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Name/s: dublin or dubs! <3 also Dubiie, as evolved from dublinwaltz in my and days
Fandom/s: Active: My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, South Park, Demon Slayer
Cycle back to: Naruto, Kingdom Hearts 2, Assassination Classroom, Yuri On Ice, Gotham, American McGee's Alice, Bioshock (Infinite ftw) Silent Hill (2, specifically), Death Note, Until Dawn, Five Nights at Freddy's (Sister Location), Left 4 Dead 2, Spirited Away, Little Nightmares, Game of Thrones, D.Gray-man, InuYasha, Batman, Bleach, Harry Potter, Mythology, Avatar the Last Airbender, Undertale, Peaky Blinders, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock, The Office, Breaking Bad, Hazbin Hotel, Banana Fish, Black Cat, Killing Stalking, The Walking Dead
You can find me at: AO3 tumblr twitter FFN
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Hey! And welcome! :) I'm a socially anxious writer and wannabe historian with an intense love for fandom and internet history, observing the ebb and flow of fandom in general, fandom and society, meta, and essays!

I'm also a multishipper that supports everyone's right to ship any pairing they want, regardless of how I personally feel about it (meaning I follow The Three Laws of Fandom), with a confirmed tendency to ship my favorite character with anyone I find interesting! Rarepairs are especially awesome!

Fandom Experience


I started writing ~original~ stories as a kid, and filled diaries with my dramatics! Harry Potter was huge for me. I was obsessed with the mythology of Hades & Persephone and Greek Mythology in general, and still love it! Edgar Allan Poe is also an obsession I've carried on- he seems to have had a big influence on my own personal style. Alice In Wonderland as a whole-ass concept is something I've always related to as a child, now adult, that wants nothing more than to escape.

I've been playing video games in some shape or form since preschool (Jump Start and Clue Finders, anyone? :D). I would say gaming is 60% of my fandom-esque identity even though I mainly write for anime and manga at this point; my current solution is to put Shigaraki Tomura into AUs of my favorite games. xD

Quizilla & FanFiction.Net

I technically got into anime and manga with Sailor Moon in the 90's, but involved with fandom through InuYasha around 2005-2006. I had to sneakily watch Adult Swim and printed off every character bio and picture I could from the website, just to tape it all to the back of my door to hide it from my parents! I made beaded names of my favorites and even made one of my OC!

InuYasha brought me to Quizilla, where my mind was blown by Sesshomaru x Reader fanfiction and I found out about I quickly fell into everything Naruto and found my first OTP: SasuSaku. I wrote fanfiction of my friends and I with their favorites going on adventures in spiral notebooks, and we had a shared one we could pass around! Neji was my dude until Deidara swooped in and stole my heart. I had a very, very detailed Deidara x reader that's hopelessly lost forever now. Speaking of, here's a list of fanworks I still think about, mine or otherwise-

Shit I Lost to Quizilla, a Memorial:
because I'm still bitter

  • Until the Day I Die, a Deidara x reader multichapter with the song by Story Of The Year as its theme and namesake. I played Naruto episodes bit by bit to write the scenes exactly. When the first round of format changes completely deleted the texts in my quiz-formatted stories and I had no backup (plus you couldn't make the stories pretty anymore) I never posted there again. Thanks, Quizilla.
  • Hoist the Colors High, A Jack Sparrow x reader that I could honestly probably still rewrite just by listening to that song again! You save Jack from hanging and of course have a past with him haha. I remember people saying I should keep going with it. It was decent! ;w;
  • A Roxas x reader multichapter with the dopest premise: You're the Princess of Valentine's Day, from The Nightmare Before Christmas' world. You can sense the heart of others! Nobodies show up, you meet Roxas and tldr; create his own heart with your power, finally hearing something! ... I thought it was inspired haha.
  • What Crossroads Will You Take? [KH Quiz], A quiz I worked really fucking hard on and was so proud of.
  • I still think about this one Sasori x reader called Tugging On My Heartstrings and want to reread it with every fiber of my being.
    • Same with an amazing Kingdom Hearts II x reader fic went scene by scene accurate, and Black Cat's Train x reader fic... UGH. Quizilla is the reason I hoard the things I love.

