan go on a search through old stock to find the walkmen. In doing so, they find original Nintendo systems and games, including one they've never seen before called "Zombies". Morgan gets a bit obsessed about it and, while, everyone else is doing normal stuff like taking out a lonely ghost, updating spyware in Castle and putting wieners on to cook, he wins the game on the big screen at the Buy More. His prize isn't exactly hats and horns... Author’s Notes: I don't own any of the characters from Supernatural or Chuck; just borrowing them for crack. I'd really, really like to thank my artist, slowsunrise who, despite the insane curse over this fic that made it so our emails never connected, stayed up half the night once she finally got the fic, read it, and created the first lovely piece of art and, when the mod didn't get my rough draft, sent it to her as well for me, because, again, this fic was CURSED! lolol Probably the crackiest thing I've written in a long time, but damn fun to write. Also, I know Sarah stopped working at the Wienerlicious after Season 1, but, really, her in frilly panties and Dean just go together.

Title: How I Spent My Summer Vacation (and other Myths)
Author(s): scarletjedi
Artist: firefox1490
Crossover: Glee
Word Count: 55,140
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Jody Mills, Castiel, Gabriel, Kurt Hummel, Noah Puckerman. Destiel, Sabriel, Puckurt
Warnings: Canon-level violence. Explicit sex.
Spoilers: This goes AU early in Supernatural season 7, so Spoilers up through 7X3 to be on the safe side. This also goes AU after season 2 of Glee.
Summary: For the summer after Junior year, Puck and Kurt are sent to Souix Falls, Puck to his mother's cousin, Sheriff Mills, as punishment for his stint in Juvie in hopes that she will "set him straight," and Kurt to escape the Hockey Team's violence and to learn to Hunt like his mother from his Uncle Bobby. They meet at Singer Salvage, where they're both surprised, yet very pleased, to find a familiar face. A few days later a black impala drives up with two bloody Winchesters and an injured Angel. Then all Hell breaks loose....

Title:Somebody I Used to Know
Author(s): epeeblade
Artist: satavaisa
Crossover: White Collar, Leverage, Fringe
Word Count:~22,000
Characters/Pairings:Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Parker, Hardison, Nate Ford, Sophie Devereaux, Eliot Spencer, Olivia Dunham/ some canon mention of Parker/Hardison and Peter/Elizabeth
Warnings:Demonic Possession, violence
Spoilers:SPN episode 7.10 and most of season 7
Summary:A demon steals an artifact from a New York City museum, leaving eyeless bodies in her wake. Two branches of the FBI show up to investigate – Agent Olivia Dunham, sure this is another fringe event and Special Agent Peter Burke, certain this museum theft falls under the jurisdiction of his white collar department.

The feds get in the way of Sam and Dean's own investigation, but the brothers are aided by Nate Ford and his team, all desperate to know how they can save one of their own. But just why has this demon possessed Parker and what is she up to

Title: Through the Never
Author(s): twisted_slinky
Artist: sarah_jones
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel/Supernatural
Word Count: ~43k
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dawn, Buffy & the Scoobies, Castiel, Crowley, Lilah Morgan, Dean, Xander, Balthazar
Warnings: Violence, language, innuendos, and some non-explicit sexual encounters of the het variety.
Spoilers: For SPN through season 6; for all seasons of Buffy; very vague spoilers for all seasons of Angel
Summary: Sam is having an out of body experience, and it seems the only person who can help him is a girl who's rather experienced in being a glowing ball of light. Author’s Notes: Setting is post-series for Angel and BtVS. For SPN, the very beginning takes place immediately after Season 5's finale, "Swan Song." And then I'll move into the events of season 6, post "Clap Your Hands if You Believe." So spoilers, even though I curving off onto an AU path.

