List of The Originals Pairing Names

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The following are pairings in the The Originals fandom, due to its spin-off nature, there are characters from The Vampire Diaries included, though only those that crossed over to The Originals.

Het Pairings

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau
Rebekah Mikaelson/Marcel Gerard Rebekah/Marcel Rebel, Marbekah
Klaus Mikaelson/Hayley Marshall Klaus/Hayley Klauley, Klayley
Davina Claire/Marcel Gerard Davina/Marcel Marvina, Darcel
Klaus Mikaelson/Camille O'Connell Klaus/Camille Klamille
Camille O'Connell/Marcel Gerard Marcel/Camille Marcille
Camille O'Connell/Elijah Mikaelson Elijah/Camille Camilijah
Klaus Mikaelson/Genevieve Klaus/Genevieve Klenevieve
Hayley Marshall/Elijah Mikaelson Elijah/Hayley Haylijah
Klaus Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson Klaus/Rebekah Klebekah
Kol Mikaelson/Davina Claire Kol/Davina Kolvina, Kolina, Kavina

Slash and Femmeslash Pairings

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau
Klaus Mikaelson/Marcel Gerard Klaus/Marcel Klarcel
Elijah Mikaelson/Marcel Gerard Elijah/Marcel
Josh Rosza/Aiden Josh/Aiden Jaiden, Romeo^2
Klaus Mikaelson/Elijah Mikaelson Klaus/Elijah Klelijah
Klaus Mikaelson/Kol Mikaelson Klaus/Kol Kolaus, Klol

Crossover Pairings

With source material other than TVD

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau

Gen Relationships

Characters Involved Primary Pairing Name
Klaus Mikaelson&Elijah Mikaelson Klaus & Elijah
Klaus Mikaelson&Marcel Gerard Klaus & Marcel
Marcel Gerard&Davina Claire Marcel & Davina