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Name: Lost Video Island (also known as "LVI")
Date(s): 2004-June 2012
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Enchirito and lostcalier
Type: vidding
Fandom: Lost, later Multi-fandom
URL: http://lostvideo.net/
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Lost Video Island is a vidding forum dedicated to fanvids made by and for Lost fans. In 2011, after the end of the TV show, the forum expanded its focus to encompass other TV fandoms.

The community hosts both monthly and yearly vidding contests. Monthly contests are based on a variety of themes such as "Season 3 recap" or "Dead Lostaways." Annual contests offer two categories: "The LVI Video of the Year Tournament" (judged by the LVI Council) and "The LVI Categorical Vote" (based on popular vote).

The site also offers an extensive list of Vidding Tutorials.

As of March 2012, the site had listings for over 7,500 fanvids (none are hosted on the website) and over 3,000 members. The site went suddenly offline in June 2012.


From "The History of LVI" dated 2006

As most of you know, this site came to be when Enchirito and myself (lostcalier) joined forces as webmaster and founder. We both enjoyed making videos but like many other fans of the hit ABC show "LOST" we had nowhere to showcase our work. So began the dream to launch a LOST fan video site.
In November 2004, this site became a reality and quickly gained a following. Come January 2005, just a little over two months after our launch, our site archived and hosted nearly 70 fan made videos. Forcing us to upgrade to our 2.0 version and the introduction of our LVI Council. March 2005, we faced yet another challenge in our uphill battle to find a format that worked. Facing bandwidth issues we had to make yet another upgrade to a torrent based system, which led us to our 3.0 version. April 2005, we faced our greatest challenge yet. After losing all of our archived videos to our service provider we faced yet another upgrade. We couldn't have known at the time that our latest problem would give us the answer we had been looking for.
LVI was envisioned as a home for all Lost fan videos. The immense talent in this fandom wouldn't allow for that original vision to flourish, but even with all of our changes over the months it has been our hope to hang on to portions of that original vision. With LVI 4.0 we believe we have finally found the format that will take us well into the future. A nice blend of versions 1.0 and 2.0 while adding some exciting new features.
banner from 2005 when the site featured only Lost fanvids
LVI will now accept and list all Lost fan videos on our site. Videos that pass the council will bare a special LVI insignia showing they are LVI approved. Even videos linked off site are still eligible to submit their videos for LVI council approval. See the Submit page for more details. We are now equipped with top of the line search features to allow you to easily find all of your favorite videos. We will also be continuing with our monthly contests and will continue to bring you exciting new challenges.
All video links on our site now lead to the forum so the creators of the videos can get feedback on their work. You can do no greater thing for an artist then make a quick, and honest, note about a particular video. While you are there, explore our ever-growing community and enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere. We hope all these new additions will allow LVI to maintain our goal to be the biggest and best Lost Video archive while providing a high quality service to the fandom.
Throughout the changes one thing has not changed, our love for videos, and we hope that all of you enjoy your time here. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions so don't be shy about contacting us on the forum. Be sure to check the Site Talk forums for updates on LVI.
Join us as we continue to work on revolutionizing the way LOST fan videos are delivered to the fandom. -Lostcalier of The LVI Council, 1/03/06"

Sample Vids

banner from 2012 after LVI switched to a multi-fandom format

The Top 5 Rated Vids as of March 21, 2012

  • Jack Kate Love will conquer by pruedens 02-07-2009 Lost: February 2009 contest submission. Jack Kate Love will conquer
  • Made for this (Jack/Kate/Sawyer AU) by Jo 07-30-2009. Lost: July 2009 contest 1st place winner! The reset works, but unfortunately for Jack, what's meant to be is meant to be, and history repeats itself with disastrous consequences. Made for this (Jack/Kate/Sawyer AU)
  • Kiss The Girl by Belxf 08-10-2008. Lost: August 2008 contest 1st place winner! Hurley tells Sawyer he has to kiss Claire. Thanks to Kat and Karolina! Kiss The Girl
  • Lips of an Angel by Belxf 04-30-2007. Lost: Jack is with Juliet but is having an affair with Kate. After Kate discovers she is pregnant, she starts having some fights with Jack, who doesn't want to break up with Juliet, so he realizes he needs to get Kate out of his way.
  • Lost-Ghost Hunters Intro by Meli24 03-06-2009. Lost: March 2009 contest submission

LVI Council Members

screencap pf page honoring the current and past LVI Council members, click for larger version

From the site FAQ:

"LVI is a non-profit fan site celebrating fanmade videos. To keep it going, it requires the work of a number of people to judge videos, make up contests, improve the site, and keep things interesting. While every member shares the credit for keeping LVI such a great site, the LVI Council has the overall say and responsibility of keeping the site running, and voting on the videos that pass through.
This page is to better introduce the LVI Council, so even a newcomer to the site can know who to turn to when they need help. We are the people who watch every video sent in to the site, and award the best videos Council PickCouncil Pick seals. We are also responsible for the site's maintenance and any big decisions that need making. We are also responsible for the site's maintenance and any big decisions that need making.
If you'd like to become part of the Council, then go out there, make great videos, and be active on the site. The positions are invitation-only, and usually aren't available until an existing member leaves, or we feel we need more CMs to keep the site running smoothly."

Members as of March 2012

  • Uruviel
  • littleton_pace
  • emmasholi
  • Jemmz
  • ciaimpala
  • eloramoon
  • HobbitRockGod
  • KajaM

Forum Topics

banner advertising LVI Contests
  • LVI Videos
    • Lost Videos: Discuss the Lost videos of LVI. All constructive criticism is welcome!
    • Other Fandoms A – G. All your favorites, from "Alf" to "Golden Girls"!
    • Other Fandoms H – N. This one is pretty much just for Harry Potter.
    • Other Fandoms O – Z. There's no place like home.
    • Multi-fandom Videos. For all those vids mixin', matchin', and minglin' fandoms.
  • The Members' Section
    • Contest Talk. Discuss current and past LVI contests.
    • Requests. Post your requests for videos featuring your favorite songs and pairings.
    • Fan Art. Post your fan art, wallpapers, and fanfic right here!
    • Other Fandom Videos Archive. Where our Lost vidders previously shared their other fandom vids.
    • The Vidders. Discuss the vidders of LVI, upcoming videos, etc!
  • Tech Talk
    • Site Talk.Come here to see any new announcements about the site, or report any bugs or problems you may be ha
    • Artistic Vidding Help. Discuss the artistic aspect of vidding and how you can improve your vids.
    • Technical Vidding Help. Discuss the technical aspects of vidding.
    • Fandom Talk
    • Lost Talk.For discussion of all things Lost.
    • Other Fandoms Talk. Chat about movies, tv shows and music in here!
  • Other Stuff
    • Whatever. Talk about anything that doesn't fit elsewhere. No spam though.
    • SPAM Central. Where the spam goes! No topic required.
  • Events
    • LVI's 'Video of the Year' Tournament! Every year LVI members vote to determine the Best Video of the Year. Vote here during the tournament, or poke around to see past votes.
    • LVI's 'Member's Choice' Competition. Here, every year, the best vids from each category on LVI are found and awarded shiny trinkets. Come in and vote!