battle royale (Marvel vid)

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Title: battle royale
Creator: voordeel
Date: August 26, 2017
Format: Digital
Length: 1:28
Music: Battle Royale feat. Panther (VIP Mix) by Apache & Panther
Genre: Gen
Fandom: MCU
URL: YouTube

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battle royale is a MCU vid by voordeel. It received over 9500 notes on tumblr, and as of June 2021, it has almost 5 million views on youtube.

On August 7, 2019 voordeel released a new version of the vid titled battle royale (iw + endgame edition), it received over 6500 likes on twitter.

Reactions and Reviews

Media Reactions and Reviews

There is a lot of fan made art and videos out there, but every now and then you see something from someone really talented.

Battle Royale Avengers Fan Trailer Goes Viral,

the editing skill here goes beyond professional-level and ascends into high art. Every beat is perfect; every image seems to fit so well with the music that it’s like a waltz between the mediums. The transitions are so seamless that my jaw actually dropped the first time that I watched this.

Holy Crap, This Marvel Fanvideo Is One of the Coolest Things I’ve Ever Seen by Kaila Hale-Stern.

Fan Reactions and Reviews

Damn! This @Marvel fan worked hard on this. They should put this on one of the blu-rays[1]

Smooth transitions, perfect timing...don’t wanna know how many hours you spent fine tuning that and finding the shots in the first place...great job!![2]

lol HOW ARE YOU REAL. The flow of scenes + voice overs is INSANE.[2]

The best MCU edit ever made. Hands down. As an editor myself, I am jealous of how great an editor the guy/girl who made this is.[3]