Rattlesnake Smile

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Title: Rattlesnake Smile
Creator: lithium doll
Date: 2005
Format: WMV
Music: Rattlesnake Smile by Christian Kane
Fandom: Lost
URL: streaming version at the Internet Archive

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Rattlesnake Smile is a Lost fanvid by lithium doll. It was voted "One of the best vids on the [Lost Video Island] site."[1] Shortly after it was posted to the Lost Video Island it was the subject of clip theft by a first time vidder. After the vid was removed Lithium Doll remarked: "I can only assume all the effects make the vids all bright, shiny and irresistable to a magpie gene present in new vidders. Or, you know, it's a ratio thing. I have over 50 vids out there, it was gonna happen sooner or later. I prefer the magpie theory though. I dig the mad skience."[2]


ringwench: Wow! I LOVE how you have an effect for almost every beat! It's fantastic! Absolutely amazing job![3]

[MoreLifht]: I used to dislike Sawyer because I didn't know his backstory and after "Confidence man" I realized he is neither worse nor better than any of the other castaways.

Your vid captures a lot of Sawyer's "faces." He has been through a lot and yet still has the one driving hope that he will get off the island and eventually find the real Sawyer. Some of the flashing seemed a little over the top at times but heck I can't do that effect so maybe I'm just jealous. My favorite part was the "come over here and give me a kiss" WHACK - part.

I agree that this wasn't the usual knock-my-socks-off let-me-catch-my-breath vid I've seen from you LD but it did definately send the Sawyer message across.

Thanks for sharing this.[4]

[Whitney]: I just have to say that this video is wonderfully done and it is, of course, MY favorite Sawyer video in the entirety of ever. I love it. The song fits him almost perfectly and the timing of the effects/choice of clips just reinforces it.[5]

[Krypton]: Hey LithiumDoll,

I love the work you put into your music videos. You got me hooked way back when u did the Farscape Vids on Kanas!!

keep it up![6]