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Name: Spideytorch Big Bang
Date(s): 2016 - 2018
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Marvel Comics
URL: Tumblr
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The Spideytorch Big Bang was a big bang challenge in Marvel Comics fandom, focused on the pairing of Peter Parker/Johnny Storm. Authors had to write a mimimum of 15,000 words, and artists had to create a minimum of two pieces of a medium of their choice.



Without a Hitch
Author: Mizzy
Artist: Pariah Arts
When Peter loses his girlfriend Gwen Stacy horribly, dramatically, until the end of time— because she’s hooking up with his neighbor — Peter figures he’s probably just desperately terrible at the boyfriend thing. He needs an expert. Which, sadly, is the one guy in his life who really doesn’t need the ego boost of being told he’s an expert in love. Johnny is delighted to help his bud Spider-Man find love. Johnny has his eyes on someone, so he could do with the practice. It’s just a shame, because when Peter finds his healed heart turning in another direction, the last person he would expect to get in the way does.

let the choir bells sing
Author: GottaLoveV
Artist: Alina In Wonder
Johnny and Spider-Man are on assignment at the Carnival of Venice, and asked to be present at an influential politician’s costumed party. When he becomes worried that said politician wants to match him up with his daughter, Johnny announces he’s secretly married to Spider-Man. They can totally fake being secret husbands for a few days! Not a problem, not even when they have to share a bed. After all, they are good buddies; it’s not as if Johnny would have to sleep with someone he has a crush on, like Peter Parker.

Tales From The Back Pages Author: Traincat
Artist: MaryJaneWatson
Peter Parker was born with his words. Johnny Storm’s been sure his will be said sarcastically since he was a child. Everything else more or less happens according to plan. A first words soulmate AU.

Fantastic Four Plus One
Author: Naomida
Artist: Captain Sharkspeare
Who would have thought that the biggest hardship of being a superhero would be to have to hang out with his arch-nemesis because Johnny was a slut for free hotdogs? AKA, the story where Johnny is the one getting bitten by a radioactive spider, and hiding your secret identity to the super-powered people you live with is super hard, especially when Peter Parker is dead-set on becoming your best friend.

Broken Crown
Author: MissMHO
Artist: A Little Huntress
Peter and Johnny were promised to each other when they were still little boys, a political alliance that were to create the merged kingdom of Fantastika. Then came the accident, followed a couple of years later by a tragic loss of the ruling royal couples. Peter and Johnny were officially married not long after and the burden of the crown fell now to the two young rulers… Except Peter hasn’t seen his supposed husband for the last decade.

all of these thousand miles
Author: hippolytas
Artist: Sciderman
One year after the Fantastic Four have disappeared: where are they now? No one really has a clue, and Johnny seems to be the only one still searching for answers. When the universe (or someone with control over it) starts sending him signals, Johnny decides that it’s time to go looking. Peter’s just coming along to make sure he survives the experience. It all goes about as well as can be expected.

Tar & Glass
Author: honest
Artist: Inkpaws
After disappearing for two years, Johnny Storm returns to his midwest hometown a different person to when he’d left. At least, he thinks that’s the case. Seeing his best friend Peter Parker again reminds him that some things, no matter the distance, remain exactly the same. And that’s just it, isn’t it? Johnny could’ve left the town behind, his family and the friends he’s had since he was two because no one new ever comes and no one ever leaves - except Johnny, but he failed at that, didn’t he? He’s back. He could’ve left the town but he couldn’t erase the stars, the sky, the thread that weaves his universe together. He couldn’t leave Peter.

The Camera’s On Us
Author: weekend_conspiracy_theorist
Artist: that_one_mod
Top Chef Season Twenty comes to a close with a reunion episode you won’t want to miss! Tune in for the answers to questions we’ve all been wondering–Why does Kate Bishop wear so many sunglasses? Are Doreen and Nancy really dating? Did Johnny dump that bag of flour on Peter on purpose? And, of course, just who is the mysterious MJ? (A Top Chef AU told through the reunion episode and a series of flashbacks to earlier events–including a teary goodbye kiss, the aforementioned flour incident, and when Johnny met Mary Jane… or, well, not quite.)

