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Fandom: Forever Knight
Dates: 1989 - present
See also: Forever Knight fandom timeline at Forever Knight Wiki (1989-2013)

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This is a partial time line of events that occurred in (or are of interest to) Forever Knight fandom. It has been adapted from the timeline in the Forever Knight Wiki.

Fandom Timeline in the 80s-1990s


  • The original pilot, "Nick Knight", airs as a CBS TV movie 20 Aug 1989.


  • Forever Knight debuts 5 May 1992 as part of CBS's Crimetime After Primetime line-up.
  • On 9 December 1992, the ForKNI-L Mailing List is created by Jean Prior and Laurie Salopek for the posting of discussion and fan fiction relating to Forever Knight.


  • On 2 March 1993, the final episode of Season One is shown. Crimetime After Primetime is cancelled; and Forever Knight goes into hiatus.
  • On 12 May 1993, after numerous complaints about the number of stories being posted to ForKNI-L, Jean Prior and Laurie Salopek spin off FKFIC-L specifically for fan fiction.
  • By the end of the year, there was much on-list discussion of factions among Forever Knight fans.


  • On 13 January 1994, “Like a Shepherd[1] (reputedly the first X-Files fan story) was posted to the Internet. It was a Forever Knight/X-Files crossover by Lisa Payne.
  • The first of the Forever Knight Wars, "A Call to Arms", is played in January. It involved the Cousins against the embryonic Knighties, FoDs, and Ravenettes, with the NatPackers and Die-Hards emerging in the course of the war. About 20 people take part.
  • By March, filming had begun on Season Two. However, the return of the show (in syndication) is delayed.
  • War Two: 3-19 July 1994. Some 43 people take part.
  • On 17 September 1994, Season Two debuted with "Killer Instinct", which returned LaCroix to the present-day cast.
  • War Three: Oct-Nov 1994. Some 44 people take part.


  • January - Susan M. Garrett and Calliope Monsoon construct the first set of ForKni-L Affiliation Pins on New Year's Eve, and distribute them to FK fans at Dead of Winter Con.
  • War Four: - February
  • On 16 February 1995, the FKSPOILR mailing list is created by Laurie Salopek with the permission of Jean Prior. Its mandate is the discussion of spoilers for new episodes of Forever Knight.
  • On 29 July 1995, the last episode of Season Two, "Crazy Love", was aired. It should be noted that production order and broadcast order for Season Two differ markedly.
  • In the summer, Susan Garrett issues a "Song Challenge", which inspires authors well into 1999.
  • On 16 September 1995, Season Three begins with "Black Buddha: Part One". Half the original cast had been replaced; and fan response is varied.
  • War Five: 27 October - 20 November


  • War Six: February. Although numbered as such by the fandom, this is not strictly speaking a "War". Rather it is FK fans' campaign to stop the cancellation of the series (also known as Save Forever Knight!).
  • By 19 April 1996, Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Site had been created by Frédéric Ferland to provide a compendium of information about the series and FK fandom.
  • By May of this year, the term "beta reading" was being used in this fan fiction community on the Usenet group alt.tv.forever-knight.
  • On 17 May 1996, the final episode of Forever Knight, "Last Knight" airs. The story is controversial with fans, not just because it is the finale, but because the plot kills off most of the characters. It immediately sparks a flood of fan fiction (dubbed "Last Knight stories"), much of which is denial fic of one sort or another.
  • On 11 June 1996, the FKSPOILR list is closed, since there are no new episodes to be "spoiled".
  • War Seven: 27 July to 12 August. Conceptually, this war was designed to find ways of dealing with "Last Knight".
  • An FTP fan fiction archive is created as an extension of the FKSPOILR mailing list. It is later suddenly deleted.
  • Mel Moser uses the FTP archive to found www.fkfanfic.com,[2] intending it to become the major Forever Knight fan fiction archive.



  • Some time this year, the FTP Site disappears again.
  • War Nine: 25 April to 12 May
  • On 26 June 1998, registration begins for the Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards; it runs to August 9th.
  • From 29 June to 12 July 1998, stories were nominated for the Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards, in various categories determined by type and length.
  • On 16 August 1998, the names of the winners were posted to ForKNI-L.
  • On 10 December 1998, notice of the next year's awards was posted to ForKNI-L by Susan Garrett.
  • By December 1998, Imajiru had founded Immajer's Screen Capture Archive!, containing a collection of screen captures from several episodes intended as a resource for other fans creating their own websites.


  • The Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards were awarded in 1999.
  • In January, the FTP Site is restored by Stephanie Kellerman.
  • In May, Amy R. starts Amy's Forever Knight Fanfiction Recommendation of the Month on her Bright Knight website.
  • On/by 29 June 1999, Kristin Harris has started the website Knight Vision, with a large archive that eventually encompasses high quality screencaps for the use of other fans; clips, outtakes, and bloopers from the show; her own vids, wallpaper, icons, and other fanart; and forums.
  • War Ten: 13-27 August

Fandom Timeline in 2000s



  • The Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards were awarded in 2001.
  • By 2 February 2001, the JADFE adult fan fiction archive had been moved to http://www.lady-lacroix.com. (It had previously been at http://www.evil.org/jadfe//)
  • On 8 May 2001, Forever Knight Fan Fiction 2 (aka fkfanfic2.com) is created to replace the the inactive fkfanfic.com as an ongoing archive for fan fiction.
  • War Eleven: 5-19 July
  • Raven Awards were given out.



  • On 4 April 2003, the last new stories were uploaded to the JADFE adult archive.
  • On 21 October 2003, Season One was released on DVD.
  • Raven Awards were given out.
  • First year the Yuletide gift exchange is run: one Forever Knight story is included.



  • On 4 January 2005, Season Two was released on DVD.


  • Mel Moser revives www.fkfanfic.com, accepting new stories to the archive (to be uploaded by the authors), and begins a partial transfer of JADFE stories to the archive. However, www.fkfanfic.com never regains its old status in the fandom as an active main archive.
  • On 13 October the last new stories are recorded as being added to the Forever Knight Fan Fiction 2 archive.
  • On 23 October 2006, Season Three of Forever Knight was released on DVD.



  • Summer/Fall: Collection of GeoCities Forever Knight websites for preservation.

Fandom Timeline in 2010s



  • In July, FK Fic Fest is held for the second time.
  • FK Comment Fic debuts with a "Dead Dog Party" for unused prompts from FK Fic Fest 2011.




  • War 15: 25 January to 9 February ("Twenty Years On", celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the first war)
  • in August, FK Fic Fest is held for the fifth time
  • in November/December additional sites are added to the Forever Knight Website Archive


  • in August/September, FK Fic Fest is held for the sixth time


  • in June/September, FK Fic Fest is held for the seventh time




  • In May/July, FK Fic Fest is held for the tenth time. This year it is not run as a gift exchange but as a prompt fest ("ten years").
  • On July 9, 2019, Fall Creek Entertainment / Sony Pictures Home released Forever Knight; The Complete Series as a 12 disc set.

Fandom Timeline in 2020s


  • in February/April, FK Fic Fest is held for the eleventh time, as a challenge with three prompts to choose from
  • last year that Forever Knight is eligible for Yuletide


  • in March/May, FK Fic Fest is held for the twelfth time, as a three-prompt challenge