Title: Along This Crooked Road
Author(s): caluk
Artist: amberdreams
Crossover: Firefly/Serenity & Supernatural
Word Count: 20,570
Characters/Pairings: Sam W, Dean W, Crowley/Badger, Firefly crew. No pairings.
Warnings: Some language - because you know they would.
Spoilers: Mild spoilers for SPN S5 arc and as it's set post-film, extensively spoilery for the Firefly verse.
Summary: Struggling to make a living in the wake of the revelation about Miranda and the Reavers, the crew of Serenity are headed back to the black rock planet, looking for a job that will keep them flying when a mysterious light brings the ship down in the middle of the desert. Stranded, searching for a way to get off Miranda, they find two strange men, and something else - a malevolent force that seems to want to destroy them all, but that is inexplicably tied to the Winchesters. Now Sam and Dean must rely on the misfit crew of a crashed spaceship and the former demon who betrayed them to try and piece their lives, and their souls, back together.

Title: Amy, an Angel, and Averting the Apocalypse
Author(s): hezio2
Artist: patchedfox
Crossover: Doctor Who
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners BBC and Kripke enterprises et al. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended
Type: (Gen, Het, or Slash) Gen
Word Count: 18000
Characters/Pairings: Eleven, Amy, TARDIS, Sam, Dean, Cas, Chuck, Future Dean and Future Cas
Warnings: none kind of cracky though
Spoilers: Season 5 Supernatural and series 5 for Doctor Who
Summary: As a fan of Carver Edlund's Supernatural series, Amy is disappointed that the author ended the book series with Dean in hell. The Doctor, feeling guilty over Rory's death/disappearance from existance, takes Amy to meet the author. Seemed simple enough, meet the author, ask him why he left Dean in hell. Nothing is ever simple with the Doctor, as he and Amy find themselves immersed in Zachariah's plot to send Dean to 2014 so that the hunter says yes to Michael. It's up to the Doctor and Amy to set things right.


Title: X-Men: Winchester Class
Author(s): hunters_retreat
Artist: 2blueshoes
Crossover: SPN/X-Men
Word Count: 15K+
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Warnings: underage UST
Spoilers: X-men movies (some characters used from other timelines)
Summary: John Winchester left a huge hole in his boy's lives when he died and Bobby Singer had no idea how to fill it. The boys were too young to be on their own though so he did the only thing he knew to do; he had Dean follow him home in the Impala with Sam in tow. He meant to keep an eye on the boys and keep them safe, but nothing is what it seems and when Sam starts having nightmares it means more than just sleepless nights. With no one else to turn to, Bobby calls on an old friend to help him. After all,Charles Xavier has been in the business of helping the outcasts of the world since Bobby met him.

Sam and Dean go to Xavier's School for the Gifted but when school is out and Sam has his sights set on Stanford, all hell begins to break loose. Literally, because a mutant has found out about the demons and Magneto wants to be the one pulling the strings behind the boy who could be the king of Hell.

Title: Let This River Flow
Author(s): twisting_vine_x
Artist: finnickodair
Crossover: Sherlock
Word Count: 28,000
Characters/Pairings: John/Sherlock, Dean/Castiel, Sam, Kevin, Charlie, Harry, Mycroft, OCs.
Warnings: Sex, violence, language.
Spoilers: Post-Reichenbach, and set post-S8 of Supernatural
Summary: In the year 2014, after an unknown disease decimates most of humankind, John and Sherlock are left doing their best to just stay alive, scraping out an existence in the quarantined city of London – until they stumble into the lives of two brothers and a fallen angel, who talk of the Devil as though he’s a real being, and who have a name – Croatoan – for the virus that’s torn the planet apart. From then on, John and Sherlock find themselves caught up in the epicenter of the battle, and it’s going to take everything they have to make it through with their humanity intact.

