List of Vampire Diaries Pairing Names

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The following are pairings in the Vampire Diaries fandom, due to its spin-off nature, there are characters from The Originals included, though only in the context of and as they appeared on The Vampire Diaries tv show.

Het Pairings

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau
Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore Stefan/Elena Stelena
Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore Damon/Elena Delena
Elena Gilbert/Elijah Mikaelson Elena/Elijah Elejah, Elenijah
Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore Stefan/Caroline Steroline
Matt Donovan/Caroline Forbes Matt/Caroline Maroline
Jeremy Gilbert/Anna Jeremy/Anna Janna
Damon Salvatore/Katherine Pierce Damon/Katherine Datherine, Kamon, Damerine, Damatherine, Damtherine, DamKat, DK, Dath, DaKat, Dakatherine, Kathmon
Katherine Pierce/Stefan Salvatore Katherine/Stefan Steferine, Stefarine, Statherine, SK
Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore Bonnie/Damon Bamon
Klaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes Klaus/Caroline Klaroline
Caroline Forbes/Tyler Lockwood Caroline/Tyler Forwood, Tyroline
Bonnie Bennett/Kol Mikaelson Bonnie/Kol Kennett, Konnie, Bol
Alaric Saltzman/Jenna Sommers Alaric/Jenna Jalaric
Jenna Sommers/Elijah Mikaelson Jenna/Elijah
Klaus Mikaelson/Elena Gilbert Klaus/Elena Klena
Klaus Mikaelson/Katherine Pierce Klaus/Katherine
Elijah Mikaelson/Katherine Pierce Elijah/Katherine Kalijah
Klaus Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson Klaus/Rebekah Klebekah
Alaric Saltzman/Elena Gilbert Alaric/Elena Elaric
Caroline Forbes/Elijah Mikaelson Caroline/Elijah
Stefan Salvatore/Rebekah Mikaelson Stefan/Rebekah Stebekah
Damon Salvatore/Rebekah Mikaelson Damon/Rebekah Debekah, Ramon
Jeremy Gilbert/Bonnie Bennett Jeremy/Bonnie Beremy
Alaric Saltzman/Meredith Sulez Alaric/Meredith Malaric
Caroline Forbes/Enzo Caroline/Enzo Carenzo
Caroline Forbes/Damon Salvatore Damon/Caroline Daroline
Bonnie Bennett/Enzo Bonnie/Enzo Benzo
Jeremy Gilbert/Katherine Pierce Jeremy/Katherine Keremy, Jetherine

Slash and Femmeslash Pairings

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau
Stefan Salvatore/Damon Salvatore Stefan/Damon Salvatoreslash, Defan, Stamon
Damon Salvatore/Alaric Saltzman Damon/Alaric Dalaric
Jeremy Gilbert/Tyler Lockwood Jeremy/Tyler Jyler
Klaus Mikaelson/Stefan Salvatore Klaus/Stefan Klefan
Klaus Mikaelson/Elijah Mikaelson Klaus/Elijah Klelijah
Klaus Mikaelson/Kol Mikaelson Klaus/Kol Kolaus, Klol
Alaric Saltzman/Jeremy Gilbert Alaric/Jeremy
Alaric Saltzman/Elijah Mikaelson Alaric/Elijah
Damon Salvatore/Enzo Damon/Enzo Denzo
Elena Gilbert/Bonnie Bennett Elena/Bonnie Belena
Caroline Forbes/Rebekah Mikaelson Caroline/Rebekah Team Vampire Barbie
Caroline Forbes/Elena Gilbert Caroline/Elena Carena
Damon Salvatore/Elijah Mikaelson Damon/Elijah Delijah

Threesomes & Moresomes

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau
Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore/Katherine Pierce Damon/Stefan/Katherine

Damon Salvatore/Stefan Salvatore/Elena Gilbert Damon/Stefan/Elena
Klaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore Klaus/Caroline/Stefan Klefaroline
Klaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes/Kol Mikaelson Klaus/Caroline/Kol
Klaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes/Damon Salvatore Klaus/Caroline/Damon
Damon Salvatore/Alaric Saltzman/Elijah Mikaelson Damon/Alaric/Elijah
Damon Salvatore/Alaric Saltzman/Enzo Damon/Alaric/Enzo Dalarenzo
Klaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes/Enzo Klaus/Caroline/Enzo Klarenzo

Crossover Pairings

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau
Caroline Forbes/Dean Winchester Caroline Forbes/Dean Winchester Deanoline
Elena Gilbert /Dean Winchester Elena Gilbert/Dean Winchester Deanlena

Gen Relationships

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name
Damon Salvatore&Liz Forbes Damon & Liz
Alaric Saltzman&Elena Gilbert Alaric & Elena
Alaric Saltzman&Jeremy Gilbert Alaric & Jeremy
Alaric Saltzman&Damon Salvatore Alaric & Damon
Kol Mikaelson&Caroline Forbes Kol & Caroline