Harry Osborn/Peter Parker

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Pairing: Harry Osborn/Peter Parker
Alternative name(s): HarryPeter, Parksborn
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Spider-Man, Marvel Comics, Spider-Man (2002-2007), The Amazing Spider-Man
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
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Harry Osborn/Peter Parker is the slash pairing of Harry Osborn and Peter Parker in Spider-Man fandom.


Recommended Reading

  • Amazing Spider-Man
    • ASM #047 (they become roommates)
    • ASM #96-98 (Harry's drug addiction)
    • ASM #134-137 (the Green Goblin lives again)
    • ASM #174-180 (the Green Goblin returns: huge development for Harry)
  • Spectacular Spider-Man
    • The Child Within (SSM #178-184, 189-190, 200)
  • Harryosborn.net - a Harry Osborn fansite that provides information on Harry's appearances in canon.


Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Friends to Lovers: becuse they are canonically friends, it is not unusual for fans to expand it to friends to lovers
  • Hurt/Comfort: there seem to slightly more fanworks where Peter is hurt and Harry is providing the comfort
  • Happy Ending: depending which version of canon one is consuming, their friendship doesn't end well, so it is not unusual for fans to write fix-it fic to give the characters a different, happier ending together
  • No Powers AU: where Peter never became Spider-Man, or putting the characters in completely different AU settings
  • Past relationship: the pairing is sometimes characterized as a past relationship for Peter
  • Threesome or Poly: with the choice of third partner most often being Mary Jane



Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man (2002-2007)

Spider-Man (2017 Cartoon)


Amazing Spider-Man


Spider-Man (2002-2007)

Ultimate Spider-Man (Cartoon)

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