New York’s Finest Disasters
Author: JustANerdyGirl
Artist: digitalgraphite
When 21-year-old Johnny Storm accidentally causes the Baxter Building to burn down, he accepts a bet that he can live for a year without the rest of the Fantastic Four babysitting him. Johnny believes he can handle it, but of all places in New York, why did it have to be a rundown apartment in Queens? Meanwhile, Peter Parker is struggling balancing his senior year of college, his internship at Stark Industries, his freelance photography gig at the Daily Bugle, being one of New York’s masked heroes, his roommate Harry’s addiction problems, and now he has none other than Johnny Storm pestering him as a next-door neighbor. Features: A slightly anxious Peter Parker, a wonky balance of canon from comics, movies, Netflix series, and original antics, Prank Wars, Drunken Makeouts, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, New York’s heroes being extremely protective of Peter Parker, and basically everyone wanting Peter to take a freakin’ nap.

The Color of Your Energy
Author: bexorz
Artist: lebearpolarr
Johnny Storm is the Human Torch, but only the other members of the Fantastic Four know this. Why does he have a secret identity? To protect his bakery, of course. Wake and Bake is one of New York City’s finest bakeries, and Betty Brant from the Daily Bugle is about to write a human interest story about it for the Food and Culture section. Who does she choose to bring with her as photographer? Peter Parker, obviously. Johnny is immediately intrigued. Peter is juggling a teaching career, freelance photography for the Bugle, and his superhero routine, with moderate success. He immediately falls in love with Johnny’s pastries, and it doesn’t hurt that Johnny keeps giving them to him for free. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and the Human Torch are trying to renew their friendship, having no idea they’ve just met face-to-face.

Lost Without You
Author: TimeLadyRomana
Artist: Meereswiederkaeuer, Bex
Johnny and Peter fall into a wormhole and are sent careening across the universe together. With no hope of rescue, they end up having to figure out their own way home, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. To make matters worse, Johnny’s been in love with Peter for a long, long, long time. Nothing’s happened ever because Peter doesn’t seem too interested, but now Johnny’s stuck alone in space with the guy of his dreams and a whole lot of feelings that just won’t go away.


Between the Smoke and Ruins
Author: gleesquid
Artist: lamoscadomestica and Teshumai.
The Fantastic Four: Heroes. Villains. Gods. Ghosts. Oh, how the mighty do fall. In which Johnny Storm tries to save his family, Spider-Man tries to save the world, and they might as well save each other along the way.

I Think I Need A Little Change
Author: balancingbookact
Artist: Millielitre.
Peter Parker is an average guy when he meets, and begins dating, Johnny Storm, of the darling Fantastic Four. With Johnny up in the sky and Peter down on the ground, Peter begins to question if he can ever fit into Johnny’s super-powered life. Everything changes, however, when Peter is bitten by a certain radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Man. This should solve all of Peter’s problems, right? The only issue: Johnny hates Spider-Man. Misunderstandings and hilarity ensue.

The Spider Prince and the Morning Star
Author: Traincat
Artist: johnny-storms-hair and Pariah’s Dream.
“Folks like to say there’s a monster that lives in the forest,” Old Swenson said the next day when Johnny told him his story. Johnny worked in his shop, when Swenson could afford to pay him. He fixed things, clocks and broken carriages. Johnny wasn’t good for much, but he had a hand for repairs. “And that it’ll grant you wishes, for a price. Folks will say anything, after a drink or five. Don’t listen to that kind of foolish talk, Johnny.” When Johnny makes a deal with the monster that lives in the woods – himself for his sister’s happiness – he doesn’t expect the giant spider to take him to a beautiful castle, or to reveal himself a cursed prince. There’s only one catch: he’s only a man in the darkest night, and Johnny can never see his face.

