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Name: Kol Mikaelson
Relationships: Esther (mother), Mikael (father),
Elijah Mikaelson (brother), Rebekah Mikaelson (sister), Klaus Mikaelson (brother), Finn Mikaelson (brother), Henrik Mikaelson (brother), Freya Mikaelson (sister),
Hope Mikaelson (niece)
Fandom: Vampire Diaries/The Originals
Other: played by Nathaniel Buzolic and Daniel Sharman
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Kol Mikaelson is a recurring character on Vampire Diaries, who later crossed over to the spin off series, The Originals.


He was introduced in the third season of The Vampire Diaries (where he was played by Nathaniel Buzolic) as one of the original vampires and a younger brother to Klaus and Elijah. In canon, he's portrayed as reckless and "fun-loving", as well as easily bored. He is said to be the most connected to the witch community of all the Mikaelson siblings (even though in Vampire Diaries, his brother Elijah seems to have a lot of them on retainer), and is the most aware of witch-related myths (like that of Silas).

He is killed by Jeremy Gilbert in season 4, when he tries to stop the protagonists from pursuing the cure for vampirism. Elena and her brother use the fact that when an original vampire dies, their entire bloodline dies with them, to complete Jeremy's Hunter Mark (that is a magical map that could lead them to the cure). He later appears on The Other Side and as a vengeful spirit.

His mother, Esther, pulls him from the other side before it colapses (Vampire Diaries season 5), and puts him in the body of a witch, Kaleb (played by Daniel Sharman. In that, mortal, incarnation, he is introduced in season 2 of The Originals.


Despite appearing in total of 10 episodes in the Vampire Diaries, Kol gathered a fan following. After his death a lot of fans were heartbroken and wanted the writers to bring him back. When in season 5 of TVD, it was rumored that several dead characters would be brought back, fans believed Kol would be among them.

Some fans of the character refer to themselves as the Kol Collective.

Nate!Kol vs. Daniel!Kol

When Kol was brought back to life in the body of witch Kaleb, some fans felt cheated as they expected Nate Buzolic to come back. They pointed out the differences between the two different acting styles, as well as difference in the accents.


Common Pairings

One of the most popular Kol het pairings is Kennett, a relationship between Kol and Bonnie Bennett. It's a popular side pairing. He is also shipped with Caroline Forbes, and sometimes in a threesome with her and Klaus. In The Originals, he is shipped with Davina.

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • In fanfiction, Kol is often portrayed as immature and a flirt, with serious committment issues. In Klaroline fics, he is in, he often develops a friendship with Caroline Forbes.
  • A lot of fanwork (especially after his character showed up in The Originals) make use of his witch status. He's usually the most experienced magic wise in The Original Family.

Example Fanworks

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