I digress. Kingdom Hearts, specifically Akuroku, took over my life in an embarrassingly identity-morphing way around 2007-8! <3 I still love them, with 8:13 being my favorite time and 813 being my favorite number bc obsessive thoughts die hard. I roleplayed heavily then, original and fandom-based, primarily on...

Gaia Online

Gaia was a place I spent a ridiculous amount of time on from 2009-2011 either in Barton Town rping or playing zOMG! I was especially obsessed with The Office, Jim/Pam of course, and roleplayed her in chat forums, as well as Pit from Super Smash Bros., and Namine, Olette, and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II.

I started a good amount of group roleplays that lasted varying amounts of time (not many went long in Barton Town (the RP forums haha)) My favorites being the human!Alice in Wonderland, 7 Deadly Sins, and Guardian Angel roleplays. My absolute favorite part of roleplaying on Gaia was the coding and absolute freedom within your posts! After Quizilla screwed me, I went absolutely crazy with colors, pictures, and designing the aesthetics as much as I could. I loved that it could be used to turn writing into poetry with color and, as others did, had a personal forum to store RP examples, ideas, and sprawling lists of code. I followed Anonymous and Encyclopedia Dramatica a lot then, too, born of South Park as I am haha.


I was even more self-conscious then than I am now; I hid my anime & manga side from everyone the next time I moved and focused on what was more "socially acceptable," like video games. I went to college and am currently on hold with it, but getting back into fandom, headfirst, has saved my sanity this past year.

Let me tell you, though, the culture shock was more intense than any of the 8 times I've moved. Where were the lemons?! The biggest difference between 2014 fandom, of which I couldn't even speak to as that's my unofficial cut off date, and December 2019+ fandom is, without a doubt, the double edged sword that is the anti community. Realizing that the OTP that epitomized who I was as a fan was considered problematic and effectively boycotted, to be frank, shook me and really shelled me up on what I felt safe creating, even just for myself! I'm still dealing with that, but I'm working to find a way for my voice to be heard while enjoying fandom without folding to others. A part of that was recognizing that I still see Akuroku from that young teen perspective, and can enjoy the comforting nostalgia without being a terrible person for it. I understand and empathize with those that find certain ships uncomfortable, and I advocate for everyone's right to curate their own experience through blocking people and excluding tags! I do feel that if we take away the right to create for certain people and topics that it will lead to more and more censorship until BAM, we've got another Quizilla, or another round of FFN deleting explicit, predominately yaoi fics, or the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge I got to learn about!

I use fiction to, largely, work through my problems or escape for a while. I gatekeep my content as much as I can for my and others' safety and believe that we can continue helping the current and coming generations of fans by teaching them how to use the available tagging and blocking systems, to be aware of ages in bios (or lack thereof), and that it's okay to dislike something as long as you're respectful. I personally do that by leading by example because people give me anxiety anyway and I can only handle a few projects at a time but! There's an amazing infrastructure set up by the Archive, chock full of resources, and so many helpful posts like this that give kind and helpful guidelines for integrating into the tumblr x reader community from Wattpad. I am so behind the OTW and their goal to keep fanworks alive and fandom as safe as possible for everyone!

That is ultimately why I'm here: I want to preserve fandom's history, if only as an observer living through it and archiving my small experience with the rest of this dope, vibrant, infinitely passionate and caring population of the world. <3

I do want to clairify that this view is purely in the context of limiting a creator's freedom of expression, not the very real use of fandom by predators that should be dealt with by the proper authorities. Fanlore and AO3 aren't responsible for this view either, idk if that needs to be said haha. Anxiety says just in case a la A/N: I don't own this xD

For now I'm doing that through writing for My Hero Academia and editing here! I'm currently reading Jujutsu Kaisen but am trying to consume slowly so I don't get swept up for who knows how long, haha. I've been cycling back and playing a lot of Naruto games as well as reading good ole SasuSaku and Kyman fics!