Title: Of Wolf and Man
Author: twisted_slinky
Artist: sophiap
Crossover: Teen Wolf/Supernatural
Wordcount: ~22k
Characters/Pairing(s): Dean, Sam, Stilinski, Stiles, Deaton, Derek, John. Gen (mentions of past het)
Warnings: Show-level violence, language
Spoilers: SPN season 8 (minor); TW post season 2
Summary: After receiving a call from an old family friend, the Winchesters find themselves in Beacon Hills, CA, finishing a case they started in their teens, back when the creature of the week was hunting a young deputy named Stilinski and his pregnant wife. Now, the monster is back, and the hunters are needed, but there's more than one threat in this small town, and the guys are starting to think Deaton called them in for an entirely different reason, one involving a few secrets John Winchester kept past the grave. Gen. SPN season 8; TW post season 2.

Title: The Celestial Evolution of Dean Winchester
Author: muchofthetime
Artist: liliaeth
Crossover: Charmed
Rating: R
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Billie Jenkins
Spoilers: Anything's game
Warnings: Somewhat sexy times, language
Word Count: ~33k
Summary: When a vengeful witch turns Dean into an angel, he, Sam, and Cas have to race the clock to get him turned back before his Grace explodes his fragile human body. Luckily, Cas has a history with the three most powerful good witches of all time, and they might be willing to help.

Title: Vulnerable to Intention
Author: foxie_trot
Artist: evian_fork
Crossover: Supernatural/Star Trek: The Next Generation
Word Count: 30,000~
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, Bobby/Crowley, implied Ed/Harry, Cas, Jodie, Ruby, Gabriel, Picard, Riker, Data, Geordi, Dr. Crusher
Warnings: Incest, old men having sex, strong language, some mild violence
Spoilers: No spoilers for either show, set before the TNG universe
Summary: The crew, including Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby, Picard, Data and Crowley, have just finished two months of intense data collection and experiments and are due for shore leave. However, Rear Admiral Zachariah puts their vacation put on hold, in order to investigate a nearby barren planet, which ends up being a little more adventure than the crew had anticipated.

Title: Souls of the Forgotten
Author: backrose_17
Artist: viviantanner
Crossover: Torchwood/the Avengers/Doctor Who
Word Count: 29,817
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Tony, Jack/Ianto, Benny/Darcy, Balthazar/Tosh, Steve/Bruce, Coulson/Clint, Natasha/Pepper, Linda Tran, Kevin Tran, Nick Fury, the Doctor and Rory/Amy
Spoilers: An alternate take on Season Eight but with some spoilers for the season
Summary: Sam watched Dean and Castiel disappear right before his eyes; with the loss of Bobby he wasn't sure how he would survive or even how to begin to find a way to rescue them. Help comes in the most unlikely fashion when SHIELD suddenly offers to try and help Sam find the mysterious Doctor. Knowing they have their own agenda, Sam is desperate and accepts their offer any way.

Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel find themselves struggling to survive in a living nightmare. For them, aid comes from a most unlikely pair of people: a fellow trapped soul, Ianto Jones and the vampire, Benny. Together the four of them must find a way to survive in their hellish prison but also find a way home.

One year later they are rescued but during that time much has changed for the brothers; is for better or worse? And how will they handle the biggest changes in their lives?

Banner by sarah_jones, for Skies on Fire: Walk Through the Fire

Title: Skies on Fire: Walk Through the Fire
Artist: sarah_jones
Crossover: Veronica Mars/Supernatural/Smallville
Word Count: 17.712
Characters/Pairings: Veronica/Dean Sam/Chloe, Oliver, Castiel
Warnings:violence and previous character deaths
Spoilers: all of Veronica Mars, up to season 8 of Smalville, up to season 5 of Supernatural
Summary:Sequel to SKIES ON FIRE: EVIL WALKS and SKIES ON FIRE: INJECT THE VENOM. Now that Veronica, Chloe, Dean and Sam have discovered why the dead appear to be coming back to life they have to figure out how to stop the demon men, and what the bigger picture is. But when Chloe is mortally wounded, and Veronica is taken, the Winchester brothers have to find out what has happened to them and how they fit into the puzzle which they are slowly piecing together.

