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Pairing: Josh Rosza/Aiden
Alternative name(s): Jaiden, Romeo^2
Gender category: slash
Fandom: The Originals
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: minor
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The pairing of Josh/Aiden is a minor ship in The Originals fandom.


Josh and Aiden first met on a dating app and proceeded to message each other. In 2x04, Josh confided in Marcel that he was hesitant to take the relationship further due to his little vampire problem. Later in the episode, werewolf Aiden shows up in the vampires' lair with his pack to threathen and throw the vampires out of New Orleans completely. They both soon realize that the guy they wanted to date is from the "enemy camp". Despite that, they decide to pursue the relationship and by 2x12 they are at a stage where Josh keeps a lot of his stuff at Aiden's place.

It's not all sunshine and daisies though as Aiden is hesitant to reveal his relationship with Josh to other wolves, because of how badly the vampires have treated the werewolves in the past.


The character of Josh has been a fan favorite and BSO since he appeared in season one of the show, and questions about a possible love interest for him has been asked often, after he made friends with Davina, allowing him a relationship outside of the vampire civil war that was going on at the time.

After Josh compared his romance with Aiden to a Romeo and Juliet situation, saying "it's more of a Romeo/Romeo" kind of thing, the small part of the fandom that already shipped them melted, some fans started to call the ship Romeo Squared (writing it as romeo^2)[1]

Common Tropes in Fanworks

Due to Jaiden fandom being relatively new and small, so far common tropes revolve around episode tags (in both fics and videos) and futurefics.




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