So far I've:

  • Helped mod Shigadabi Week 2020 on tumblr's side
  • Beta read for the 2020 BNHA Monster Ball, as well as amazing writers outside events
  • Made friends I hope to keep for life!

It's been great so far. :) I'm excited to see where editing takes me~

Interests and Intentions for Fanlore

I'm looking forward to making small edits where ever I can! As I gain confidence in my voice, I hope to do more than helping with readability.

I selfishly want to preserve my personal experiences, and as Gaia Online was a big part of my personal story, I would love to work on creating a page for it. It's still going somehow, which is amazing, so it'll also be relatively easy to research- I'm still able to login, too! <3 I'd love for there to be a collapsible section for each fandom

It's come to my attention that American McGee's Alice isn't a page either, so I would love to make one and maybe explore its ties to the "core" scene, as I think, if this is a thing, that I'm Alice in Wonderland-core through and through bahaha. I would love to make an Alice Through the Looking Glass page, or Lewis Carrol, that will have examples of the variations of AiW through fandom, especially AUs. The official adaptions alone have their own fandoms for goodness sake! Alice in Wonderland is a pop icon for the fans, much like Mythology's surge in popularity (imo) thanks to YA books like Percy Jackson and, y'know, reading about them in school and thinking "that's my shit!" Overall, I love exploring how fandom's influenced society and feel that Alice in Wonderland was at the forefront for a long time (just look at Hottopic through the years for other examples haha).

I love reader-insert, after all, so I'll be skulking around there and Quizilla. I would be interested in adding more examples of tumblr's xreader community, especially after the nsfw cull and mass flocking to twitter. It's been really interesting to see mentions of going back to the lemon system, of smut, etc; the language evolution is just so cool!

Favorite Fanlore Pages

Characters & Ships


History & Academia

Interesting Links


  1. Tend the Death Note page~ Lovelove~
  2. Make and fill the Shigadabi page!!!
    • Make tumblr and twitter posts advertising the page
      • doujin, citations, shipwars dabihawks vs shigadabi history

This is meant to be an all encompassing look at the history and past/current culture of the Shigadabi community while simultaneously conserving the evolution of its fandom with a celebratory, but realistic, point of view.

    • add the trope: whatever fannish term refers to the "chicken and the egg" debate. There are two instances with Shigs, one being a different childhood (either being adopted by All Might or Midoriya Inko, most notably) and if, after his canon origin occurs, he hadn't been found by All For One.

Dabi being a hero, or a civilian, rather than turning to villainy, are the most common examples.

  1. Why fandom moved away from Semes&Ukes to Stay Fully Clothed - An essay exploring the connection between pro gender fluidity/equality-based movements (especially online, but also irl results- laws!) and the dwindling use of "seme" and "uke." Tops and bottoms bb! Lol get it- fully clothed, bc, a top, and bottoms, fully clothed... Ha... :D<3 A working title lol.
    • S&U is far too rigid for the flexibility we're now aware we have- or, well, that we're now fighting for as a right to have legally, and all that. I think that awareness, or societal tipping point, is what solidified S&U's obsoleteness in a world where Shigaraki can top from the bottom and not be weak for it. Or a whimpering mess 24/7! Bottom Shigs is my absolute shit but that galaxy brain is a Shigs that can take it hard with a smile and then kick some fucking ass right after, like, ugh! Fantastic. Anyway, labels and boxes are breaking down more and more! I would love to research the topic and write an essay on it haha.
  2. add pictures of old fandom crafts to personal gallery- I wonder if there's a page for early 2000's style fan work haha. I could put the examples on Inu Yasha's page for sure
  3. Make a Gaia Online page
    • Roleplay page link
    • Barton Town
    • The Anonymous raids? Example of stigma.
    • Popular types of roleplay I remember:
      • Slave/Master (problematic af, would be interesting to see the decline of popularity beside social and political climate over time)
      • High School anything, pretty typical for the age we were