Title: Blood Runes
Author(s): zelda_addict
Artist: aragorn
Crossover: The Death Gate Cycle
Word Count: 30,215
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam/Ruby, John, Castiel, Azazel, Haplo/Marit, Alfred, various others
Warnings: violence, blood drinking, off-screen nookie—nothing worse than what you'd see in an episode of Supernatural, really
Spoilers: The entire Death Gate Cycle book series and all aired Supernatural are fair game, though since this is set in the Death Gate world, it's heavier on that.
Summary: Patryn Hunters and brothers Sam and Dean were separated when Sam left the Labyrinth to join Lord Xar in the Nexus and Dean chose to remain with their father, fighting the monsters of the Labyrinth. After Xar's defeat and the closing of the Death Gate, the evil dragon-snakes need another way out. Sam's unique bloodline gives him the potential power to open a new way out of the Sartan's prison world, and they hope to use his anger to manipulate him to their cause. The forces of good hope to use his brother to help stop them, but Dean doesn't feel much like cooperating...

Title: Don't Let Me Go
Author(s): disturbinglynic
Artist: viviantanner
Crossover: Star Trek The Next Generation
Word Count: 16255
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Wesley
Warnings: character death prior to the story, discrimination, homophobia
Spoilers: none. Dean isn't even a hunter.
Summary: Dean is trying to deal with the death of his brother when Wesley, his brother's friend, and someone who Dean is very much in love with but could never do anything about because Wesley was just way too young, comes back to town. Wesley keeps Dean from falling into depression. They grow closer and Dean thinks he might finally actually have a shot with Wesley, but what will happen to their relationship when Wesley gets fired from his job for being gay?

Title: Memories We've Created
Author: lady_yashka
Artist: finnickodair
Crossover: Merlin
Word Count: 15,808
Characters/Pairings: Gen, past Arthur/Gwen
Warnings: Violence towards children, character death
Spoilers: Spoilers through series five of Merlin, AU season four of Supernatural
Summary: Centuries after his death, destiny calls Arthur Pendragon forth to fulfill his duty as the Once and Future King. But Arthur is also a Winchester now. Destiny won’t know what hit it.

Title: Salt of the Earth
Author(s): tikific
Artist: 2blueshoes
Crossover: The Walking Dead
Word Count: 20,000
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Castiel, Sam, Rick, Shane, Daryl, Glenn, Merle, Uriel, Balthazar, Inias
Warnings: Cursing.
Spoilers: SPN is an AU, TWD spoilers up through S2.
Summary: When a semi owned by Niveus Pharmaceuticals jackknifes on the New Jersey turnpike, the plans of both heaven and hell are thrown into disarray as North America is quickly overrun by bloodthirsty zombies. Sam and Dean Winchester are heading out to Harvelle's to have a nice cold beer and wait for the Croatoan thing to all blow over when they run into a homeless dude who claims to be an angel of the Lord. Meanwhile, the Roadhouse has been commandeered by a group of angst-ridden survivors who are not keen on sharing their sanctuary with a couple of aspiring demon hunters and their weird new friend. But the team must unite to face an older, more malevolent threat.

Banner by sarah_jones for Life Changes

Title: Life Changes
Author(s): amanofmydreams
Artist: sarah_jones
Crossover: Supernatural/Stargate
Word Count: 27,000ish
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, OFC, Samantha Carter, John O'Neill, Teal'C, Daniel Jackson, John Sheppard, Teyla, Elizabeth Weir, Rodney Mckay, Castiel, Anna
Warnings: swearing, and violence.
Spoilers: Stargate up to and including season 7 for SG1 the first show of SGA. Supernatural is pre-series.
Summary: Dean has a number of life choices in front of him, college, military, the family business, he didn't expect that his choice would lead him down this road with the new world, a semi new family and a world of danger.