Happy Family Planning
Author: amaronith
Artist: millielitre and haziart
Peter always thought he’d have more of a say over when he had a kid, that it would be something decided between him and his hypothetical lover some time down the line. But between his board of directors insinuating that the public doesn’t trust a single and child-free CEO, and a rather insistent alien queen wanting him as some kind of stud male to save her people, Peter’s ‘someday maybe’ plan has ended up becoming ‘no time like the present’ when said alien queen gifts Peter with an egg. In the face of Johnny’s depression over his still missing family, Peter invites Johnny to live with him as the baby’s nanny, because living with the guy you have over a decade and a half of repressed romantic feelings for and raising your daughter together under false pretenses is a plan that can’t possibly back fire. Good Job, Pete.

hope and fear, i think there is a pattern here
Author: summerdayghost
Artist: Sciderman.
As far as Johnny was concerned the notorious Spider was nothing compared to that Peter Parker, girlfriend stealing menace. The facts that Peter has no clue what Johnny is talking about when Johnny calls him out for it and that Johnny sort of sees the appeal do not make things better. Or an au where Peter Parker chose to be a villain instead.

The Long Road Home
Author: Bookdancer
Artist: meereswiederkaeuer and hazirart
A witch turns Johnny into a yellow lab, effectively leaving him in the middle of New York City with four paws, no way to communicate, and oh yeah - a dog that can flame on isn’t exactly inconspicuous. All his instincts scream for him to run home, but to his confusion, his paws aren’t leading him to the Baxter Building. Aka Johnny Storm turns up at a run down apartment only to discover that the place belongs to one Peter Parker. Only problem is, Johnny doesn’t know that Peter is Spider-Man, and Peter doesn’t know that Johnny is a dog.

This ain’t no fairytale
Author: theKasiaLin
Artist: balancingbookact and intern-gershwin-palmer.
When Peter gets dragged by Gwen into the Central Park in the middle of the night to look for a body he doesn’t expect to be bitten by a werewolf (it’s not like they exist, right?), but that’s exactly what happens. His life takes rapid turn, he’s lost his uncle, a crazed killer alpha werewolf is trying to get to him, and he can’t even control his own body. To make the matters worse the fate seems to like playing with him as it turns out that the only person who can calm him down is none other than Johnny Storm, a self-absorbed cheerleader who seems to embody everything that Peter hates. But maybe being a werewolf won’t be as bad as Peter thought…

don’t throw away my love
Author: lamujerarana
Artist: Pariah’s Dream.
When Johnny and Peter step through a magic doorway, the Inhuman Eldrac, they are sent on a trip through the multiverse where they encounter version after version of themselves, all at different stages of their lives…all of whom are deeply in love. Could Eldrac possibly be trying to tell them something? “So how did you figure out you were in love with your Johnny?” Peter asks. “Huh,” Elderly Peter says. “You know what, kid, it’s easier if I just show you.” He takes two steps over to the bed Peter’s sprawled out on and whacks Peter on the back of the head, good and hard, and then barks, “You’re in love with him, you idiot!” “Ow!” Peter complains, rubbing at the back of his head. “That hurt!” “Well,” Elderly Peter says, not sounding very sorry at all, “you have a very thick skull. It’s going to take a while for that to sink in, but it will eventually.” He sighs. “Make that a very long while.”


Eight Arms to Hold You
Author: metaphoracle
Artist: rayandhisart and cocona21
When Spider-Man’s best friend Johnny Storm asks him for help in tactfully declining a marriage proposal from the King of Atlantis, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the only solution is for him to volunteer Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parker to pretend to be dating Johnny at the Engagement Banquet in Atlantis. Sure, it’s technically lying to his best friend about who Peter Parker is, but the important thing is that Johnny won’t have to marry Namor, and if Peter gets some photographs of Atlantis to sell, what’s the harm? Peter thought the most difficult thing about this scenario was going to be making sure Johnny didn’t figure out Peter is actually Spider-Man. Having to pretend he wasn’t actually falling in love with his best friend never crossed his mind.
Featuring fake relationships, forced (almost) marriages, identity porn, traditional Atlantean clothing, and amorous cephalopods.

