Mischief & Mistletoe

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Name: Mischief & Mistletoe: a Sif/Loki fanworks exchange
Date(s): 2013 - present
Moderator(s): psychoticgirl and elizabethkween
Founder: psychoticgirl and elizabethkween
Type: Gift Exchange - fanfiction, fan art, fan vids
Fandom: MCU, Marvel Comics
Associated Community:
URL: mischiefandmistletoe
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Mischief & Mistletoe is an annual holiday gift exchange between fans of the MCU pairing of Loki/Sif. Participants submit their names and then are given the name and preferences of another fan, for whom they will make a Sifki related gift. All participants must submit either one fanfiction that is 1000 words in length, a finished piece of fan art or one fan vid that is least one minute long.

Example Fanworks