Peaky Blinders

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Name: Peaky Blinders
Abbreviation(s): PB
Creator: Steven Knight
Date(s): 2013-
Medium: television
Country of Origin: UK
External Links: IMDB
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Peaky Blinders is a television show about a family of gangsters in Birmingham, UK, in the 1920s. It is created by showrunner Steven Knight for the BBC. It currently has four seasons out, with a fifth anticipated in 2019.[1]


Peaky Blinders is a small fandom with a presence on tumblr and on ArchiveOfOurOwn. Some fanwriters who publish on tumblr don't publish on ao3, and vice versa. On ao3, the most popular ship is Tommy Shelby/Alfie Solomons, and on tumblr there are a significant number of fics written in the second person that pair the reader with a character from the show.

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