A Melody That’s Calling Your Name
Author: gleesquid
Artist: johnny-storms-hair and artofmimi
When a boy gets trapped in the Baxter Building fire, Peter must make a quick choice: let the boy die terrified in the flames or gain his trust by showing him what’s underneath his mask. In the end, it’s no choice at all. But when that same boy shows up on the first day of senior year, Peter finds himself caught in a spiraling lie. The next thing he knows, he’s got a boyfriend, he’s starring in a musical, he’s going to rich kids’ costume parties, and he’s realizing that maybe there are worse things than having someone know your biggest secret. You’d think high school couldn’t get any weirder than a radioactive spider bite, but that’s just the Parker Luck.

Til Planet-Rise
Author: Euphorion
Artist: portwinestains and Scarabsi
“This is the part where it gets a little more complicated,” Fel'icia said, “so listen up.” Peter blinked and looked back at the data pad. “We’re not the only ones looking to get our hands on this weapon,” Fel'icia said. “There’s a terrorist group out of Denusia who got the jump on us and already contacted one of the scientists involved, a Dr. Reed Richards. Richards got cold feet about the whole ‘create a super weapon for a would-be tyrant’ thing, and he’s hatched a plot to steal the prototype when it’s unveiled at the gala. Richards will be attending with his partner and presumably co-conspirator, Senator Susan Storm of Alderaan. While at the Gala, Richards will hand off the prototype to the person attending the party with the Senator’s younger brother, Jonathan. The Denusian terrorists plan for that person to be one of their number, a smuggler named Robert Drake.” Fel'icia arched an eyebrow. “We plan for that person to be you.”

Bring That Summer
Author: pommenade
Artist: asandygraves
Juggling the duties of Spider-Man as well as his life as CEO of Parker Industries was easy. Peter Parker had years of practice. Add in a clandestine relationship with Johnny Storm and things got a bit more complicated. Add in Johnny’s Instagram account, and suddenly Peter’s life is impossible.

Out of the Dead Lands
Author: louluna
Artist: pariah-arts
Johnny and Peter live and die and live again in the Negative Zone. sleeping with ghosts by grumpeaches, art by lavinlouis and wickedends When Peter gets caught up in a big science project, Johnny sees his best friend less and less–– and then not at all. Johnny finds himself standing outside of Horizon Labs one night, with no idea how or why he ended up there. He doesn’t think much of it at first, but things just keep getting weirder after that. He can’t shake off the feeling that he’s forgotten something important, but what?

Surrounded by Wolves
Author: novacorpsrecruit
Artist: vieryplus and bimerms
Johnny knew the Spider-Man since he first moved to Manhattan. Well, he knew of him. He knew of the countless people who claimed to be mugged by the Spider-Man. Destruction and death has always been linked to his name, from Captain George Stacy to the District Attorney. And now, the death’s have turned into murders – with red spider tracers as a breadcrumbs. But when the so-called dangerous super villain saved Johnny from being mugged in Bryant Park as a teen, Johnny wonders if the Spider-Man is as bad as everyone suggest he is.

The Boy From New York City
Author: Traincat
Artist: Sciderman
Central City, California is beautiful, but it’s not where Johnny wants to be – and he’s not who he wants to be, either. Inspired by the recent return of Spider-Man, Johnny convinces the newly minted Fantastic Four to return to the Baxter Building, the site of the incident that gave them their powers. But not everything is what it seems, and worse yet, Spider-Man wants nothing to do with the Human Torch. In the wake of Gwen’s death, Peter has finally put the mask back on, but nothing’s the same as it once was, and the thrill has gone out of Spider-Man. The Fantastic Four’s arrival only makes everything worse. The Human Torch is good looking, he’ll give him that much, but Peter has no plans of making friends. A series of strange attacks and a fateful encounter on the docks may not leave him much choice.

You Need Oxygen To Start A Fire
Author: gemini_in_tauro
“Shouldn’t we like—I don’t know man, swear eternal friendship or something?” Just after the Harmonic Convergence, after Peter gained airbending powers, Johnny dissapears. Sue comes to ask for his help—he is quite knowledgeable with the spirits after all, and he is faced with a hard decision to do: Go after his best friend and first crush, or dominate the airbending with Tenzin and the new airbenders?



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