Davina Claire

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Name: Davina Claire
Occupation: student
Relationships: Mary-Alice Claire (ancestor), Marcel Gerard (surrogate father)
Fandom: The Originals
Other: Played by Danielle Campbell
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Davina Claire is a regular character on The Originals that also appeared in the director's cut of the backdoor pilot (4x20 episode of The Vampire Diaries).


Davina is a teenage witch living in New Orleans who has been selected by her coven to be one of four girls to participate in the Harvest ritual that required them to die before they could be reborn - thus strenghtening the coven's magic and their connection with their ancestors. However, Marcel Gerard interrupted the ritual before Davina could be killed. He sheltered her and used her as a means to control the witch community of New Orleans - something she helped him with willingly, thinking the witches wanted to sacrifice her (and that she would be dead for good).


Due to the fact that at the beginning of the Originals, very little was known about Davina and the Harvest ritual, some fans have been speculating that Davina might be Klaus and Hayley's daughter[1] who traveled back in time. The similarities between her looks and that of Hayley's[2], as well as her painting supplies and the focus TPTB have been putting on them[3] have been quoted as arguments supporting the theory.


A popular Davina het pairing is that with Kol (sometimes with Kaleb. She is also sometimes shipped with Camille. If not in a romantic pairing with Marcel, her familiar relationship with him is often explored.

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