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Title: Bloodlust
Author(s): Rattlesnake Smile
Date(s): Published: 2015-01-20
Length: 860words
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Originals
External Links: link at AO3

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Bloodlust is a Josh/Aiden story by Rattlesnake Smile posted to AO3 in January 2015. It is, notably, the first Josh/Aiden story posted to that archive. It takes an alternate look at how the scene in episode 2x10 "Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire" (where Aiden was attacked by the vampires) could have gone.

The fic also showcases an interesting dynamic between Klaus Mikaelson & Josh Rosza that is important enough for the fic that the author tagged the work with an additional Klaus & Josh tag.

Reactions and Reviews

Hey there. Nice fic I love Jaiden. Notice this is the only Jaiden fic on here. We need more![1]
very nice job i loved the new episode of the originals it is getting good[2]
OH Josh, my precious, precious baby! Team Jaiden all the way! (and props to you for writing the first fic here XD)[3]


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